I just want to say, one of my on Google+ friends just joined.
Shout out to +DontBlink101 
Thanks for joining! 
Have fun posting randomness about anime:
I suspect you are good at randomness due to the fact you are a major poster on the community
Absolutly Randomness

Story Event Submission: Winner Notice
Yet again we had another event, but only one person joined.
Shoutout to +Kitt Kat :3 for participating and having "community spirit"
Winner with the story: An Unexpected Surprise
Same reward rules as last time. Thanks, and keep posting! 
-Mew Ssongo
Jolene Pang
The random girl that's weird and sometimes tries to be very annoying. 

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Story: (This is a surprise story)
My mom was driving me home. I walked inside, and I saw my mom carrying a giant package. 
"What's that?" I asked my mom.
"Open it. It's for you." My mom said, and I gasped in surprise. It was for me! I grabbed scissors from the kitchen cabinet, and started opening the package. And, Oh. My. God.
I WAS SO SURPSIED AND AMAZED!!! And it turns out, I got loads of things! It was from my aunt from New York! I got cute school supplies, some macaroons, cute mini cupcakes, some clothes, and a lot more! So, I ended up eating the macaroons and mini cupcakes, and using the supplies. Thanks to my aunt!

Note: The surprised cat gif was chosen by me because it shows how surprised I was.

The end. (BTW: This is a real life story :O) +Jolene Pang This is for the contest.

Credit to William Arthur Ward for this quote. :)

EVENT (read all)
Considering our last event wasn't too good: One participant, I decided to have another try. Please join.
So, I have decided to try to do another picture event. The winner and i will decide on one gift for themselves.
EVENT: 2/5/16-2/20/16
Find a picture of anything APPROPRIATE. Then, post the picture with a story in the comments or the heading. (Anywhere, just remember to 'connect' the two objects together) Then label it STORY EVENT SUBMISSION. Have Fun! (If you have any questions, feel free to post something asking me, or ask irl). 
1. APPROPRIATE pictures
2. send in the picture in the EVENT time (2/5/16-2/1/16) May be a        couple days late
4. Don't forget to add the story with the picture
5. Be creative
6. must add a picture with the story 
7. You have to type/write something related to the picture (picture has to be related to the story)
8. Your story has to be based OFF of your picture
8. :D Have fun!
You will get a prize if you win

-Jolene Pang (kilala123)
+Kitty Kat :3 for helping me (she didn't really do anything but she did sorta help me?!)

We got a winner for the (late) last contest we had! The Miku Event! Our only participant is:
+Kitty Kat :3 
She will get a prize. 
Kitty kat, comment below on what you want! 
+Kitty Kat :3 hope you do great on the other contests too! 

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New years miku event submission :D

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New Year Event
_ Press Read more (25 lines) to keep reading!_
Hey guys! We got on event coming up! Our first event! So, whoever can find the best picture of a spin off of Miku wins! So, basically, you just have to find pictures of anime characters that look like Miku, my example is below. You may not use any picture of the original Miku. (do not use my example, or the anime picture underneath our title). Feel free to draw the pictures then post them online! The event will be hosted on 12/30/15- 1/20/16.

1. cannot use any pictures already on this page.
2. If I see copies of pictures, you will be automatically out. (That means you may not use any of my posts!)
3. Be creative-
4. You can draw the picture
5. Try to post the picture around the deadline, a little after the deadline is okay, just try not to be late. (The event will be hosted on 12/30/15- 1/20/16)
6. You may not use any picture of the original Miku. (That includes, the hair and clothing cannot be blue)
7. Comment above you're picture, "New Years Miku Event Picture Submission" (you may change it but, be sure to add the words 'New', Years', 'Event', and 'Submission')
8. Prizes may be included (prizes will vary)
9. Have a wonderful New Year

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Why does she remind me of a vamppire?

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