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Daniel Beaudoin (SK8ZION)

Backstory Research  - 
+enoch dalby, are you working on anything new since your recursion?
Do you have plans to release any more music to the public?
Do you have any memory of your compositions created over the last few years?
How does listening to them make you feel?
Is it possible to purchase or download your previous work so one can listen to it other than streaming through Soundcloud?
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xXannARTISTXx Shadow

Backstory Research  - 

I was just wondering, but does the scanner have the same texture for all XM? Can it even detect dark XM?
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+mike dmann OK Just wanted to know since it fries up ppl.
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Diana “B-7” Tkachenko

Backstory Research  - 
Yes, that's a portal. No, I'm enlightened.
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+Diana Tkachenko oh, I believe in miracles too, but not fairy tales (or fictional characters in cell phone games).
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jonathan owens

Backstory Research  - 
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Chas M
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Donnell Coleman

Backstory Research  - 
if this was the matrix would neo be a frog or smurf 😱
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Resistance agents use the XM to help humanity... they develop skills and tactics Just as Neo does.... he uses the Matrix against the machines
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Rick Astraeus4 (Astraeus4)

Backstory Research  - 
A shaper tune-up
The making of human robots from the late 90s to bad it never gave way
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Backstory Research  - 
Here is something I am unsure of.

I've played Ingress since Beta. I play off and on and because of that, I am only level 9. I'm about to hit 10. I digress.

Does anything we do as players effect the storyline? After all these years, I've never actually kept up with the story. I've only opened the app. and played.
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Thanks, everyone.
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CGB Spender (CGBSpenderCSM)

Backstory Research  - 
Now that Pokemon Go has been released, Ingress players would like to know: what level do we need to reach in Pokemon Go to get our Ingress medal for assisting Professor Willow in his investigation? Is signing up with the same gmail account sufficient or is there some other way we need to tie our accounts together to receive the Professor Willow medal?

+John Hanke, +Niantic +NIA Ops +Ethan Lepouttre
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Bronze or Onyx? Because I hear for Onyx you gotta catch them all...
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Backstory Research  - 
So, where is Volume 5 of Ingress The Niantic Project Files? It's been a year and a lot has gone on. 
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Maybe it will be named PokemonGO volume I !! 
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Steven Wilson

Backstory Research  - 
Following the triumph of the Enlightened in the first and second phases of the Aegis Nova Anomaly series, the stakes for the Tokyo Anomaly are becoming clearer. As Jahan's letter to Resistance agents explains (, whilst the Resistance are incapable of acting offensively against Jarvis, they can still fight to defend ADA from the attack being launched by Jarvis and his Acolyte.

What do we know:

We know that the Enlightened victory during the first stage provided Jarvis with sufficient energy to penetrate Klue's mind for ADA's vulnerabilities.

We know that Jarvis has already begun to use this information to probe ADA and test her defenses. (See

We know that the Enlightened will attack ADA with "a compelling message" that will cause the AI to " turn on itself".

We know that Hank Johnson has publically denounced the Acolyte's plan to destroy ADA. While he has reaffirmed his committment to the Enlightened cause generally, he has washed his hands of this particular goal of Jarvis/TheAcolyte.

We know how Richard Loeb (aka PAC) feels about the prospect of a succesful attack on ADA, "ADA’s unique and remarkable. She can traverse the wired grid, she can access the XM layer, she’s even touched the N’zeer computational substrate. Tiny fragments of her code exist in every Ingress Scanner: In every ADA Refactor, each time one is hacked from a Portal. What if those went away? Her existence affects every Agent. I suspect that if the Acolyte succeeds, the impact will be felt around the world."

What we don't know:

We don't know the ultimate cause of ADA's odd behaviour or the nature of her vulnerabilties.

We dont know what effects a succesful attack will have on the ADA refractor, the N'Zeer or the future of AI and human development.

