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Finally I got Some Illuminator Medal With Onyx Color... Hahahha ..!!

#Ingress #Resistance
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Anyone who thinks this is the easiest badge to get must live in a place where no one else ever fields. The easiest is Recharger, w/o question.
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Wanda S.

Resistance  - 
So this happened last night... Became level 8 again 🙌
In March I will have completed my 3rd year as an +Ingress​ agent. I started in the Beta days as agent SmurfStomper of the enlightened before their were power cubes etc etc. I helped the community grow, helped plan and implement field ops, was a part of the first ladies enlightened level 8 farm in NJ, added more portals, and was the first number one agent of our cell (yes a girl!). I had great fun and met a lot of nice people and am glad for those who chose to be color blind and not let a game decide who you should be friends with. 👍 Ty.

Hubby +Angel Sanchez​ (AWiseFool) and I recently switched to the Resistance and that is how I was able to get to 8 for the second time, now as agent Stompysmurf. 😁 It got boring after a while so I needed a change and am having fun with the game again. We had our reasons- there are many that get why and those that don't, well your loss. Thank you to my new teammates for accepting me, welcoming me to the team, and not letting bias of color ruin a good time. 🙏 I hope to be able to share our experience with our new team and help plan more ops/missions/fields etc.

Thank you +Niantic Project​ for creating this augmented reality game!

PS- I apologize for all the posts I would make about the Resistance- they were just meant to be silly and poke fun, after all I was SmurfStomper! But now as Stompysmurf, the enlightened will get a taste of their own medicine 😆 haha. Have fun out there everyone, while this is a "lifestyle" it is also a game folks- be safe.

+NIA Ops​
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+Wanda S.​ welcome to the Resistance (8 levels late, but still...)! I'm coming up on my 2nd smufday in March myself. My Seer is #foreverbronze
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felipe ruiz

Resistance  - 
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Got my Onyx Guardian Badge!
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+Al Hogoboom +Lorenzo Clerici +Phil Spharx my faction really needed the help in the city I am in. Really trained those 28 myself. :D
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Siegfried .R.

Resistance  - 
Na dann 😂😂😂
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.. Pick your nose and smear the buggers on the screen... Then wait... Damn! I've been doing it wrong the whole time! 
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Daniel Dawson

Resistance  - 
Hey, Resistance! I'm Agent BusterTheFox out of California. I just started playing. Been posting everywhere looking for beginner tips! I never use G+, though; I only have it because it's required for my YouTube account. :p

That said, anybody have any tips for me? I'm already at level 2. But I guess I'm useless for taking down enemy portals until Level 8 or something? I just keep hearing about how the "real game" starts at level 8 or 9, and I find that kind of off-putting... What do you guys mean by that?
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Mendocino resistance here..
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We all think our own city is the best.
But here's 10 good reasons to join Obsidian Copenhagen, written by a journalist for an English newspaper.
Join the Resistance in Copenhagen the 2nd of April 2016!
Here are 10 reasons why the stylish Danish capital should be on your 2016 travel bucket list:
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Copenhagen is on my wish list of places to visit,  but Vienna is more likely as a candidate for Obsidian being a primary...    Maybe some other time..
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Where's Sardinia?!? Ops..
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Wow! A field after a spoofer cleaning? How convenient!
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Finally I got Some Illuminator Medal With Onyx Color... Hahahha ..!!

#Ingress #Resistance
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Aidan Gil

Resistance  - 
Awesome adventure, but is anyone else just waiting for Pokemon go?
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Just showing how small my field is in comparison to Los Angeles
Original Post Here -

Not a very large field, but those layers are deep!
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Let me state the following before I begin
This was done as a Solo Op (Yes I did this alone)
Second There are Honorable Mentions
Third the prep time for this today alone was OVER 5 and a half hours

While most people aspire to making Triangles I made a F****** Rectangle!!!
+David Caldera I'm looking at you!

This Project of mine started about a month ago to actually do this as a personal Birthday present to myself ( which is today, Feb 10th ) and boy was this a lot of work!!!

Personally I don't care if it makes a Checkpoint because I got it done and was able to actually get a great Screenshot of this beast!

The field itself isn't actually that large but it consists of 68 Total Layers
33 Layers from Right to Left // 35 Layers from Left to Right

I ran into another Agent out in the field who goes by datadrian who plays for the Enlightened side and who at one point started taking down all my prep work but we met up and he was more than cool enough to allow me the chance to make this masterpiece!
Attention +Adrian Stucker

I honestly wanted to give up more than a couple times but Agents like +Alejandro Villegas & +Tina Suru convinced me to keep going and for that guys I seriously thank you both!

