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~Alternia, a world of magic where anything is possible. In this land, the forces of light and dark are in constant battle over who will rule the world. As an adventurer and warrior, you have the opportunity to tip the scale and bath the world in light or corrupt it with darkness.~


Alternian Kingdom Lore

Kingdom of Romania- One of the four great kingdoms of Alternia and one of two kingdoms on the side of light. The kingdom of Romania is a fairly modern kingdom, in terms if fashion, food, customs, most of its culture, and bit of its  tech. The citizen species in Romania consist of Forest Elves, Humans, Faun, and any other pure and good natured creatures. The kingdom is made of many modernesk style architecture and a large midevil Castle at the center of it all.

Kingdom of Greyskull- Another one of the four great kingdoms of Alternia and one of two kingdoms on the side of darkness. The kingdom of Greyskul is a fairly modern, yet gothic in style, kingdom like Romania. Its citizens consist of lower demoms, vampires, few humans, werewolves, and over darknatured creatures that go bump in the night. The kingdom, sticking to its gothic style architecture with a large, gothic, mideval castle in the center.

Kingdom of Domina- The third of the four great kingdoms of Alternia and one of two kingdoms on the side of darkness. The kingdom of Domina is a fairly "high tech" style kingdom with steel buildings, animitronic hourse drawn carriages, and even fire arms. The citizens consist of humans(some of which are cyborgs), dwarves, dark elves, lizard people, and other creatures which can stand the heat of their controled volcano. As mentioned, the architecture is very steel based, metal houses and a few skyscrapers, which a large medieval castle in the center.

Kingdom of Oceana- The last of the four grear kingdoms of alternia and one of two kingdoms on the side of life. Oceana is a kingom that is like a glacier. Most of the kingdom rest on an island in the middle of the ocean. Their citizens are human, elves, and a species of human like creatures with animal like ears, tails, and senses called Fauna. The architecture is ancient Japanese in style, and even a bit of the culture. Underneath the island is an Atlantas like kingdom with mermaids, undine, very few humans, and other aquatic species.

Side Notes:
•All kingdoms have some tech: Old weapons like revolvers and musket, steam engines, old motercars, ect

•Any species can be and be from anywhere. With exceptions. I.e. mermaids need to be from Oceana, Demons need to be from Greyskull, Fauna need to be from Oceana, Cyborgs need to ne from Dominia.

•No aliens, none.

•Anywhere outside the kingdoms is nutral territory, i.e. fair game for attacks.

•If the kingdoms have actual leaders, who gets to be them, and other things of that nature will be decided when we have more members.


•Rules & Guidelines:

// This a RPG based role playing community.

// No arguing with the mods

// No godmodding or bunnyhopping

// Character must be approved before you can roleplay.

// A template will be provided. Everything that isn't optional is mandatory.

// Read the pinned post if you haven't already, it explains more important details.

// Keep any non-community related drama out of the community.

//No hate of anykind. Homophobia, racism, religious arguments, ect. Unless its an in character thing or an obvious joke.

// If you have an issue with someone, and it relates to the community, tell a mod in private. If its a mod, tell the owner or another mod.

// Everyone gets three strikes: 1st is a warning, 2nd is being kicked from the community(time until you can return depends on what you did), 3rd is permanent ban.

// If you need help with a profile, feel free to contact any of the mods.

// Have Fun.


Social Status:



Any questions? Comment below!

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(Finished Profile)

"You are not inspiring. You are not an intellectual. You are not an artist. You are not a critic. You are not a poet... You just have the ability to speak."

"Painful life is brutal to many humans.. But a painless life is superficial to all!"


Name: "My name.. Novak."

Alias: "Many refer to me as, 'The Gatekeeper.'"

Age: "I have existed in this realm for over two hundred years.."

Gender: "As if it were not obvious, I am certainly considered a male."

Species: "I am not your average human! I am what you may call, 'a humanoid demon.'"

Weight: "Two hundred sixty-two pounds with armor.."

Height: "I am six feet, ten inches tall.."


Personality: "Many describe me as strict, unforgiving, and ruthless. I would say they are wrong, but I would not want to lie and damage my integrity."

Sexuality: "I am heterosexual, but in this realm, I refuse to interact with female humans in such ways!"

Likes: "You will learn, in time."

