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Now preview screenshots have been posted in the latest MapForge Update.

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Hey +Hernán Ruiz Camauër

We need a teaser or an update!

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A short video explaining how MapForge and Donjon will work together to create randomly-generated yet customizable maps.

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Couldn't be happier to see the last Stretch Goal unlocked. Crucible is going to be a critical part of making the MapForge community into a sharing community.

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Two new Add-Ons announced for MapForge, from none other than DJ superstars Bogie and Kepli!

A new "Commercial/Publisher Bundle" Pledge Level has been added to the MapForge Kickstarter campaign. Limited to the first 100 backers.

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Easy to browse images for the Dungeon Arts products that will be ported to MapForge's Add-On format can be found on this page.

It's been talked about already on the Kickstarter page (and other places) but what made Dundjinni as popular as it was was the community that arose on the Dundjinni forums. IMO of course.

Can a G+ Community be the foundation to grow a similar community?


Free - Heruca doesn't haven't to incur the expense of hosting a forum that will likely have very high bandwidth usage. Nor the hassles of keeping forum software updated and secure.

Unlimited Storage - I believe that images posted in the messages don't count against a users storage (unless you put them in your Photos area first). Given the popularity of G+ communities for photographers I have to guess this is true but haven't researched it.

Robust Search - In theory the search capability for content should be pretty good.

Subgroups - Heruca could create as many subgroups as desired.

Connectivity - Users automatically have access to the community from their phones and tablets either through the G+ apps or browsers.


Antipathy - There is a general antipathy towards G+ and some might resist taking part in a community just because it is on a Google platform.

Stability - Not software stability but long-term. Google sometimes just decides to end projects or drastically change them.

Interface - Quite different from a forum in appearance. May not be everyone's cup of tea.

Flexibility - Probably not as flexible in terms of attachments. Whereas on the Dundjinni forums people could zip up a big group of files and upload the zip to the forums here they would have to upload it to some type of cloud storage first and then link to it from here. That would of course impact their own storage limits and might result in more content being transient. Here today, gone tomorrow.

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