Tenza Kurama update
After my mother passed away when I was 7 my father decided to take me with him on his missions believing that he can start shaping me into a great shinobi before i enter the academy. His training was harsh and it was obvious to me even back than that he was taking out his frustration on mom's death and focusing it on my training.After weeks of training and me only making minor improvements he left me in a remote area to practice my strengths.
While I was training a platoon of shinobi arrived saying that they have received intelligence that my father was here. I tried to fight them off but they easily over powered me. They said they were going to take me as bait to lore my father back. Their plan worked once my dad knew i was missing he quickly rushed to my aid. But my old man wasn't prepared for the ambush they set.
My old man was badly wounded and contained but instead of just finishing us off they told him that they were going to kill me first. As one of them took out a kunei to attack time seemed to freeze and all i could think about was my deep anger for them and myself for being weak.  I wanted nothing more for the men to dissapear and i got my wish as i felt my instincts took over and the enemy shinobi burst into flames and i passed out.
When I awoke i was back in the remote area on a make shift bed my dad looked at me with astonishment as he told me what I've done and what i can do. I unlocked my family's genjutsu abilities and turned them into reality for the ones that were affected. I didn't believe him and thought he just cast a strong fire jutsu. To prove to me that he did't he told me to cast a genjutsu on him and to place him into a random environment. I decided for a blizzard and once I cast it i noticed his body turning blue and him telling me to stop. It took me a second to hear him from all the power but i was finally able to release the jutsu after looking at him i noticed that his skin was ice to the touch even though it was summer.
He decided to train me in my ability and focus only on genjutsu. After months of training i've learned how to master my abilites and create entire worlds of genjutsu and when we retured to the leaf village i tested my abilities against Sasuke's and easily over powered him in a matter of minutes. Dispite his best efforts of trying to dispel my abilites by cutting himself, disrupting his chakra flow and using relase jutsu he realized that even Mangeku had very little power over me.
I was forced to take the jounin exams at 8 and with great efforts namely cheating I passed. Afterwards they assigned me Shikamaru as a tutor and guide. My nick name as the silent image of the leaf quickly developed because of 2 reason first I used my skills to make people scream till their voices go raw. An second on stealth operations i trap enemies into my world and slowly make there worst nightmares effect them with no way of aid.

Kozen Aburame update##
Kozen Aburame is a S- Class ninja, he is known as the Leafs Blue Bug... He is the only one that lived from the Aburame assassin's attack. Kozen lost everything, everyone, and even his closest friend died that day to. Kozen was told he will never be able to whiled the Aburame secrets becuase he cant use the bugs. One day Kozen was out in the forest traviling alone, he got attacked by three missing-nin's. He thought he was dead because they all got critical hits on him. But a bright light came to him and Kozen stood up as if he was never hurt, he was glowing blue with little bugs flying around him. Then the next thing he knew the three missing-nin's were dead. After that day Kozen was named the Leafs Blue Bug, Also Kozen learned to control sage mode of the bugs.

Guys and girls should we draw what our character looks like and then post the pic?

My Character name is Tenzo Kurama the grandson to Asuma and Kurenie and child of Yakuma Kurama and Shiho Sarutobi (just going to make up the name of kid since Kurenie hasn't given birth yet). I am known as the silent illusion of Konoha and am an S rank ninja. I've been given the title for my incredible strength in genjutsu that I inherited from my mother's clan and the training from my Grandmother. 
My skill in it has been said to have easily surpassed that of Itachi Uchiha a the age of 8, being able to make my genjutsu so powerful that the target literally experiences it what ever happens to their them in the illusion. Unlike my uncle Konohamaru and grandpa Asuma I don't have a clear cut definition of honor or trust, the entire world is a game of chess where I am the King and everyone else are pieces on the board, but I don't believe in sacrificing my pieces unless it's absolutely the only way and even then i won't be happy about it. Thanks to some training with Shikamaru I am an ace strategist but I have no problem of putting my team in danger if I see the result will be beneficial.

So guys? about my Kozen Aburame char... does anyone have any ideas of how i can make him better?

My charaters name is Kozen Aburame my title is Leafs Blue Bug. My life story is that im the 10th genartion after my many great grandpa Shino Aburame. I am a Sage class ninja, my sage teacher is Mugaku of the bugs. I seen many friends die, but i still move on. I got the title Leafs Blue Bug from all 5 kage's, beacuse my bugs set off a blue aura and it makes my bady glow blue. My bugs use there own chakura for the aura, so i cant stop it. But it only glows when i use my ninjustu. i am 16 years old, and one of the legends of the leafs. I was able to surpass Naruto uzamaki and Sasuke Uchiha from the past. If you add up the powers it will match mine.
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