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saw this today and felt like a proud dad #RES
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Just So Y'all know. Houston Resistance dominated the #DarkXMCure event here in Houston TX. Great Job HouRes!!!! We held the most portals hands down.

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This is where ingress took me today... The worst roads ever to best place in my area... Some rickety old bridges to go over, and a steep 200 meters walk, but the view is just amazing...
If anyone comes to my town, I'll happily take you here. 🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍
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#Ingress #OCDftw #TheResistance #resistanceNL #existtoresist #ahashtag
So this happened...

Some weeks ago I lost my phone.
I have been so furious at myself for loosing the phone and I've been wondering how I could afford a new one.

+Jon Are Beukes were kind enough to lend me a phone so I could fend off the worst abstinences!

Then one day I got a miniSD-card in the mail.
I left the package on the table and more or less forgot about it until a few days later when a bigger package arrived in the mail.
There was Ingress-stickers on it and even one familiar sticker from The Resistance NL..

It turns out members of The +OCD had made a group and crowdfunded a new phone for me.
One agent didn't have time to join the crowdfund so he sendt me an SD-card for it instead.

There was a loadout-card in the package and apparently the loadout was a Moto G5 :D

It's amazing that people can come together to do these things for eachother!

OFC the phone had to be tested in action so an impulse-trip to Selvigstakken was executed :D

To The Resistance and The OCD: You are THE BEST!
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My feild uniform has arrived. I'm ready to fight on Saturday. #DarkXMCure

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When the game resets and you know there's a long way ahead... 16M til next level!

#Level15 💪

Passcodes... Could someone tell me the diff between "fully redeemed" and "already redeemed"? I'm new-ish but passcodes are new to me.

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Operation: Ultra Range

Shortly after Operation: Max Range (, the SBUL was released. We knew we had to revisit our uncontested SAF superiority with this new mod, and after years to detailed planning, we finally pulled it off.

A dozen agents worked with incredible precision to cover most of Ventura by realizing the full potential of the SoftBank Ultra Link. We needed not only the linking distance (all four mod slots REQUIRED to be SBUL), but also the increased outgoing links to make sure all of the layers could be completed.

Building up to the main event, we encountered several major hurdles, including availability of the Very Rare SBULs, and sheer number of resonators in order to build so many portals so quickly. Fortunately we had a number agents immediately step up to the plate. Without their willingness to do these pre-fielding tasks, the op would have been a non-starter.

With less than 24 hours to go, we had three agents that were forced to drop, due to two ankle injuries and a family emergency. This left us in a bit of a bind, but we decided to have some agents do double-duty for some of the zones, and press on.

All of the fields we intended to get up were thrown, resulting in a beautiful set of layered fields over Ventura.


Level 1 portal anchors: 54 portals
Fields in an op using only level 1 portals: 55 fields
Longest purely level 1 link: 1,175m
Single portal outgoing links in a layered fielding op: 40

Huge thanks to all the agents who made this op possible:


Key Farming:

Resonator Farming:

Additional Ultra Link Amp Provider:

Ground Troops:

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