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Discussion  - 
If You Jailbreak your device and searching for cracked sources to try paid cydia tweaks for free then have a look at the list of Cracked cydia sources to download any paid cydia tweak for free.
Are you looking for top cracked cydia sources for ios 7 or ios 8. You can get a list of best cracked cydia sources especially for you.
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Joseph Nielson

Discussion  - 
I tried to jailbreak my iPod touch 4G running iOS 6.1.3 using sn0wbreeze. When I downloaded the IPSW file as prompted, a message popped up with "Invalid IPSW." Same thing happened when I downloaded it from redmond pie. Any ideas?
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and I heard its a good idea to use Mozilla Firefox for the download of those IPSW files.....
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Bob Scopelleti

Discussion  - 
Developer activations available! I am an Apple Developer with UDID's slots available. If you want to activate your iOS 7, please send $5 USD via Paypal to with your device UDID) this will allow all beta releases for 1 year! Why worry about being blocked by Apple down the road or bricking your phone when you can have the real deal? Just because you can activate your phone with the current beta doesn't mean Apple will allow it in any subsequent betas or release candidates. Only a limited amount of developer slots remain. Hurry and get yours now! Have many satisfied customers. Completely legit. Takes only minutes and will help out alot.
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you can do this for free!!!!!! Restore iDevice using iTunes to iOS 6.1.3 (6.1.4 for iPhone 5) install tunes, apps and that once you activated with iOS 6.X.X and then download iOS 7 beta 5 ipsw (find links from Google search) place the downloaded file on to your Desktop and them in iTunes hold down your CNTL key and click update then select the .ipsw file and wait for the update to complete - done =D 
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