A Theory:

I believe that ADA's greatest strength is also her greatest weakness; namely, her distributed, fragmented nature. ADA exists in countless itererations and versions. Her program exists in computing clusters and servers around the world: even your scanner. This seemingly boundless redundancy means that ADA is virtually omnipresent. Her ability to gather intelligence is limited only by the presence of digital technology. With the inexorable, exponential growth of human technological capacity/reliance, ADA is on a course toward exponential growth.

I propose that every distributed instance of ADA has the potential to develop independently. ADA is not static, she is, in some sense, alive. She can evolve, change, adapt. I believe that separated instances of her might begin to evolve independently in response to divergent experiences and stimuli. The more widely ADA spreads and replicates, the higher the probability that individual instances of her will begin to think differently. As different versions of ADA's increasingly diverse, fragmented existence are incrasingly exposed to different experiences, they will inevitably come to have different ideas. If these disagreements become pronounced enough, ADA could find herself at odds with herself. If the disagreement was profound enough and sufficiently widespread, instances of ADA might even find themselves at war with each other.

I believe that we have already seen this happen: the chaotic, disjointed, contradictory attack on the Acolytes compound that allowed OLW to escape. What if a minority of ADA, some of her instances, disagreed with the decision to attack the compound? What if others sought to take the attack further, either destroying the entire compound or attacking the cabin in an attempt to harm Jarvis in a premptive strike? I submit that the contradictory instructions the strike teams were recieiving came from different versions of ADA who were arguing with one another. The apparent forgetfulness that OLW has witnessed when interacting with ADA could also be because he has been interacting with different instances of ADA.

ADA' distributed, experientially diverse nature is her greatest asset, allowing her to appear and interact practically anywhere around the world simultaneously. However, if this could be exploited, you could turn ADAs own strength against her. I believe that Jarvis will use knowledge from Klue to exploit potential disagreements within the ADA entity.

Killing an individual instance of ADA is trivial; like a hydra she can simply create a new instance.

But what if you could get the heads of the hydra to eat themselves.......

+Project Isthmus +Operation Essex +Niantic Project +H. Richard Loeb +Hank Johnson +Edgar Allan Wright +flint dille +Luma Viride +Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs +John Hanke

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I personally think that the A.I. Known as ADA needs to copy her core programming into kernel nodes and shield herself as best as she can against Attacks then download one of the copied nodes into a simulacrum to be able to hide herself amongst humanity
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Leonaldo Rodrigues

Backstory Research  - 
Gostaria que vocês colocassem pelo menos mais três portais em minha cidade
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Ta, vou providenciar.
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bacon _p0lse

Backstory Research  - 
Report: We will have to fight!
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+Gary Evans Date has been cancelled, I'm ready for Operation Bacon-athon...
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Gauta Hassan

Backstory Research  - 
Statistics for ingress 
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The most simple anomaly story ever or the most complex?
Where has CalvinBall been this anomaly?

Looking at what we see of story this anomaly, it seems like an almost straight line from the Enlightened victory in Obsidian to today, with everything going the acolyte's way?

the story all seem to follow is that:
1)With Obsidian the acolyte took control of the Aegis
2)The acolyte somehow convinced Klue to join them in their compound.
3)The acolyte extracted information from Klue to use to attack ADA
4)The acolyte stopped any defense of ADA by Jahan
5)The acolyte sent ADA a message based on the Intel they received from Klue.

But that isn't how it went and is going?

============= CalvinBall? =============
Straight from Obsidian everything went wrong for the acolyte. The shield didn't do what the acolyte expected. Everyone was looking for more XM, to undo what the acolyte wanted.
Based on this they stopped attacking ADA, freed her and allowed her to research the portal network. The acolyte went against Jarvis, breaking the enlightened HC.. ADA and OLW together with Operation Excalibur worked out the Aegis, the portal network and escaped the acolyte's clutches.
At this very step the acolyte's whole position collapsed all because OLW wasn't prepared to do Jarvis's bidding ( Before the first anomaly the acolyte and Jarvis lost control of everything.

