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How to make your machine run faster

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Polymer Summit 2017 Video Links:

Good talk on why they selected the web components can solve our problem for having a static ip address for testing. Also you can use to get an anonymous url so that you can test from outside your network. See this video:

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Ability to add a filter in timesheet reports to show billable items. This was reported by one of our customers (M Wold) via email. I am putting it here to track requests from one place.


Can you add a feature to add ticket templates to recreate monthly recurring tickets? A ticket can be created and filled out with relevant information and then save it as a template. This template can be used to create a ticket and then modified for the month.



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Version 1.7.20 of the Sage-50 Add-in for OfficeClip is released. Details and Downloads:

OfficeClip Release 10.4.17

We have a new version of OfficeClip for you. It combines two previous versions.

Release Notes:
Download Link:

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How to Change Document Folder Permission

1. Click on the Document Application from the left menu
Click on the Properties icon on the same row as the folder (or document)
3. Click on the Permissions link
4. Click on the Edit icon on the row that you want to change permission
5. Change the Permission and then Click on Save.

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I got many questions from users asking how do they know what their associates are working on. I created a quick video on this feature.

I suggest you see the video in HD and full-screen. Click on the bottom right icon inside the video.

Your comments are appreciated.

one recommendation I have is to include a search bar on all pages so for example when you are looking at a particular contact page you can type in another contact without having to go back to the contact list (this would save a step)
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