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I recompiled the simply alarm watch app and added a touch of color. It should auto update from the pebble app store, but if you can't wait:

Just pushed a beta version of the app to address some issues with the app, including the ones with Pebble Time.

-Warning! Due to the fact that the Pebble provided method to check whether your watch is connected is currently not working, FAIL SAFE alarms will not work (i.e. if your watch isn't connected, the fail safe methods will NOT kick in).
-Recompiled with PebbleKit 3.0 for Pebble Time compatibility.
-Fixed the per alarm and timer silent/pebble only setting.

Fixed a bug where sometimes alarms weren't ringing at the correct time.
v2.3.1.8 ETA 2 hours for beta.

Version ETA 2 hours (Beta testing before public release)

-Fixed a bug where changing the alarm time and quickly pressing the home button wouldn't save the new alarm time.
-Changing the alarm time will now automatically turn that alarm back on.

As always, please test a couple of alarms before using this to wake up for work. Add a new alarm and try editing an existing alarm and make sure they ring.


I just noticed something, when the alarm is set, I do not see the system alarm icon in the status bar.

Also, I was trying to use AutoAlarm to get the next Alarm via tasker and it does not detect it.

The alarms do work normally though, so no issues there. :)

Pebble 2.0 is available to everyone now in the Google Play Store!

Just pushed this version to production. Thanks for the help and suggestions.

Is anyone on this Beta version running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich?

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Side loading works again!

You may need to clear app data before it works. It may force close if you do a straight upgrade.

I know it's been barely 24 hours, but I am really looking forward to finding out how many of you have updated to 2.3.x. I don't want to rush out this release, but let's see if we can get it out before Pebble 2.0 goes live.
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