As a new group the importance is to see who has the wish, the hope and the intention to make the changes needed to create a Universal Human Nation. The violence and the suffering can only be changed by a personal and social change in the same time. It goes hand in hand. There´s a universal principle that says "Treat others as you wish to be treated" and that is what the spirit in this group is all about. Here we can discuss and exchange views and and experiences. Its my wish to have a place for people to be connected for those who are feeling this world is going in an inhumane direction and feels the neccesity for another direction that is coherent with our inner intentions.

This is just an initial post to find some members, but feel free to enter so we can get started. (Members that post spam, scam and rude behaviour and misuse this group for commercial interest will be removed as fast as I see it. No warning can be expected)
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