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name: violet (last name unknown)
nickname: vivi
species: animal fairy goddess but dosent know it is ruler of all things living except for plant life (don't worry i don't god play i make sure its fair)
height: 4'10"
age: 16
hair: blond (but changes diffrent colors)
skin: pale as the moon
eyes: blue (but changes colors)
style of clothing: sweat lolita (very girly and frilly dresses)
personality: sweet and shy and doesn't normally stand up to people so they normally bully her and walk all over her
likes: sweets and animals and dancing
dislikes: people who hurt her friends
worst bully: jonathin wreath
is known as: the schools freak
life story: was put into foster care and now lives in a house with other foster kids the parents are really mean and usually starve her and make fun of her she has been through many foster houses and has had a tragic child hood

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name: jonathin wreath
species: human
age: 17
height: 5'11"
hair: black
eyes: grey
skin: peachy
fashion style: whatever your typical rude popular guy wears
likes: hurting others (especially violet) being popular
dislikes: freaks and animals
personality: rude to some and nice to others but usually a really mean guy
backstory: has lived in one place for all his life and has no problems at home not to mention he's rich and usually gets whatever he wants
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can you add a school life category please :)

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Name: Ken
Age: 19
Gender: male
Species: human
Sexuality: not determaned
Height: 5ft. 11in.
Weight: 120lbs.
Personality: shy and quiet
Likes: art
Dislikes: being embarressed
Bio: He has lived in a hose by himself for a long time.
Family: all were killed
Appearence: Pic below

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Name"_I AM KAIVA SHIKITEMODOCHI THE DEMIGOD OF FORMS!_" Also refered to as: Kai, zeta, shigazugu, and the form.
Age 15000 years old but appears 15
Gender male
Species Demigod
Sexuality straight
Height Depends on the form i take
Weight 110 pounds
Personality Nice when you know me weird if we dont know eachother
Likes allies are good but humans are hard to get along with at times but allies and food i guess
Dislikes i hate sins
Bio Kaiva, Niran, Kanoki, and izuki the greatest demigods kaiva was the reincarnation of Demosthenes the first demigod kanoki and niran were two halfs of Locke the second demigod and izuku was the third demigod reincarnation of Delockes  _from kaivas view_ we were hated by all the demigods they wanted us gone all but death death wanted us dead. we had to escape so i came to earth so did the others our weapons were lost to the demiplain (demiplain: the plain of existance in which demigods rule) we all had to rebuild our power so we found weapons and remastered are Demieye (Demieye the specialy of the first demigods the most powerful abilities are devastating) so we trained we went through the times and now its been centuries were able to reclaim our power as we stood together we were seperated and now i stand alone in a world against the reincarnations of sins and demigods.
Family my entire family is dead to me all they are are sins and cruel overpowered freaks
Appearence I wear an eyepatch to hide my demieye which is strongest in my right eye i have black and gold wings and red hair so basicly the picture.

I'm on phone and can't copy and paste the character thing. Can someone paste it in the comments please?

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(+MLPSisters Girls only)
You see me walking down the street singing a graveyard song wearing a black dress with my wings behind me unafraid....
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