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I know the game seems stupid, full of trolls, cheateasy and sometimes you just want to kill someone but there's no AP for it anymore and there's a beauty in our social aspect, some bonus mini games. So if there's jobless multi accounter ruining your hard work (when you are at work) or just another spoofer blocking you when you spent last penny on the boat... There's plenty nice things you can do, there's also few nice ppl, just you couldn't find them yet. Enjoy world of ingress!

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#DarkXMCure #PortalCleanUpDay Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Portal CleanUp Day, part 1.
Today was the important day for all the agents. Almost every agent captured some portals, but on this day I decided not only to cabture, but to improve portal network in the other way...
I (vladko312) and my friend (dinosawer) started near his house. We created a small farm for him with common HSs and MHs (as he is l5), but this wasn't our main goal. We tried to improve the network by adding photoes and correcting locations of the portals.
We hope that such activities will improve the portal network enough to prevent danger from dark XM...
Join our idea by adding a #PortalCleanUpDay tag!
We will soon add a logo for this activity! Stay tuned)
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Primera OP de agentes Ecuatorianos.. Pequeños Logros
En una rápida y primera jugada de los agentes @crux2789 de Ambato y @Xavicle de Manta hicieron una mini OP en favor a la nueva tendencia que se quiere implementar en el Ecuador #IluminaTuPitufoHoy en la cual sumaron estos MUs por campo
+347434 MUs
+336235 MUs
+336845 MUs
+8332 MUs
Sin duda los pequeños logros son señal de futuras grandes hazañas.. les deseamos éxito en las nuevas OPs que se vengan.
Gracias a @kiritoblack2 tambien por ayudar a despejar los bloqueos.
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Yesterday was a rather hot day, so when the cool change came through I grabbed my phone and started glyph hacking, destroying enemy links and portals. It was a fun evening...Personal objective achieved: level 6 gained.

My region is currently under a smurf field. Can someone near Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia destroy their portal? It would take me about 12 hours as a round trip for me to do that.

First entry here.

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OP Aroganța

One of our oldest unfinished plans was to shoot a long link from the middle of Bucharest, capital of Romania. As the number of portals and agents grew, that became harder and harder.

[ - - - - - - - - - TRANSMISSION INTERRUPTED. ATTEMPT RECOVERY - - - - - - - -]
Did you know that Bucharest will host an Anomaly on November 17th? Sign up now on & come hear about this story (and many better ones!) straight from the agents involved!
[ - - - - - - - - - RECOVERY SUCCESSFUL. RESUMING - - - - - - - - - - - - - ]

Last week, a "rogue agent" (ex-agent, now) covered the city with a blue field. Players had enough of these and refused to take it down. We played under the field for more than a week, and, as the blue links became fewer and fewer (dissapearing completely in the Western part), +Smurf Fracker came up with the idea - wouldn't it be cool to field big from the city centre? +Dan Boabes announced he was traveling near one of the anchors in a couple of days, and a plan began to form:
* +Cristian Iliescu created a solid plan, based on his links in South-Eastern Romania, and took part in the cleaning
* +Diana-Alina Olaru was co-opted as operator
* keys were exchanged
* last remaining blockers were cleared - under the field by +Marius Petcu and me, in the East by @catagrasul and @Nef4ri0us. Many thanks to our colleagues @Axel3021 and @Vargaluta , whose portals got ADAd - we'll make it up to you!

When the day came, everything was planned to the second; we knew that a lot of players would be out and about at noon, and long blockers would pop up as soon as the overhead field went down. Everything went according to plan, Dan took down the blue field, and almost imediately a new green field took its place, anchored in the middle of Bucharest! Everything else was a bonus - extra layers, a small starburst, the multiple layers in DrT, the laughter in chats at the nerve of the operation :)

Shout out to a couple of smurfs - @euRonin threw some good blockers in the East and blocked a few extra layers, and @cronos15 who arrived in about 30 minutes to take down the inner-city anchor.

Agent @sanshine signing out!

+Ingress +Andrew Krug +Enlightened Today
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#Ingress agent profile.

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3 Seattle Enlightened agents all met at the Space Needle on a cold February 19, 2018 day to do a thing.

shapoopsie captured and deployed a L1 resonator (334,132,705 AP)
daethnir deployed a L1 resonator (338,674,214 AP)
BWarned deployed a L1 resonator (332,066,591 AP)

Total AP 1,004,873,510
Notable firsts for these 3 PNW enlightened agents

BWarned- first to get onyx builder, onyx purifier, onyx engineer

daethnir- longest playing agent since 2012, has only missed 3 days of play, keeper of the Ingress United AP list

shapoopsie- first to get onyx mind controller and onyx connector

Also this was the first time all 3 of us have ever been in the same place at the same time!

Special thanks to graphyxgrrl for taking the group photo!

11 were not needed, for there were 3!
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