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Ohhh.. I just realised the community picture. The Guildarm.
She's like top waifu #1 No homo tho.

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My parents said I could go anywhere....I chose a strangers house.
Copypasted because I was too lazy to redo my whole profile. There will be a few new additions later.

Name: James

Nicknames: None.

Team: Team Rocket.

Age: 18

Gender: Male.

Sexuality: Straight.

Relationship: Not in a relationship. Probably won't be in one ever.

Likes: A little mischief now and then.

Dislikes: Incompetence.

Personality: He's always up to cause a little chaos or mischief when he can, he's not stupid but he's not all that bright, he fends for himself so don't expect for him to be very loyal. He's impatient and impulsive those traits sometime get him into trouble.

Bio: After failing utterly at catching Pikachu for the hundredth time James snapped leaving the company of Jessie and Meowth realizing how pathetic all of them were. He went on his own journey seeking to improve himself.

Motto: Everything has a price.

Quotes: I can help....for a price.

You're the prey and you've walked right into the spider's web.

Too slow! Try to keep up!

Pokemon: Zangoose, Seviper, Shedinja, Alakazam, Ditto, Aggron, and Persian.

Won't be too active here~

Hmmm where's Amy 

You can't beat a champion if he is alive of course...
Name: Red
Age: 10
Gender: Male

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Name: Candace
Age: 14
Gender: female
Relationship in rp: +Christian Sassine (boyfriend <3)
Siblins: +Devil hunter Dark Nero (brother
+Dex Holder Sapphire (sister in law
Pokemon: Torchy Pikachu and others
Bio: doesnt do bios...

Edited name to Amy's house

Added Amy's room tab

if more is needed please mention it.
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