Dislikes: "Same answer, different question.."

Biography: "When I had first been spawned into this realm, I felt lost, as if an unbearable light swept over me and blinded me from my senses. I slowly learned the ways of not only my ancestors, but as a... mortal... a human. From there, I had spent years, decades training to fill the place my father had so foolishly left behind! After one hundred, ninety-four years, I was ready, I knew I was! That is when I began my duty as a Gatekeeper, not just any one you would find in the depths of hell, THE Gatekeeper of Greyskull, the first human kingdom I have actually come to find... acceptable. I may, maybe not, associate and attempt to negotiate with humans, due to the fact I despise them with a burning passion! If necessary by law, which I will happily oblige, I shall execute all criminals with extreme prejudice. I live only to serve my ancestors! My king! And my kingdom!"

Occupation/Status:"I am a Royal Guard, not like the rest of these knights and soldiers who claim to be warriors of the highest ranking!"

Kingdom: "I am sworn to the Kingdom of Greyskull! The mightiest of all!"


Tier: 7-B

Durability: Multi-City block Level

Speed: Superhuman Level

Attack Potency: 8-B City Block Level

Lifting Strength: Class 100

Striking Strength: Class GJ


Gatekeeper Armor

Being the self-proclaimed, yet incredibly worthy Gatekeeper of Greyskull, Novak had forged his armor from an incredibly tough steel that he had collected through the years of his existence. The armor has been enchanted to aid him in defense, as he is perfectly capable in doing massive amounts of destruction to opposing forces, even with his bare fists.

"I have never changed from my armor. A mere showing of my skin can lead to my possible demise. As long as I stand, I shall show no weakness!"


List of Items

•152 Gold Coins
•Armor (Check Appearance Tab)
•Weapons (Check Inventory Tab)
•Various alchemy ingredients
•_Voice of the Cataclysm_ book

Blades of the Gatekeeper

As proof that he would make the land bend to his will, Novak had personally smithed his swords, only with a different material, rather than steel. He had crafted his swords from stone, engraved ancient runes to add a flaming edge to each one upon unsheathing, and carved one edge of the blades to be serrated for extra ripping and more tearing.


While in combat, Novak would have the tendency to take a very offensive style of fighting, normally leading to him rushing into a fight at abnormal speeds. To assist him with dealing as much damage possible to his enemies, Novak holds his blades in an X formation, surrounding himself in a ball of fire.


As a demon, Novak is known for being incredibly brutal and unforgiving in battle. That is why he learned to disable and stun his targets using this skill. For any attacks he dodges, he normally counters with this ability, any attacks caused by arms normally result in dislocating the elbow, attacks from the legs, dislocating the knee.


You must have gotten him very angry for Novak to use this. This is the equivalent of slamming down on the ground, only cracking it and sending a large, fast-moving shockwave outwards from him. This could be used either on the ground or someone's spine, if they are unlucky enough.


Since Novak isn't exactly one for ranged attacks, he relies heavily on the durability of his blades to redirect incoming projectiles into anyone or anything he sees fit. However, he can only do this so much before he needs a one second rest.

Passive: Swordbearer

Due to his status as a Royal Guard and Gatekeeper, Novak is trained with wielding blades of any kind to finish his mission. With a vast knowledge of a large variety of swords, he knows many weaknesses, strengths, and counters to nearly all blades.


As a demon, Novak is technically immune to most poisons thanks to this special power of his. Upon using this ability, he is able to slowly cue himself of every lethal and fatal poisons in his system. However, this does not apply to physical wounds such as blade slashes and arrow punctures.

Flaming Strike

Using his swords, when it comes to ranged attacks, all Novak has to do is swing in the right direction. With that, a flaming slash will soar through the air endlessly until hitting something or someone.


When he is done with his ripping and tearing of metal to get to his target, Novak likes to cook his target, launching both hands forwards and firing a steady stream of fire in a short range of five meters. Basically, a smaller version of a flamethrower.

Devastation Power: Novak's Realm

The 'natural' forces of hell come to aid Novak in his mission, surrounding the area around him in a half-mile radius of swirling flames. The sky itself would turn orange for thirty seconds, the duration of this power. Added information: the storm around him increases damage dealt to opponents, with the penalty of less speed.