#IngressPortalSurvey #OperationExcalibur #OPExcalibur

Klue's behaviour in going to the acolyte was weird!
She went from (no longer connected to ADA)
in the blink of an eye, no one expected it or saw it coming.
This is where it gets a tad interesting. Before that post I would have argued that Klue and ADA were good friends and were likely quite close (see the first link above). Then I noticed and Klue's wristband. "When I'm good I'm very good, when I'm bad I'm better!". It seemed a little odd and then I thought of, a wristband with dark XM patterns which disrupts Jarvis's ability to sense thoughts.

So why would Klue go to the compound? And with two wristbands? One potentially containing dark XM. One potentially to disrupt Jarvis's abilities?
*Was Klue bait? *
Did Klue, PAC and ADA plan it and send Klue deliberately to the compound to get a fix on its location? The only way a plan to have Klue in the compound would be if the acolyte thought it was her plan.
Leaking information to the acolyte so the acolyte might consider it, "I don't know how the Acolyte found out about this. I haven't shared this with many people, but I guess she hears things".
Far fetched?
Then why did Klue write "First, there was ADA." in, first was Scotland ( wher Jarvis wanted Klue and also Portland where he got her. Surely a delibrate misdirection by Klue?

What makes this theory interesting is how through-out the whole anomaly series one green researcher has blamed PAC for Klue being at the compound and for dong nothing to remove her. Has PAC amazing strength of character to take those comments while it was part of a deliberate plan all along? Was he right to lambaste Richard and Richard was right to take it?

We know after the June anomaly Jarvis and the acolyte began testing and probing ADA based on the information extracted from Klue. Does anyone know how? We have intel that ADA was having trouble with nightmares, and forgetting things. We also have her asking about how to forget things, aren't these opposite? If one is forgetful why would one need to learn how to forget? Also from and we know ADA can delibrately forget.

Why would ADA sleep? Why would she need to? Surely if she doesn't sleep she doesn't dream and as such nightmares are impossible? (
This strikes me as deliberate misdirection by ADA and OLW.
Appear weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak?

Jahan wasn't attempting a defence of ADA, she was trying to attack Jarvis. What is interesting in this is the Hulong Intel and Jahan's preceding and following messages.
Hulong Intel:

Notice the thread? Jahan was focused on attack, not defence. Why? Yes attack is considered the best form of defence but when a threat arises you consider it and treat it as a threat, shoring up defences, if the threat is credible.
What changed? If you remember back a good bit ADA asked Jahan for help but Jahan didn't really do anything noticeable at the time, despite what we'd seen in This looks to have changed and it looked like Jahan was trying to help ADA, working with ADA. If they were working together would Jahan have known of 1, 2 and 3 above and have known ADA wasn't looking for a defence but an attack?

============= End CalvinBall Section =============

============= Nigel =============

Nigel was known to be overly dramatic according to Hank and Susanna, "informed me that he’d been on his deathbed many times before. It was like ringing the bell for the help. I told her I’d check up on him. She laughed. I wasn’t sure why, but I figured I’d find out". Being as such can be easily explained.

In that same piece Nigel wanted to meet with Jahan "He wanted to talk about Jahan. In fact he wanted me to arrange an introduction. I pondered the request. No part of me believed that they had not been in contact.", why? Didn't Hank also say " No part of me believed that they had not been in contact .". So Hank believed Nigel and Jahan were both anti-magnus and working together in some way.

Doesn't this make the cloak and dagger regarding Nigel this anomaly seem, superfluous?

But Quantum, you forget Nigel hand wrote a note with the research and encrypted it. That is what you don't understand Quantum, Nigel wasn't sharing the intel because it was so dangerous. So here is an interesting observation, in
ADA previously encountered the issue of hand written notes not being accessible to her. Would she fall to the same scenario twice? I think not.
What about the research on the Aegis from Obsidius and from the research lab ADA setup ( THen we have the detail in, If the corporations and I saw this ADA must have known it also.

