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Fire Ruby Designs is kickstarting a combined version of their In Flames game. It's a really good game and I highly recommend it. Please check out the Kickstarter below.

Question for you all... I'm working on writing some oneshots for use at local cons and charity events. I am interested in using scripted scenes to provide a more cinematic feel. I know some old West End Star Wars modules did this. Would anyone have any resources or advice on how best to write these scripts? 

I had an excellent time last night playing some OpenD6 Fantasy. I had a teenager just starting into roleplaying, my good buddy from many years back, and my buddy's 20 something son.

They made up characters.... two warriors (one an archer, the other a wicked warrior with a big ass falchion) and one cleric (who's leader of their order was captured and they all had to save).

They fought against a shadow cat (creature of my own design), avoided a patrol of hobgoblins and a roving patrol of hobgoblins riding on wargs.

They made it up to the stronghold where the captive was held. Then their die rolls took a dump on them.

They failed any sort of stealthy rolls, alerted the guards, and had a heck of a fight on their hands!

About that time, unfortunately the teenager had to leave (it was approaching midnight and his mom wanted to go home), so my buddy's girlfriend took over the character. Hilarity ensued!

The archer kicked some butt with his special ability he chose called "Claws of the Eagle". He was racking up the kills and going through arrows like there was no tomorrow. The other warrior, now run by a gal who only very recently learned to play roleplaying games (I taught her how to play too), waded into the melee and found the falchion was a pretty wicked-deadly weapon! Hobgoblin heads were a-rollin'!

The cleric stayed behind the other two, occasionally firing his heavy crossbow and taking out a hobgoblin. When the warriors got too wounded, he'd move up and pray to heal them. He did a pretty good job keeping the two in the fight.

But they found they were a bit unprepared when the fight went underground. The cleric was a dwarf, so he had no problems. The archer warrior was an elf, so he was fair, but not the best underground. The human warrior, though, was woefully unprepared. They had a torch and a hand lantern between them as they went underground. They came upon a suspected trap area, and the archer threw his torch down the hallway to try to illuminate the area.

It didn't work as planned.

The human warrior charged into the area lit up by the torch and saw a torrent of arrows fly at him. He caught a few and fell back.

They waffled on what to do for a long time and I had a couple of the warg riders show up behind them. It forced the two fighters back into an open room with the hobgoblin archers.

The archer took out one warg rider, the other warrior decided to fight the hard way and eventually took down the warg after a vicious fight that devolved into unarmed combat against it.

The archer charged the hobgoblin archers, as they outnumbered him so he figured that would even the odds a bit.

The dwarf cleric took his time catching up to them, not wanting to subject himself to a bunch of arrows.

Long story short, the elf took out about half the hobgoblins, and was in tough shape by the end. The human warrior, after the warg, went after the archers and took a couple arrows but managed to dismember another three hobgoblins before he was finally dropped by one. The last few hobgoblins retreated and went back to where the captive was located, and began arguing over what to do with him.

The remaining two upright heroes saw the down and dying human warrior, and decided to leave him rather than try to get him to safety. They then debated on which way to go. The elf wanted to leave, the dwarf cleric wanted to keep going. That's about when the hobgoblins killed their captive.

Even though the mission was a failure, the game session was a BLAST! We had a lot of fun and we laughed so hard my sides hurt. We played until about 2:30 in the morning. So much fun!

I felt good to be doing some role playing again with D6!

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The things that pop in your head when you can’t go to sleep.
Mini Six has a static defense number based off your skills, so increasing your skill can increase the difficulty to hit a player or antagonist.

Just go to, and check out the numbers using the “at least” tab, and then you adjust for any dice pool.

3 100.00
4 99.54
5 98.15
6 95.37
7 90.74
8 83.80
9 74.07
10 62.50
11 50.00
12 37.50
13 25.93
14 16.20
15 9.26
16 4.63
17 1.85
18 0.46

Looking at these numbers, I can tell if a antagonist’s defense is at nine (3d6), I know that players with an 3d6 to hit will have a 74.07 percent chance of rolling anything between a 9 and an 18. Rasing the antagonist’s defense by one pip (3d6+1), and you can see it becomes a 62.50 percent chance to roll 10 through 19, and a 50 percent chance for 11 through 18.

If we use the standard difficulty of 15 to hit, it should look like this.

Dice pool of the player ----- chance to hit 15 or higher
3d6 ------- 9.26%
4d6 ------- 44.37%
5d6 ------- 77.85%
6d6 ------ 93.92%

I half remember an article that I think was about WEG D6 star wars, anybody remember if the system had an option to play an older veteran character who started out with better skills but couldn't advance as fast/far? I kinda remember seeing this somewhere but don't own the books to doublecheck.

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Today I worked on my MYTHIC D6 game and prepped the con game Im running in a few weeks at Meeplcon.

I’ll be using MYTHCI D6 to run a Star Wars game and today I generated all the character plus a few of the adversaries the heroes will encounter. Nothing is polished yet but I figured I’d share the characters and the mooks for all to see.

Take a look and tell me what you think


The Mooks


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Anybody know what's up with d6holocron?

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