Güzel bir program

This Greenify is not working on my Xiaomi Redmi 6A, with Android 8 and MIUI 10 it is not working.

Deep Hibernation (by Island) is not working. (Pixel 2 Android 9)

Is there something I need to do in order to find or see the ability to hibernate - Walmart, amazon apps etc??
They don't show up in the list no matter what I do, I even have the donations package
(moto z force droid ed)

The starter for hibernation (widget) is not working with Android P. Nothing happens

Hibernation button does not work on Pie. The screen stays on. Running latest beta on OnePlus 6 with Android Pie. Worked in Oreo.

刚刚交完Omnifocus 3 Pro版的“保护费”,感觉很舒爽。

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Qual a diferença entre "hibernação normal" e "padrão", qual devo usar?
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