This is sorta a Moderator request, but it is 3 A.M. and I am to tired to find the owner in Hangouts so yeah.

Like I said I would love to be a moderator unfortunately I can't be extremely active at the moment, but good role-play communities seem to be a dying breed. On this point I have made it a personal goal to help as many Rp communities as I can. As long as they appear to not be over things I deem a bad Rp topic and as long as the Owner doesn't appear to be immature about how things are ran.

I also will slowly be building my own community and pulling small ideas from smaller ideas from these small communities giving them credit through shoutouts. As you can see my Profile is brand knew and will be completely dedicated to Rp and things related to Rp. Thank you for reading my request.

Signed Rouge
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