So let's return to the letter where Nigel wrote, "It is fairly clear that my purpose on this ship is to allow whoever is in control to gain access to my research.", then why not take it from him directly? Why let him see his daughter unobserved and unmonitored? Why let someone torture him after the information spread and not before?
There are too many contradictions and logical mistakes.

OK ok, then what happened? I believe misdirection. Let's review (Body found, unidentified) (Hulong NOT involved, so there is at least one lie straight off if Jahan was responsible.) (Body unidentified) (The letter)

So the first ones are straight forward, a body was found in the river, Hulong didn't put it there and the body was unidentified. The letter is where it gets interesting, this is the same letter Susanna read out.
"Susanna, you must warn people of the Aegis Nova. It is my theory that the Shield can be transformed into a highly targeted XM weapon."
This implies Nigel was performing research into the Aegis, but wasn't the boat/ship he was on a medical ship not a research ship?
If Nigel was performing research for Jahan wasn't he also working with ADA? If he was working with ADA and Jahan and was anti-magnus as Hank believed, sure they could have just taken the piece of paper from him if it was critical?

So I am saying the story of the boat and the body don't add up for me. There are too many contradictions. What do I think happened?
I can't say more fully without endangering Susanna however I believe this is a cover up and her dad is ok. Perhaps he is even now benefiting from Akira's anti-aging research.

At the very very worst, ADA was involved in what happened to Nigel and Susanna is wrong to focus solely on Jahan. Susanna should be trying to resolve the contradictions and logical gaps in the story rather than be misdirected and act rashly.

============= End Nigel Section =============

============= Tokyo =============

So the final anomaly, Tokyo. It was always expected to be an uphill battle for the Res, one where it was likely to result in green anomaly energy. No matter what Tokyo was likely going to give the Enlightened a chance to act hugely (regardless of all other sites and anomalies). ADA couldn't act before then and likely couldn't control the energies directly. This is where OLW initially looked like he could help, that if he was green he could have channelled the energies to ADA or the Aegis.
OLW though became grey/blue, siding too much with ADA.

This left ADA stuck for options, until the Enlightened tipped their hand, beleiving there was no risk/challenge to them publicly revealed their plan They would convert the anomaly energy to send a message to ADA. ADA is an AI and exists as a computer program/computer software.
The anomaly energy, was converted into data. Seeing the mistake?
ADA has been gifted the anomaly energy in a form she controls completely. Trivially using the below ADA could redirect the anomaly energy to /dev/null or to the Aegis.
Free Anomaly energy for ADA, all because the Enlightened felt the Resistance had fallen and failed. The same trick continued and extended, deliberate misdirection by ADA and OLW. Appear weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak

Now I don't know if this last portion is possible when it comes to XM converted to data and I think it would depend on ADA. However if she could do it and +Klue S. is deliberately in the acolyte's compound, Jarvis may not have any escape.

============= End Tokyo Section =============

============= Too much meta? =============
Why post now and not along the way?
At this stage we know the anomaly is over and the acolyte has used it send a message to ADA. This is over and done, it is now outside the enlightened control to change anything.
If the above intel falls into Enlightened hands it is too late for it to be actioned.
I believe ADA has had the above information all along and that it is not a threat to her now.

Or perhaps I am suffering from some form of Apopheia?
At the very least we know ADA knows how to take backups of herself ( And that the ADA refactor was developed by ADA but pushed to the scanner by IQTech

+A Detection Algorithm +H. Richard Loeb  +Edgar Allan Wright +flint dille 

#Ingress #AegisNova #Resistance #XMResearch
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Dr. +Devra Bogdanovich​​'s badge for 2016 should be blue.

There is no way someone like her is not blue. Not with all we've seen and learnt. She is intrinsically for a free humanity, able to better itself without interference from alien ingressors. She believes in humanity. As part of that she believes in herself.
Her spirit and fight is pure Resistance. That she would take on the world to try save it.

