I am trying to get information on Leonard Lasseigne who was born in Perigord, France in 1723 and ended up in Laplace, Louisiana. He supposedly died 3/13/1805 and was buried in Edgard, Louisiana. I am interested in finding out how he came over from France and if his gravesite can be found. I am a descendent of Ponce Lasseigne, one of his sons. I would appreciate any help the Network could provide in my quest.

Hello, and thanks for allowing me to address this group.
My name is Charles G Garner, My Grandmother, Irene Lindsey, was born in Buffalo Bayou, Cameron Parish, Louisiana. Her father was John T Lindsey, from Virginia. He married Sarah Elsey, madden name was. According to records I have found, they were married 22 Nov 1879. I would like to find a copy of the Marriage Certificate. I believe the date is ether wrong or he was married before and some of the children had a different mother than Sarah Elsey, Busby. The first child of the marriage was in 1871.
Any help would be appreciated.
Charles G Garner

I am trying to locate information on records for MIRE CEMETERY in VERMILLION PARISH near KAPLAN. I have information containing headstone inscriptions, but there is a particular UNMARKED grave I am trying to connect. Does anyone have an idea on where to start?

I'm searching for someone researching the Addison family in St Tammany, Washington, St Helena, and Tangipohoa parishes. Specifically, I'm looking for a link to Nancy Addison (md Branson Spiers in Hancock Co, MS in1888) to her parents and siblings. She was born in St Tammany parish in and around 1854-1856. It is possible that he father is Thomas md. 1832 to Sarah Anderson Bishop. William Brittain Addison may be an uncle, md Rhoda White and lived in Washington parish. Thomas appears in 1850 in St Tammany and 1860 in St Helena. I would love to connect to anyone researching the Addisons.

I am looking for information on my Great Great Grandmother Celanice Laborde.

I am trying to find out if my mother's father was Cajun. He was born in Barnes Creek Parish Calcasieu Louisiana in 1894. His last name was Miller. He left Louisiana for California, but very few of his family ever left Barnes Creek. Does any one know why so many would never leave this town?


My mother's father was born in Barnes Creek Parish, Cacasieu, Louisiana, in 1894. Most of the men in that town had college degrees. My mother's father, Julius Orten Miller, had five years of college and was a lawyer by degree; however, he worked as a machinist most of his life. We think he was Cajun and that his last name was a version of Millier.

I am searching for my Husbands family Surname Ernest (Robert Ernest Sr married to a Melisa Mickens. Looking for relatives with information to these families.

I am looking for information on my 2nd great grandfather, George Henry Barlow of Natchitoches Parish. He was born in 1809 (possibly in Virginia) and died in Natchitoches in 1868. He is buried in the American Cemetery in Natchitoches. He was married to Mary Tucker and had 8 children. I am looking for any connections to his parents, siblings or place of birth.

I'm looking for information on one of my ancestors. His name is Jean Baptist Saucier and I have found out that the were listed as one of the first families of Louisiana. His wives name was Gabriella Savory. Thank You
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