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no bonus :(

I get it! Is missing the "don't" at the begining to be a valid argument.
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This is our first Lvl 16 from La Paz Bolivia and he is of RESISTANCE, Congratulations!! Please what kind of steps we need to do next?? #Ingress  
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Just a joke..... congratulations 
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Real life fields in germany....
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Neutral fields? That could be a nightmare for either Enl or Res. #GreyFaction  
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meanwhile in germany... 
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Wow durch Nürnberg auch durch die Stadt, ned schlecht
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The race is on for L15! 😲😨🙌👍👌✊👊😆
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Resistance  - 
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Congratulations fellow Advisory! 
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mic smith

Resistance  - 
+NIA Ops​​
Had broken scanner for three days now.
Can't recharge but xm goes down.
Can't deploy but res is deducted from inventory.
Any burster only does 1% damage.
Ada don't flip portal but is deducted from inventory.
Can't drop items but they are deducted from inventory but scanner says drop successful.
Can't pick up items.

Anything ?

Edit:- can occasionally get item (yes, one thing) but it's 2/10 times the hack works.
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Who else is getting these problems ? 
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I hate hyprocrites however Im going to be one ☝😒😞 by resharing this pathetic post and making this 🐸a martyr😴😂😂😁😄😊👎. Smurfs if you start behaving like 👇🐸. It's time to either FC or uninstall Ingress. 😩😐👍✋Thank you for your attention on this matter. #leadthewayPapaSmurf ✊🙋
+Joe Philley +Anne Beuttenmüller +John Hanke +Brandon Badger +NIA Ops +Linda Besh +Brian Rose +Ingress 

This is straight bullshit.  These guys stole my flag, provoked an incident that involved me at an anomaly, and then they are allowed to make a mission (, which uses my face as the badge, that the leads to couch portal of the guy that may have stole the flag in the first place.  Really?  

Worst part is I can not report this mission at all because NIA did not built that vital piece of functionality into the support page nor the app!

This is purely insulting and unacceptable.  Whoever vetted this mission should be removed from staff and cacadave should rightfully be banned for harassment. 

Yes, I realize that this calls attention to the mission; but you know what?  I don't care.  Sometimes one must become a martyr to get a message across.
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+Eric Hardy probably !   :-)
It would be rude to use some of them in public, and childish as well, so I don't.

It is a sign of your dedication to your Faction that our faction's agents think about you so often.
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The resistance strikes in Georgia U.S.A. Layering Atlanta & Athens 7 times over. Viva la Resistance! 
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Ron C

Resistance  - 
Second time today! What rhymes with Blue? Oahu! Nice job Hawaii Resistance!!
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This is our community please Join us...
Esta es nuestra comunidad por favor unete a nosotros...
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INGRESS "La Resistencia" La Paz, Bolivia
Comunidad de Agentes en Ingress de la Resistencia en La Paz - Bolivia
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+Kty Mollinedo Silva you might think so, but I value creative and mutually respectful Ingress play. Also, your logo inspires me to visit Bolivia. Of course, while there I would try to make many green fields while visiting your nation's portals !
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Evan Jones

Resistance  - 
Me (shad0wen) with enlightened player user60. Why he wearing blue?
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Icognito mission
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Marco Wälti

Resistance  - 
Today reached L7 and it's going on ˆˆ
Greetings from Switzerland :-)
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Congratulations From California.
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Lead the way Papa Smurf! 🙋😎👍👌👇🙌👊😲😨😮👏👏👏👏
Its been 37 days since I switched over to the res and lost my 92 million ap.Just hit level 14 and got my onyx badge in deploys.Next onyx is in hacks. Im averaging about 5000 hacks a week. So will get it sometime in August. Got 4.6 million ap this week. Even better than that Vegas is back to being a blue city. It has been over 10 months since the res have owned over 50% of the portals in town. When I flipped it was 78% green. Now its consistently over 60% blue almost at 70%. Great work LVR. Soon Vegas will be one of the bluest cities in America. +Joe Philley +Ingress 
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Lead the way Papa Smurf! 🙋👍👌👇😲😨😎👏👏✊
Somewhere in August 2013 I installed Ingress. I walked to the only nearby portal... looked at it in the scanner and went home. The next day I returned, finally daring to press the Hack button and deploy some resonators...

Now I've just returned from that same portal :)

16 levels of new friends, new places, new experiences... thank you all for this ride!

Mirjam, Press, Justin many thanks for the bursters and the low level resos these last few days.  And of course many thanks to every one who turned Go Planet into a massive AP farm over the last weeks.

We won't change our ways, we will proud remain when the glory fades.

Life is about love, last minutes and lost evenings,
about fire in our bellies and furtive little feelings,
and the aching amplitudes that set our needles all a-flickering,
and help us with remembering that the only thing that's left to do is live.

After all the loving and the losing, the heroes and the pioneers,
_the only thing that's left to do is get another round in at the bar._
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Weiß einer was bedeuten wenn man nicht hacken kann und Chat wir nicht geladen und noch Missionen 
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Glyphhacken! Vielleicht hilft es ja 
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hey guys i am new and i want to know all the tricks i can get
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Find and message local agents! They can direct you on how to play the game. Coordinate with them, start a group chat or join a preexisting one. 
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Hi all teammates!! I'm Lindale from Milan!
A friend from Georgia asked to me to create a videoclip (and a song) for Persepolis, and proposed this song...

I was thinking on something faster or epic, because this one seems to me too slow.
For example, "I'm going under" of Evanescence... Finding musical base is an important requirement! 
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