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~Profile Lay Out~

Nickname: Ice
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Species: Acrosian(ice demon)
Place Of Origin: Friezas planet
Skin Tone: white
Hair Color:none
Eye Color:white
Blood Type:N/A
Weight: 128

Appearance: below
Personality: silent

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status:single
Languages:all languages

Biography: daughter of frieza. Wants revenge for his death.

Current Status: taking over namek

HTC Usage: 0
Cause of Death:0

Master(s): Frieza, Cooler, King Cold.
Enemies: Goku

Aura Color: Purple
Power Level: 250 Xenoplex

Transformations:1st form, 2nd form, 3rd form, final form, 100% final form, golden, rage, blaze, armored.

Techniques/Abilities: all abilities from her family.

Mastery Ratings: 20 very Skilled

Strength:123 million
Speed:300 million
Intelligence: 457 billion
Ki Manipulation: 591million
Ki Control: 374 trillion
Ki Pool:1000 Xeon million

Other Abilities: she tends to be put on fire when mad.

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Name: Demon
Race: saiyan
Age: 17
Powerlevel: 90,000k

Goal: is to be come the best fighter and to avengers my fallen race and kill the one who destroyed them all

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Name: sandra
Gender: female
Age: same as kakorat
Powerlevel: 10000
species: sayin
Bio: was with radiks (I think I spelled it wrong ) but my pod malfunctioned. That basted did not care. I laned on a planet. I stayed there for about 30 years. After that I fixed my pod. Set off to find radix. Called him on my scouter but he did not answer. I laned on earth and I am looking for kakorot and radix. (She laned around when pan was 16)

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