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Age:25,000 old.
Born:A few thousand years before Celestia and Luna.
Occupations:God of destruction
Sexuality:Bi seme(online),Straight(irl)
Likes:Fair Fights,Having a nice time,Real friends,Nice people,Relaxing.
Dislikes:Unfair fights,Mean people,Being annoyed,Fake friends,Enemies,Show offs,Op Oc’s,People who think they’re the best and way better than everyone else.
Quote:Before creation comes ruin..,This world must dine in eclipse!,You look really strong! How ‘bout a little spar with me?
Relatives:All long dead.
Forms:Base form(as strong as base form goku),Golden form(more speed and defense but low attack and summon Flaming hope),rainbow form(100% full power),skeleton form(Can't be killed by normal ways,he's just like an immortal zamasu but this form is temporary),kid form(5% power),limiter form(50% power),full armor form(more defense but lower speed),Majin form(more speed and attack but less defense),God of destruction full power form(the one with the hakai barrier around him like what toppo did),god of destruction form,eclipse form(strong as defense mode ultra instinct goku),full power eclipse form(strong as offence ultra instinct goku but infinite potential as long as an eclipse is going on).
Bio:Once a normal earth pony who strived to become the strongest and living forever by making a few wishes and mastering everything even secrets all around the world he was able to make himself live forever but not immortal,after mastering everything even ki he was able to visit other worlds and dimensions learning from them and mastering more and more skills like transformations. After thousands of years he came back to equestria as a god of destruction finally achieving everything he's ever dreamed of.
Abilities:Hakai,Controlling both sun and moon,Zenkai boost,flying even without wings,using ki,control over every magic spell,can last a bit in the stratosphere and atmosphere,can breath underwater for 10 minutes,has a special hakai winged blade which can destroy anything and anyone.
Strengths:can take massive damage and endure a lot,extremely stubborn but fair and nice,very understanding,a lust for battle,loves earth food.
weaknesses:Cant breath in space,really dumb,gives his opponents a fair chance and battle,mostly normal ways to beat him wont work so you need to be creative on beating him.
Greatest feets:Moving the sun and moon to make an eclipse,Getting strong enough to be a god of destruction with an angel,Can defeat the mane 7,the princesses,discord,chrysalis,tirek,shadow pony,Tempest shadow,Storm king,and armies of ponies,changelings,and royal guards.But a few times he has been defeated by the mane 7 and princesses and his angel is his teacher so his angel can beat him too.
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this song played*
Me:*goes over to celestia in a creator eyes glowing red so "princess" have you finally learned the real strength of a god?
Celestia:y-you bastard! you wont get away with this! we trusted you,thought you were are friend!
Me:Silly mortal,never trust anyone.
???:*on top of a mountain watching* The Rings are working nicely,hes going in for the kill. once he kills her and takes her power we will land the final blow on him and take the power of a god of destruction and celestia! then take over the world! and if anyone is strong enough to beat us still we can still threaten them by using celestias magic to blow up the sun!
???2:heh nice plan,i cant believe you,a brother to shadow,would betray him like this. if he tries to fight back when we land the final blow on him ill just turn on the rings then he wont be able to do anything.
???:The hour of erasure is upon us,soon,all will bow down before us!
???2:and even when he dies,so will his angel,which means no one in this universe can stop us.
???:and after we take over this universe,it will be on to the next and the next until we have full control of all of them then take out the ruler of all,zeno!

Well it would appear I am the owner

whoops, i forgot to promote every moderator before i left.

sorry, guys. i hope +Spartan "Promethean guardian" B4S5 (can't tag) can do that for me. thanks for waiting!

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Just had my oc remade

hi everyone, I haven't been here for a while.

I'm not planning on being here, either. I'm either deleting all the communities I run (if they have under 100 members) or retiring from being the owners.

If anyone wants to run this community ( be the owner), please comment below until Jun 12, 2017, and I'll make you owner asap. Otherwise, this community will be deleted.

Thanks, guys.

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Applebloom:*comes home from school feeling down*

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I am the son of princess luna and she has made alot of rules and one of them is that i can never leave the castle but i break that one alot cause i get bored of being stuck in the castle so one day i ran out of the castle and i made it to ponyville then fell asleep under a park bench until you found me

Name: firestrikr
Age: 1

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Take your pick

I'm the new kid at school and I'm super shy because i'm still the size of a foal and need to wear diapers so I'm scared about what everyone is going to say so i slowly crawl int the school looking around nervously and hoping i can get through the school year without to much trouble.

I lay in the crib at the orphanage sucking on my hoof happily not caring that i have never met my parents and just waiting every day to be adopted then you walk in and talk to the manager sayuing you want to adopt a child so they show you around at all the other kids but none seem to interest you then they show you me and you fall in love knowing this is the one for you

i walk around ponyville trying to find a place to live and i have a blanket on my back with a note attached to it then eventually i crawl to the park and lay under a bench and wrap myself in the blanket then fall asleep sucking on my hoof

Getting bored. Roleplay, anyone?
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