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"Use your instincts, without them you are lost"
~Basic Info~

Name : "I'm Saigon, why'd you ask?"

Age : " I'm four years old"

Pack : "I don't need one"

Rank : "I'm obviously a loner.."


Body Type Visual : Muscular, Tall.

Eye visual : Blue

Pelt Color Visual : Unidentified (Look in Powers for the reason)

Markings Visual : Unidentified (Look in Powers for the reason)


Saigon has many characteristics, he is Smart, and Well Mannered. He can also be very Aggressive and Protective, when it comes to the wolves he truly cares for he will stop at nothing to protect them. He is also a very Wise wolf and likes to be Helpful when he meets a wolf that needs help. Saigon also endured Dominance at a young age and clearly dislikes submitting.

Mother (Deceased): "My mothers name was unknown.. I was raised by a bear who had a miscarriage, then my father found me after Mother-Bear had died.."

Father (Deceased): "His name was Havoc, he was the best wolf to have ever existed. Yet his body got possessed by a deadly entity and I saw him rarely.. then he died off by an unknowm cause"

Siblings : "I had three, two brothers and a sister. One of my brothers were evil and killed off my other siblings he still remains alive.."

Crush : "No.. I don't think I could ever love again"

Mate : "That's a simple no.."

(Deceased) Mate : "Her name was Blizzard, she was just the sweetest living animal.. I can't say anymore... it hurts to speak of her"

Pups : "I had five beautiful pups but they died off once they were born.."

~Past Bio~

Saigon was born a strong and healthy pup, a very unsual one too. His mother had died and father was nowhere to be found, a lone female bear who had recently delivered a miscarriage took him in and raised him as a mother. Later to his dismay she passed into the afterlife, causing Saigon intense pain. His father, after a year of searching found him sobbing by a lake, they embraced and finally had that son and father relationship they separately longed for. To their supprise a demonic entity was planning to take over Havoc's body, and it did so. Havoc went insane causing Saigon to run off.

He stumbled into a pack and earned their trust one by one after they took him in and after atleast a year he became their beloved Alpha, and they respected him. Saigon met a beautiful wolf named Blizzard, and they did everything togetherbsoon they became mates and hoped to start a family. Yet Blizzard became sick and died while giving birth to five pups, Saigon was heartbroken and didn't speak to his pack much, he only did to give orders and announcements. One day He decided to go on a hunt, having no suspicions of anything supposedly planned on the pack and once he came back.. they had been slaughtered by a rival rouge pack led by a wolf named Magnus. Ever since, he has been a loner


Powers : Saigon Can Teleport, Recieve Spiritual Information, Shift Pelt Colors, and Change Eye Color.

Wings : Yes



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