Ivy was walking along the beach when...

+Isa Playz
+Jazz Kitty​

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Ivy, Eren, Mikasa, Eren, Levi and Tera sat down to play truth or dare and Tera started it off...
+Fight Storm

Ivy was walking around the HQ when...
+MC Wildstyle

Rules!!!!!! (will be updated)

1) No gross or sexual stuff or you will be banned for a week.
2) No putting people down or you will be banned for two weeks.
3) When you join you can RP but please make a profile there is no punishments.

(that is all for now and if you want to be given a higher rank or stuff like that please ask a moderator or me please.)

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When you see something you adore

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Now why did you bit me?😿
Animated Photo

Ivy and Eren were talking when

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Jacob Tom
would date girls
funny, sometimes strict, cheesy


anyone can join

Icarus sits in their cave, legs dangling over the massive cliff face below and above them. Nyx (in the form on a house cat) curls up on their lap. Securing the gray scarf around her neck, they looks out onto the plain and forest visible from their home.
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