Any chance we are migrating over to mewe too?

Anybody use halflings in Mini Six or Open D6? How did they work out?

I know that MIni Six has Hannedyn in the "Rust Moons of Castia" mini-setting that are like halflings. They have a limit on their Might, and a -5 penalty to strength-based MIght rolls. I was wondering how well that worked out.

I'm brand spanking new to actually PLAYING tabletop games, but I've wanted to for a long time. Just recently a group of friends voiced their interest as well, and I agreed to go ahead and run a game since none of them feel like they would be capable. I decided on Opend6 because it seems simple enough to start with, but not so simple that it'd be boring as all hell.
The main issue I'm facing is that, as I've learned from ongoing reading, it's a framework to build a setting. I'm not sure I have the time to do all of that before they lose interest in even playing a game.
I could easily throw up a few fantasy races and have a super generic setting, but I'm getting hung up on items, NPCs, creatures, etc.
I know there are probably various resources available, but how many are geared towards a d6 fantasy setting? If they aren't for d6 would it be too difficult for a complete novice to convert them?
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Tell me about the OpenD6 campaigns you're doing right now!

I'm having a blast running a Mini Six space opera game for +Larry Hollis and some other friends on Friday night. It's pays a lot of homage to Firefly, Farscape, Star Wars, and the Deathstalker novels. The players are currently on a small, backwater planet that's run by drug dealers, on the run from the reptilian imperium. It's gloriously cheesy.

My other campaign is a dystopian urban fantasy, heavily influenced by Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Powder Mage Chronicles, and the Milkweed Triptych. Think North Korea with elemental-based super powers. It's powered by D6 Adventure. One of the character's brothers is a terrorist, and he just blew up a major transit station. It's a really emotionally charged game.

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Just got an email from drivethru about this. Requires the Open D6 (I think the original one, as the link on the product page has a pdf of the old one available) rulebook

Static Defenses: for those who use static defenses, do you feel characters hit each other too often? The reason I ask is that a multiplier of 3 is, in theory, below the average (3.5 per die). I wonder how this is perceived at your gaming table.

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How would you make a Resist Element potion for MiniSix?

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For anyone interested, I have posted my Corporate Sector Source book. It, essentially, cuts Han Solo and Chewbaka out of the core content and opens the setting up for players to experience the entirety of the setting without Solo having spoiled all of it already. I've included them in stats only should you want to include them for a cameo or to pit the players against. More details in the actual book itself. Original source book was 144 pages with a lot of fluff, I cut out about 70 pages of re-iterated Han Solo story and then took the material to 200+ Fleshed out the planets, vehicles, sectors, trade routes, etc.

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has anyone here had much experience with Open Fantasy RPG? I was thinking about getting after reading a bit about it in some old posts. $5 is a decent price for the PDF, but not sure if I want to drop the $5 when I have Fantasy d6 already.
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