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Team name: team sonic
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Hi! My name is Venus The Hedgehog.
I am single, and looking for a boyfriend.
I am on the good side.
I am happy to have friends and family!
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Name: Marine
Age: 7
Birthplace: Southern Island
Nicknames: Lass, Captain Marine
Species: Raccoon
Gender: Female
Height: 75 cm (2" 6")
Weight: Unknown
Fur: Orange, Brown, White, Cream
Skin: Peach
Eye Color: Blue
Attire: Tan gloves, Lime green and white top, Black shorts, White socks, Lime green and orange sneakers, and Two yellow scrunchies
Alignment: Good
Likes: Adventures, Her friends, Ships, Being captain, and Giving orders
Dislikes: Ghosts, Being ignored, Being interrupted, Showing weakness, Being tickled, Not going on adventures, and Not being told what Eggmanland is
Skills: Sailing, Manageable shipbuilder, Enhanced speed, and Energy projection
Bio: Always energetic, Marine is talkative, but rarely listens. A spunky yet lovable rascal, she is a lover of excitement and constantly seeks adventures. She aspires to become the captain of her own ship so she can travel the world, but can be quite the handful. During her adventures with Sonic though, she has matured and has promised to grow more up.

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Name: Sonic Junior
Age: 13
Species: Hair Hog
Crush:Amy Junior
Forms: All
Powers: stealing power ups (super forms) running fast cyan dash
School: Kings Junior High
AKA: Mini Sonic

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Thanks for the invite!


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Hello everyone how's everything going I'm doing good

Thanks for the invite

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