Immersive Music:

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First off, this place is inactive. And i want to ask why? No seriously, why? Do i need to provide more lore? Is the place not interesting? Leave your reasons and suggestions in the comments please. On to the updates

Update 1/3: Actual Update
Dropping the original class system. You can now be any class and tier ranging from royal guard,now changed to 7-B, or Citizen. You have to earn being a Hero and Above.

Update 2/3: More of just necessary info
There are two ways to go up to the next tier and class. First way is through rp. Specifically fighting. By being active in atleast 6 battle rps, that means gaving thrown and taken a fair share of blows, you may go up the next tier. However, to go up to.the next class requires events. Some events just bring you up a tier, some skip you to the next status.

Update 3/3: Bit of Lore
Each Kingdom and its inhabitants are protectes by a powerful spell created by the Grand Wizards to keep everyone safe from wars. This spell keeps anyone in the Kingdom from getting hurt at al and keeps all property fr9m beimg destroyed(This onmy applys to buildings. You drop a cup and it shatters, no big deal.). The spell is only let down on certain conditions. For example, if a tournament goes on within the city, that area will not be effected by the spell until it ends.

I'll try to make a profile probably either today or tomorrow if I have the chance. Any Restrictions I have regarding what time era this takes place in, weapons and armor I can have, etc?

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please tell me if there's anything I need to fix..

"You ever get an overwhelming urge to rip the flesh from your face and scratch out your eyeballs? No? Just me? Alright, I'll go sit in the corner then..."


Name: No Legal Name Known

Alias(es)/Nickname(s): Fool, Jester, Dice/Dicey. Most commonly referred to as Dice.

Gender: Male
  Sexuality: bisexual

Age: ???
Date of Birth: August 28th
  Zodiac Sign: virgo
  Birthstone: peridot


Surprise boxes: Dice throws these at enemies. They open upon impact, striking the enemy while simultaneously exploding.

Throwing cards: cards with a razor sharp metal edge. These can be thrown one at a time, but Dice seems to be able to throw them en masse..

Guns: yes, guns. He uses his telekinesis to create bullets for these two guns, giving the appearance of infinite bullets as he never has to stop to reload.


Biography Or Backstory: "No one knows anything about me - not even myself. I don't know my parents, or even if i have any. The only thing I remember is that I woke up twenty years ago, stuck in a casket at the bottom of a lake. I popped up at a kingdom a few hours later, when I looked at least semi-respectable. On that day, I gave a fortune to a man who turned out to be the king of Romania. He didn't believe me, but in time me prediction was shown to be true. Word of me spread throughout the land, and the next thing i knew I was practically a fucking international celebrity - both an enemy, and an ally to all kingdoms."
  Kingdom: none
    Parents: ???
    Sibling(s): ???

Friend(s): "Anything that doesn't attack me on sight."
Enemy(ies): "Everything that does attack me on sight."
Significant Other: "Uhhhh, I'm okay with dying alone..."
  Crush(es): "Literally anyone that doesn't look at me and think I'm crazy." (Open)

Their Residence: "absolutely nowhere but absolutely everywhere~"

Nationality: Caucasian
Race: human

Prophecy: he often has visions about future events. He usually spends most of his time drinking heavily to avoid having them randomly, which is partially why he has an alcohol problem. Despite this, he always shows up to his jobs sober. The visions he has always come true, one way or another.

Levitation: this isn't like full on flying, it's literally floating. He has little control over where he's going when he's levitating, so he doesn't use it often.

Bilocation: he can be two places at once..

Apportation: the ability to undergo materialization, disappearance or teleportation of an object. This is how he never seems to run out of cards or surprise boxes..

Telepathy: he is able to read minds, but also send messages to other people. He dislikes this the most, since he hears the thoughts of nearly every person he comes across - it's partially why he avoids being in public.

Psychokinesis: the ability to manipulate objects by way of extrasensory perception. In other words, telekinesis. The ways he uses this varies immensely, from keeping an object/being from moving to augmenting his own physical speed and strength (Ex. Ourunning a car, punching through a steel wall). Obviously as the description implies, he can lift objects using his mind to complete certain tasks, such as raising a pitcher several inches into the air. His most peculiar technique is to project telekinetic energy or objects as bullets. He can use his telekinesis to strangle others, push/pull others, or change the directional course of an object (Ex. Changing what number a dice lands on or deflect an opponent attack). If a enemy likes to dodge attacks, they won't bode well against Dice due to the fact his telekinetic projectiles have a homing effect and will follow them around until it hits home. It's unknown what the limit of these powers are, or even if they have a limit.