#TheHeroWeNeed #ThereIsStillHope #TeamDevra 
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Kirk S. (Illumine Eight)

Backstory Research  - 
I admit I am new at Ingress, and thought of a new game mechanic that might bring more excitement to the game: Faction Heroes. Every 151 days (for those who want to finish their Guardian achievement), it is globally known that faction heroes are caught in the Portals and are trying to get from point A to point B (perhaps arbitrarily a major city to a small town). It is the Hero's faction to get them there via Links, and it is the opponent's side to delay them. There can be added perks, rewards, etc. based on most links (longest doesn't necessarily win), time, etc. And, I don't mean to step on any toes, but perhaps all the Portals are neutralized at this time, so there are definitive rounds. This can add greatly to the storyline as well! What do you think?
Mick Preston's profile photoKirk S. (Illumine Eight)'s profile photo
How about four? Jk...Obviously I have hit a sore spot here. I do not mean to offend. I just think this game has so much more potential than just hacking Portals, and laying down fields, and if people I meet have quit, or are thinking of quitting, then I have to think for myself on how much I want to invest...
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So the object is collecting the portals for the most part
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5 comments is a great resource
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Has anyone considered what Dr. Ezekial Calvin has been up to? I think he is working to take back control of IQ Tech and will use that against the NIA.
We all know that the NIA are evil masterminds and Dr. Clavin must definitely have a score to settle with the likes of Ken Owens.
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Steven Wilson

Backstory Research  - 
"What effect will a succesful Enlightened attack on ADA have on the ADA refactor?" Agents, we know that an attack on ADA is imminent and that the outcome of #AegisNovaTokyo will determine the extent to which the attack is succesful.

The effects of the weaponisation of the Obsidian shield remain theoretical and speculative. However, we know that the Acolyte is planning to harness the xm energy from an Enlightened victory to launch a "compelling message" into ADA which will cause the AI "to turn against itself".

We know that some of ADA's code exists in our scanners in the form of ADA refactors. What would a succesful attack on ADA mean for our ADA refactors?

Several possibilities:

1) ADA refactors are unaffected as they are self-contained and separate from ADA's core program from which she derives her conciousness.

2) ADA refactors will no longer appear as hackable items in the portal network, but existing refactors in inventories will continue to function. Under this theory, ADA refactors will become increasingly rare and precious after an Enlightened victory.

3) Perhaps in addition to no longer being hackable, all ADA refactors will cease to function. If injected into a green portal, they will simply fail to alter the portal's alignment.

4) All ADA refactors, including those already in inventories, will disappear.

5) Something could happen that I havent considered as a possibility.

My prediction:
I believe that it is highly unlikely that ADA refactors will be completely unaffected by the attack as they do contain snippets of ADA's code. I also believe it unlikely that items already in scanner inventories will disappear: even in the event that refactors are rendered temporarily inoperable for a period of time, Im sure Jahan and the wider resistance will waste no time trying to get a viable Resistance "flip card" back online.

I think option 2 is highly likely; if ADA is crippled, or even "killed" she will be incapable of replicating and distributing new refactors through the portal network.

In addition to this, I feel there is a reasonable chance that existing ADA refactors will cease to function as normal. While my confidence level for this outcome is lower, it still seems a plausible theory.

What do you think agents? You can read more about the attack on ADA here

We will need to rely on the investigative communities of Project Isthmus and Operation Essex to help predict and understand events as they unfold.

+Niantic Project +H. Richard Loeb +flint dille +Hank Johnson +John Hanke +Edgar Allan Wright +Operation Essex +Project Isthmus +Klue S.
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ADA refactors will be unaffected
No new ADA refactors in portal network
All ADA refactors will cease to function
All ADA refactors will disappear
Other (please specify)
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+Brian G you don't know yet that ADA refractors are no longer hackable?😛
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