Hey, guys! I'm a new sevie, where's the bathroom?

Has this community died??? lol

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Is it ok if I am in this even though I will not go to west?

Remember tomorrow is a late start, as well as Columbus Day.
On Thursday and Friday we have UEA weekend and thus no school. OR HOMEWORK!!! If you're going somewhere over the weekend, put it down in the comments!

I need to clarify... Don't post anything under the section labeled updates. Anywhere else is fine!
Google plus app doesn't make sections very clear... :/

🙉how about we all calm down🙉

Hey guys! Our group is off to a good start!
In case you didn't notice, you can pick up a copy of Red & Black from various parts of the school.
I suggest you go get one!

Reminder: don't post here unless you are me or you're given permission to. This is a place for me to share updates randomly so yup!
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