As of right now these are the only fields I own (These 68 Layers) and they amount to 430,794MU and I honestly don't know where that'll leave in on the Scoreboard for this CP but I'm hoping to make a dent in my region (AM02-DELTA-01)

Once again, this was a solo Op, and boy am I tired. As active as LA can be I don't expect to see this in the morning but if I did, boy would I be happy!

In any case, I'm really happy that this was able to be completed and I'm hoping for newer more exciting project in the future!

In the course of all this I even got my Silver Mind Controller medal :D

Special Thank You to +Rachel Lara because if it wasn't for her making me field for the first time I would have never done this! Also she helped me farm all those damn keys lol

+Adrian Stucker for being an awesome Enlightened Agent who is it wasn't for his GF calling him home, could have gone right on killing all my work Lol

+Alejandro Villegas who was suppose to be in this Op along with +JaiRawk S but because of my screwed up schedule had to be pushed to be done earlier. +Alejandro Villegas get better soon man! Helio needs you!

+Tina Suru for being an awesome Noob :D

+Suzy Rozman told you I could do it! Lol

+Jasmine Perkins +pork cube Booya!!!

+Charles Plaine all that bike riding came in handy Lol
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That looks awesome. Nice job
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Prain Lopez

Resistance  - 
They're wasting AXA Shield...Although I'm Resistance...:(
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Or..the portal started out as min. P7 with an AXA, got partially destroyed and sometime later the agent filled the empty slots (with lower level reso's since that's all the agent got left after his epic 48hr non-stop raid in the neighboring city).
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Jace Martin

Resistance  - 
Need Resistance support in Louisiana!
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Where in LA?
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Gabor Zalai

Resistance  - 
Resistance just grounded a Star Destroyer in a galaxy far far away :)

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Michael Moody

Resistance  - 
What is the deal with the obsidian state, I'm completely lost on its ENTIRE story.
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Hello #ingress  agents all over the world. I would like to share with you #sitrep  of operation 'LITRe' prepared by Resistance agents near #Lviv  in #Ukraine  

Don't want to be boring with a lot of text. 

Organizer - @blackOleg +Oleg Black

So here is the the list of agents involved:

@asov +Anatoliy Sovyak
@LadyYu +Julia Sovyak 
@Morderium +Myroslav Kalynovsky 

@pro100tery +Рома Вознічка 
@balabolka +Любця Вознічка 

@sturman +Roman Isko 
@blackOleg +Oleg Black 
@KateFox +Kate Fox 
@Limit132 +Кульчик Юрій 
@HellStream +Andriy Hil 
@unreadablename +Oleksandr Pidlisnyi 

@Sage888 +Dmitry Strizhak 

Keys farming:
@ZevsIsver +Zevs Isver 
@blackOleg +Oleg Black 
@sturman +Roman Isko 

@ant0n- intel +Anton Budishevskii 
@Adanos- intel 
@aastr00- cross destroy
@liNkolN- cross destroy +Andriy Savchuk 
@kynja- cross destroy +Серж Куня 

So here is the results:
 - 35 fields over Lviv
 - the first field had size 582.158 MUs
 - the size of last 8 fields if the following
1.143.468 MUs
1.145.011 MUs
1.145.569 MUs
1.183.348 MUs
1.186.092 MUs
1.186.519 MUs
1.186.944 MUs
1.186.944 MUs
 - black Illuminator medal for @KateFox, @HellStream and @balabolka
 - platinum Illuminator medal for @asov, @FerretLviv, @LadyYu @Morderium

Special thanks to Zevs Isver for the keys from the portal near Play ski area.

Hope you will like our photos.
The timeline video is available here

#ingress   #resistance   #sitrep   +Ingress +Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller  

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Stronger than spoofers!
Deep blue against and over fake players sh*t.
This is the true resistance. This is Ingress.
+Matilde Tusberti​​​​
+Anne Beuttenmüller​​​​
+John Hanke​​

*update (considering post comments)
The anchors of fake fields over Sardinia aren't accessible during winter. We ask +Niantic Project​ to delete them several days ago but until now they don't answered yet. Maybe now.. 
(And last but not least spoofers continue to recharge those portals) 
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+Stefano Vitagliano​ pls stahp doing appeals for Portal dilit, i won't travel by airplane eniMoR
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where is the Madrid obsidian resistence comunnity?
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Mati JZ
oh, badge obsidian in youtube lol 
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Been trying to get large portions of the bits of +Ingress that have changed my life over the last few years down on "paper" from my closed beta invite, through countless anomalies. I have been told it is entertaining to read if nothing else. So... #shamelessselfpromotion  
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I got one from a redditor who was a dev during Alpha. I then got around 15 from entering my email multiple times with the "." trick.

Crazy that it was actually 3 years ago.
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