Stop hating on Justin Bieber, this is not funny at all, now this is Serious
I'm going to tell all his fans on you guys 

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More reasons to hate Justin Bitch

Justin bieber fans are either sissy or 12 years old fan girls

Why are you hating on Justin Bieber? What has he done deserve it? He's just a regular kid whose dream came true. he hasn't dome anything to you. So why do you do it? Why do you keep hating on him?

Do you feel good about yourself when you hurt him? Even if he tries not to show it, it does hurt him.

Receiving so much hate everyday would hurt any person, no matter how strong you are.

Try putting yourself in his shoes.

Having to face hate and threat everyday, from people that you don't know, people you have never even talked to.

Always having to keep that smile on your face.

How would you feel?

This is not only about Justin, This is about everybody. it's about hurting people for no reason. 

We hate him with passion and stop repeating u ugly fag 

Do you think that is funny? Nobody deserves pain, what has he done to you? That you
hate him so much? Nothing, everybody I read more then one hate, it hurts millions of people... Justin and also his beliebers, we will fight against the hate, we don't want that Justin loses his smile, ...just because of you, we don't want to see him cry, we won't let you be the reason, why he is upset, we want back our strong boy, we don't want to see him breaking down, understand it, this is too much, it has to stop, RIGHT NOW, STOP THIS, and start this ! We are stronger then you, one day we will stop the hate...Maybe not today or tomorrow... ...But one day we WILL, beliebers, Justin has a huge #family, and you've got nothing then bad words, one day he will smile again and you can't change it because we have the power, he is the reason why millions of people smile, only because his smiles, TRUE BELIEBERS NEVER SAY NEVER, BELIEBERS GO HARD, BELIEBERS, when you smile, I smile, I'm a proud belieber, it's not only about Justin, it's about everybody, stop the hate.

Dear haters: we are stronger then you, so don't you for a second think that you can win this... ....because there is nothing for you to win. No one can win this war, it will take you nowhere but down. Please, think about what are you're doing. ....and stop it.

You don't want to be the reason for someone losing their smile. You don't want to be the reason someone took their life.

Stop the hate. Spread the love.

Beliebers love you, Justin. Never doubt on that.

I am a true Belieber and I couldn't be more proud.

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In a bookstore and I saw this

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I lowkey want a great white shark to rip justin beiber to bite sized pieces 

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