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We are Team tu es qui conformat and we need your help.

In an attempt to understand how the still unknown tecthulu module would respond to the portal network, our team, lead by +Sarah Jean​​ directed an electron scanning microscope at the surface of an attuned portal. We captured a series of fluctuations that we tried, and failed, to comprehend.

The only noticeable pattern was a series of embedded sine waves, With this knowledge, we settled on translating their resonance into audible frequencies.

What came next can only be described as disturbing. Human voices. Not one, but many, buried deep in the sounds. Our lead audio expert spent days cleaning up each segment as he attempted to decipher the meaning behind the noise.

Until he lost his way.

We found him in his studio, repeating the same glyph sequence over and over and over. Nothing we did got through to him and he became violent if we turned off the soundtrack. We called for assistance and specialists arrived sedating and taking him away. It was only after he was gone that we found he had hidden this same sequence in huge XM reflective panels around the city. He was returned three days later having undergone intense memory reconsolidation.

Yesterday, we discovered this same glyph sequence was uncovered by XM sensitives assisting other 13 #MagnusReawakens Project teams. We realized then that we only had a small piece of something bigger. Something we needed the help of others to investigate.

That brings us to today. We are reaching out to agents and other researchers around the world. Please, we need your help to understand this signal, but caution those willing to listen to do so with discretion.

//CAUTION// Audio File: //CAUTION//

+H. Richard Loeb​​​ +Edgar Allan Wright​​​ +flint dille​​​ +Operation Essex​​​ +Project Isthmus​​​ +Niantic Project​​​ +Niantic​​ +John Hanke​​​ +Chris Chipman​​ +Andrew Krug​​​ +Agent KodamaSmiles​​ +Morgan S.​​+Brandon C​​ +Paul Thomas​​ +Pam K​​ +diane wilson

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I was looking through my biocard collections just a moment ago. Then, I discovered that there's a date on Delta102 biocard which I received from a stranger during Via Lux anomaly in Singapore. Did you see the date in this picture? It's May 2, 2019.

I would like to check with all agents who are holding to Delta102 biocard. Do you have the same date printed on your card? If yes, I would like to seek the truth from +Niantic Project​​. What's the date mean?

I was looking through the internet on what could be happening on that day. There are many events happening but something caught my eyes. The Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2019 is on Thursday, 2nd of May. Why this date is printed on Delta102 card? Can +Niantic Project​​ enlightened me?

To all agents, what do you think the date leads to?

Agent Hana688

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What to do about ADA? Reassign her to the Dreamer archetype! Corrupt her with our humanity.

+H. Richard Loeb asked the Enlightened community for input on what to do with the members of the Niantic Magnus. Many wanted to remove ADA, which I strongly feel would be a terrible mistake. In this video, I explain why. #fateofthe13 

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More. Awesome

Who are the N'Zeer?
I know they are another transdimensional race banished by the Shapers, which raises more questions...

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Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Britons for study of Exotic Matter (XM)

+Ingress +Niantic Project #investigateingress

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Google drops new video explaining how Ingress works


I was just wondering, but does the scanner have the same texture for all XM? Can it even detect dark XM?
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