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Name: lucifer
Role: Master
Sexuality: straight
Age: 19
I'm looking for a slave who is disobedient and needs to put in their place

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Name: Red
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Race: Human
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: brown
Height: 6'
Weight: 145 Lbs
Cock Size: 7 inches
Likes: Chilling, Relaxing, Being In People
Dislikes: Lies and being ignored
Other Traits: freak in bed
Bio : He possesses supernatural strength, durability, agility, awareness, speed, senses, regeneration capabilities, pheromones and endurance.


I need a mommy or a daddy

Would any one join if I remade this

We died

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Name... Etta
Age...... 17
I like..... Daddy kink, having a master, being a pet, ropes, chains, cuffs, cages, collar, leash, being shown off, being little, being spoiled, rules, Candyyy!!! Oh and spankies
I dont like... Piss, gore, vore, scat, hot stuff, sharp stuff, feet, being yelled at
Fears....dissapointing, daddy/master being angry at me, thunder, the dark, the deep ocean, being alone
about an untrained sub, i like rules and having them enforced but still handled with care, i am a little mostly but can be ur slave or pet anytime. oh and my little age is 3-6
I hope that's good!

Looking for a slave any takers?

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Name of rp starter: District 2

((13 years ago)) 5

I was born in a small area called district 2. And alot of strange things always happened there so no one can walk out of the house alone. When I used to go out with my family I would look around because I never got out much because of how dangerous the area was and the road would be a dirty gray, the walls would be covered in graffiti, trash everywhere and what I think was surge water was spread around everywhere. And when I am really unlucky I would see people having sex with collars and with wealthy looking people watching them. When ever I saw this I will turn my head to my father's coat and not look away trying to get the image out of my head. But my father died so I guessed I would probably never go outside again.

((10 years ago)) 8

Awhile after my mother remarried him, my mother and I went out for a little since I haven't been outside for tree years. Nothing has changed since the last time i saw it, but now when I walk past people the would look back and look at me then grin in a devilish way. After I see them starring at me I lifted my hood up thinking there where looking at my abnormal hair color. But there would still watch me but not as much. Eventually my mother noticed and grabbed my arm and took me home as quickly as we could. She then told me in what I think is cheap now why they where looking at me, all she said was that they thought I was pretty but now I know that wasn't the case. Shortly afterwards my mother died. I was then left alone with my stepfather.

((9-1 year ago)) 9-17

My stepfather changed after my mother died. He was not the same, nice man I knew. He's face grew darker and he started to fill with greed. I realized that that was his true form. I wouldn't want to get near him frightened of what would happen if I did. But if he needed something done he would come into my room, without knocking or anything for me to know and tell me what I needed to do then leave. So I learned to never let my guard down and not to relax even if there is no one near me. But when ever I did something wrong or brake a plate he would beat me and I would be locked in a cold, irone cage from 3 days to a month. All I'll get while I was in there was a cup or water and a peach so I wouldn't die. I eventually got used to this life style and became emotionless around him. One day I spoke under my breath when he gave my a order while his back was turned and he swooped around, grabbed my neck and banged my head on the wall and yelled at me, "Do you want to be thrown and left outside! Do you want to become a dog!" *I was struggling to breath and didn't know what he was talking about He then told me on how things worked outside, on how the commen word for the people in the ally when I was younger was called "Dogs" or "Pets" *they weren't given real names. And the wealthy people watching them was their masters who bought them and would sell them for "breeding" with other dogs. He then let me go and I fell to the ground gasping for air "Remember not to disobey me again or you will end up as one." he then walked away.

((Now)) 18

It's been about a year since he told me how outside was. I still didn't forget but one day he said, "I had enough of you" *he said and walked over to me with a knife "your just a waste of money and it would be better to use it in things with more meaning. So just hold still and I'll end this quickly." He then ran over to me with the knife pointing out "N-No!"
I said and then I smacked the knife out of his hand. I looked at the knife fly off and then glared deathly at me. I was frozen stiff. "Who gave you permission to do that?"
He then grabbed my arms and dragged me to the door
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to!"
I say as I try to get away
He then opened the door and through me out
"This will teach you how to behave in this world!"
He then slammed the door shut, locked it and turned off the lights.
I was surrounded by darkness and I instantly got up and pounded on the door
"Let me in! I won't run away!"
I then realized that if I where to go back, I would be killed. I then backed away from the door noticing this and looked around and ran away.
I ran not knowing where I'm going or who is watching me. I then saw a street lamp and ran to it and sat under it while hugging my lags and my red hair shining like fire. I didn't know what to do, or where I am or what is going to happen to me the last thing I remember is sitting under that street lamp. I apparently woke up from a nap and it was dark. I guessed the lamp went out and then I tried to stand up but I hit my head on a hard surface. I sat back down rubbing my head and then I reached up and touched what I hit my head on. It was a iron wall. Then a light slowly started to grow. "Wake up! You can't sleep forever!" Said a unfamiliar voice I then heard a rattling noise and the cage I was stuck in opened. I Instantly ran out but something or someone grabbed the back of my shirt
"I don't think so" and they didn't let go even though I started clawing at there hand. Then he said "We found a new friend for you last night! Don't try to kill her." He then threw me back in the cage and locked it.
I banged in the door saying "let me out!" And then I started to look around and saw many people in cages and then I realized they where unsold dogs. I then backed into my cage with my eyes wide in shock. I couldn't believe it. I was now a dog, I was captured and would be sold. I then turned and faced the wall against my cage anf stayed like this for a vary long time. Before I knew it it was as around noon and they gave us food and opened the store so people can buy us I stayed facing the wall not wanting to touch anything provided by them. Many people walked pasted me and looked at me because the light was on my hair so it looked like fire again but kept walking looking for different ones. I was relived hoping to buy time. I then heard a small tap and I turned around.

I saw you then you.........

Please at least read some on the rules

((Guys only please))

((Tell me your characters name when you ask for rp))

((I ONLY do pp or private post))

((No irl information would be shared, including pictures.))

((You do NOT have to be descriptive because I'm not either))

((Needs to be dominant and willing to punish. You can have any Personality though))

((Difference between dog and master,
The dogs have to wear a collar to symbolize they are owned, also whould wear whatever their masters shall give them, the Masters dress however they want but would have to wear a ring to have evidence that the pet with you is yours. ))

((Just some notes on how I act. I am......

Will not back down easily
Sneaky (not really)
And a back talker.))

((And then just some photos for my apperence))

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Auction day is here. A day she has been dreading to come. After being washed and put into nice revealing clothes she was thrown into a cage. Unfortunately it is small enough for her to be on all fours. Teary eyed she curls up in the corner shivering from the cold since her hair is still wet

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Name: Katsu Ashikaga
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Height: 167 cm
Appearance: Black hair, purple eyes
Looking for a dirty, descriptive, dominant master
Second picture is art done by me
((I prefer to use hangouts please
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