Psychometry: he has the ability to obtain information about a person or object just by touch.

Thoughtography: the ability to "burn" images from one's mind onto surfaces such as photographic film by psychic means.

Photographic memory: he can remember almost anything... well, besides his lost past.

Pyrokinesis: he has the ability to manipulate fire. The only downside is that he can't just generate it and needs a source to manipulate it.

Accent: a silvery yet powerful voice with a hint of a British accent.
Language: English
Religion: unknown


Strengths: psychic abilities, hand to hand combat.
Weaknesses: a majority of weapons.

Strength: 9/10
Speed: 8/10
Intelligence Level/I.Q: 10/10
Medical Knowledge: 2/10
Stealth: 4/10
Accuracy: 9/10
Stamina: 8/10
Agility: 9/10
Sanity: 4/10
Loyalty: 3/10
Courage: 8/10
Perseverance: 7/10
Honesty: 5/10


Traits: Dice appears to enjoy fighting as a way to vent his hidden sadistic nature. He enjoys fighting in a playful yet brutal manner and he maintains his cool even when up against powerful beings.
Flaws: he's been known to commit arson a couple of times, he's an alcoholic, and he can be loud.
Strengths: Dice has a good (yet sometimes dark) sense of humor, he can be fun to be around, and he's extremely intelligent with an impossible I.Q. of 210.
Weaknesses: Dice tends to operate alone on a mission or adventures and tends to not seek help of any kind. He can also be construed as somewhat impatient, especially towards the more "talkative type" of enemy - in some instances, he could even be seen as grandiose in a way that could only be described as psychotic. He can come off as callous and nonchalant towards other people, and he tends to enjoy using his sexuality as a means to an end in more instances than not..
Likes: dice. This is how he got his name, because he was always seen collecting dice for an unknown reason. He also likes carrot cake.
Dislikes: people that tell him what to do. If he's going to do it, he'll do it in his own time. He will turn violent if the person is a repeat offender..


Eye Color: grey
  Hair Color: black
  Hair Length: if he were to wear it down, it would be about shoulder length.
  Extra information About The Hair: His long hair is done into an odd hairstyle, but it suits him quite nicely.
Skin Color: he has a light skin tone.

Any Piercings And/Or Tattoos: none, surprisingly.
Any Scars: a scar over his left eye and multiple X shaped scars trailing down his spine.
Any Deformities: a blue diamond shaped jewel in the center of his chest. He's not sure why or how he got it, but he doesn't mind it as it causes him no discomfort.
Any Birthmarks: none

Body Type Or Build: mesomorph: muscular and well-built, with a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells.
    Attractiveness: he's fairly attractive, but because of his insane nature people tend to steer clear of him.
  Body Weight: "guess the clown's weight, WIN A PRIZE!"
  Height: 6' 3"

Style: his outfits are usually jester-like in appearance, yet robust and less funny looking than a traditional jester.
  Casual Appearance: his outfit vaguely resembles a jester outfit, although it looks much more rebellious. He wears a red clown nose as an accessory..
  Formal Appearance: basically the same as his casual appearance, but black and silver with purple in the place of yellow. It also features a black and purple checkered bow tie.


Theme Song(s):

Summoners War - devilmon cave:

Bayonetta OST - Battle For The Umbra Throne:

Touhou Project - The Ground's Color Is Yellow:

Occupation: fortune teller. He's the best in his field and people from all over the kingdoms come to visit him.
Goals/Resolutions: none
Fears/Phobias: none
Habits: he's been known to chew his fingernails, keeping them short at all times. No one knows this though, since he wears his gloves at all times.
Secrets: "if I had secrets, I wouldn't be telling you, now would I?~"
Pet(s): none
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Hmm... I did not know that Queen Angel, or Angelica, was a character from Digimon... I am quite amazed by this new discovery... Anyways... here is more images of her! +MrDrSlimeLord G look!
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Anybody actually active on this shit? Cause I know I'm not. But I wanna be.

