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NorthStar Stadium Resorts Intl. Releases its Stadium Designs for San Diego.
Privately Financed and a Win-Win for Everyone.
NorthStar Stadium Resorts Intl. has completed it’s first version of it’s design for modern and luxurious, mixed-use sports, recreation, entertainment and residential developments that can be built in almost any city globally. 
July 22, 2015— SAN DIEGO, CALIF.—Award winning artist and publisher Brad Bowen, announced today that he has completed his first version of his design for new stadium resorts that include sports, recreation, dining, entertainment, leisure, spas, retail, office, hospitality and residential offerings. These master-planed developments will encompass high-end retail, dining and entertainment, prime office space, upscale residential housing, boutique hotels and offerings from major hotel brands.
“NorthStar is a new business model for stadiums and is a paradigm shift for the industry” states Brad Bowen, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of NorthStar Stadium Resorts Intl. Bowen notes that “research shows that almost every stadium project, at least in the United States, operates in the “red” and we have a project design and strategies that will make them profitable and eliminate the burden and stress put on cities and it’s citizens.” 
“The unique design concept of NorthStar incorporates the shapes of a star and a compass in order to organize all aspects of each project and at the same time, give us the benefits of crowd control, a.k.a. people movers:” says Bowen. “All facilities that support the resort are underground in order to keep the clean, sophisticated look of the resorts.”
NorthStar will offer zones of activity throughout each project encompassing active and high-energy to relaxed and serene. The heartbeat of each Resort is located in the middle of the Resort, where the stadium, arenas and recreational buildings are located. These areas encompass an exhilarating, urban excitement and vitality 24/7. Radiating outwards, the Villages, which include dining, specialized retail, music studios, television studios and rooftop dining and entertainment, are a little less active but, are still very engaging and lively. The outer edges of the Resorts include the high-rises that are comprised of residences, office, hospitality and retail and they are considered the serene zone. “By using our star and compass concept, we’ve created miniature cities that are capable of handling large volumes of people but, are still very spacious and inviting and include almost everything that someone could want. We’ve created unique and custom lifestyles and an experience that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet,” says Bowen.  
“NorthStar’s planned residential, apartment, office and hospitality components surround the resort and capitalize on the spectacular views throughout the project and successfully integrate with the people movers, gathering places, open spaces, digital cafes, public art, green belts and rooftop parks. It will fill a noticeable void in most cities with strong demographics but, without the higher-end retail and high density, resort living to accommodate the surrounding affluence,” Bowen notes.
Each NorthStar will feature one 100k seat multi-use stadium; two plexiglas enclosed arches with inclinators and a VIP club and restaurant at the top; 8 geodesic multi-use arena domes; 16 multi-use recreational buildings with rooftop picnic areas; 16 themed Villages with dining, retail, music studios, television studios, clubs and rooftop dining and entertainment pavilions; 16 vertical parking buildings with rooftop beach pools, volleyball, entertainment pavilions and parks; 36 high-rises (condos, apartments, hotels and vertical farming buildings) that incorporate 3-story high atriums that will include the major retail center of the project in a 360 degree circle around the resort. 
NorthStar Stadium Resorts will have two retail promenades, one inside the resort and one inside the high-rises. The retail promenade inside the resort will be integrated into the Villages that encircle the resort and be themed according to the specific Village. The retail promenade incorporated into the design of the high-rises that encircles the resort will be designed as two to three story atriums and be elevated above the resort’s main buildings, providing not only an unimpeded panoramic view of the Resort but, open plazas, interactive fountains, landscaped gardens and people movers that connect all high-rises. Restaurants will occupy the prime viewing areas located on the second level along the inner retail promenade. Each will feature outdoor dining terraces with unobstructed views over NorthStar’s beautifully landscaped rooftops. Plazas along the 360 degree promenade will be orientated towards the resort, opening up places for "hanging out," people watching and socializing, and where shoppers can rest and gaze out at the Resort. All high-rises, including the condos, apartments, hotels and office buildings, are located in the floors above the retail level, and will offer premium, highly coveted resort views.
“We are thrilled and excited to offer our new business model and concept for stadium resorts, which are actually miniature cities that are privately financed, green and eco, self-sustaining and very very beautiful” states Bowen. “This is our idea of what cities should be and there are enormous benefits for everyone—the cities they’re built in, the citizens of that city and the environment! We feel that San Diego is the finest city anywhere and their citizens deserve the best stadium resort on the planet. Building a NorthStar Stadium Resort in paradise seems like the natural thing to do.”
About NorthStar Stadium Resorts Intl:
Brad Bowen, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of NorthStar Stadium Resorts Intl, is an entrepreneur with over thirty years experience in marketing, advertising, sales, publishing, graphic arts and small business ownership. He is the primary designer of the NorthStar Stadium Resorts concept. 
NorthStar Stadium Resorts Intl. is currently headquartered in San Diego, California and is specializing in designing, building and operating unique stadium resorts around the globe. NorthStar aims to craft distinctive lifestyle experiences for each resort that they build while considering the integration of each project with it’s community and environment.
Laurie Jean
Director Of Public Relations
NorthStar Stadium Resorts Intl
PO Box 1991, Ramona CA 92065
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