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How do we control anger?

Once you get angry, you are not in your control anymore.

You can only avoid anger. You can easily avoid anger.

Meditate and get to Alpha level of mind.

Take the first person with whom you frequently get angry.

Write the reasons why you get angry.

Ask yourself:

1. How anger hurts you and the other person?

2. Is your anger of any use?

3. Have you achieved permanent change because of your anger?

4. How can you creatively achieve your desire without getting angry?

Memorize answer for the questions.

Visualize your answer for fourth question. Strengthen your resolve.

Next time, you will not get angry.

Be blessed,
Krish Murali Eswar.

Daily A Noble Thought - Nov 12

Grandfather and Grandson

We would understand the meanings of all events in our life once we learn the philosophy.  If we term 'Static space' as a 'Grandfather', then the primary-particle (Paramanu) is the Son; Secondary shadow particle  from the primary-particle is the 'Grandson' of Static space.  

Grandson joins Grandfather where-ever he goes.  Magnetism is the shadow-particle joining the static space.  In that case, the entire universe is the play of Grandfather and Grandson i.e. Static space and shadow particle.

Shadow wave's diluted and dissolved state in the space is Magnetism.  Same magnetism is prevalent in the entire objects in Universe as Pressure, Sound, Light, Taste, Smell and Mind.  Hence all these things are just the play of Static-space grandfather and shadow-particle grandson.

As the static-space could not be perceived by senses,  it could not be explained in detail.  But, how the philosophical saints have found it?  When the frequency of the mind is higher, it remains as a wave.  Base for the wave is the static space.  It may appear that the wave may stay away from the static space.  But, when the frequency goes on reducing, the god-consciousness and almighty gives strength to the mind.  There, when it remains closer to the static space, mind realises the static space.

Are all these thing came only from static space?  All actions and imprints are in Universal magnetism.  While mind syncs with it, all truths gets clarified.  Like when we recall yesterday's events, it comes to our mind; similarly all universal secrets would be known.

Vethathiri Maharishi

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