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Hello there, familiar people.. +Legend​, +Skye Lorre​, +One Fernz​..

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(+MrDrSlimeLord G I made it!)

Bianca and Lucius now, as we speak, are currently sitting on the seats within Angelica's living room. Bianca still seats herself upon the upper right seat, as shown below, and Lucius also still sits himself upon the bottom left sit. Angelica is currently finishing upstairs, as the two wait for her to come back downstairs. It is weird to consider that this is a house, within a supermassive structure, essentially, or would it be just a room, which connects to more rooms?... Actually, that is a better way to describe where Angelica lives... anyways! Bianca proceeds to say this to Lucius... as footsteps are heard on the stairs, as Angelica most likely walks down them...

Bianca: Looking towards Lucius... "It would appear that she finally coming downstairs."

She says, simply

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Name: Desdemona Sandulf

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Weight: 157 lbs

Height: 5’10”

Appearance: (See picture)
Personality: Desdemona is reserved, keeping to herself, and only speaking when she has something profound to say. She does not particularly like people, and has a hard time learning to trust others. Most of all, she’s calculating, tactical, using observational skills and a firm command of battle stratagem to assess even the most minute situations.

Sexuality: Sexual

Likes: Art, Music, and Mountains

Dislikes: Lycans, Vampires, and other darknatured creatures.

Bio: Desdemona Sandulf was born in the heart of Greyskull, amongst the Gothic churches and the howling of wolves and things far more sinister. Her mother was a grave digger, and she never knew who her father was. Word around town was her father was the local priest, who had left for Romania only shortly after she was born.

Growing up, she learned to fend for herself. Her mother worked odd shifts, often comically referred to as “graveyard shifts,” and that left the young Desdemona home alone with her withered grandmother. Her grandmother would tell stories of the Old Order, a group of valiant warriors dedicated to keeping the people of Greyskull safe. Desdemona loved the stories, and, inspired by the brave warriors of yore, beat up kids she didn’t like.

At the eve of her adolescence, her town was stricken with a Lycan infestation. Her mother was killed, torn to pieces by the pack leader, and her grandmother went missing shortly thereafter.

Desdemona fled to the town’s church, taking refuge, praying that God would send an angel to save her. And lo, an angel did arrive. A Hunter of The Old Order, dedicated to eradicating the beasts of the night. This Hunter took Desdemona to safety, raising her as a slayer of beasts, and when she became an adult, The Hunter bestowed his sword and the Hunter’s Charm upon her, and only a few hours later, he disappeared, leaving Desdemona alone with a sword and a mission; to Hunt. To slay the beasts. To bring safety to the terrified citizens, and at all costs, to kill those who interfere with the Light.

Occupation/Status: Hunter

Kingdom: Greyskull
Tier: 9-A Room/Small Building Level

Durability: Street Level

Speed: Superhuman

Attack Potency: 9-B Wall Level

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: Class MJ Room Level

>Newmoon Blade: A sword with a blade wreathed in aethereal darkness. If it cuts an opponent who is, in any way, a dark natured creature (Demons, Werewolves, Vampires, etc.), the wound will not clot, causing massive amounts of bleeding.

>Chain: A steel chain that Desdemona usually leaves wrapped around her arm; it can be used as a makeshift whip of sorts, or an off-hand ensnaring weapon.






>Requiem for the Beast: Can only be used against darknatured creatures, Desdemona’s current weapon glows a pallid white. Coming into contact with the enchanted weapon severely burns the target. If it is a killing blow, the target turns to dust. ((Effect lasts 15 comments, 3 comment cooldown))

>Be Thou My Vision: Desdemona pools aetherial light in her eyes, doubling her reaction speed and eyesight. ((Effect lasts for 20 comments, 5 comment cooldown))

>Hymn for the Forlorned: Can only be used against darknatured creatures, Desdemona’s current weapon glows a midnight black. Coming into contact with this enchanted weapon slows the opponent down. ((Effect lasts 15 comments, 3 comment cooldown))


>Blacksteel Plate Pauldrons

>Blacksteel Plate Gauntlets

>Leather Cuirass


>Hunter’s Mark: A metal charm in the shape of a wilting rose, signifies her status as a Hunter

>Buckler: A steel buckler, used to deflect incoming projectiles.
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