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denis weinreich

Backstory Research  - 
Wie kann ich meine eingereichten Portale wieder löschen ??
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You can't.  Like we said over in the Portals Appeals Community.
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Avery Cannon (DESSYX)

Backstory Research  - 
NL-PRIME: 2013 Edition
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ウィラートラベルが贈るかつてないバスツアー!行き先は宇宙?話題沸騰、STAR FIGHTER運行中!
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Backstory Research  - 
1.101.1 Teardown.

New Firing Carousel
Hello everyone and welcome back to another Ingress teardown. I’m currently writing this one before I jump into my car and head to the Savannah anomaly. This is why I found it odd that a new I…
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There's also "a penny for your thoughts" but most people give them out for free.
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Would someone mind double checking and fault finding?
I think we missed some important details. :/


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I'll take the horseshoe.
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Steven Wilson

Backstory Research  - 
I present this dish as an example of how the ancients might depict a MAGNUS nest. The central figure is the face of Oceanus, the primaeval oceanic Titan who remained neutral in the Titanomachy where Zeus and the Olympians overthrew the older, more elemental gods the Titans.

Oceanus was the god, not of the actual sea, Mediterranean or otherwise, but the encircling river-ocean that the ancient Greeks believed surrounded the world, supported the atmosphere, and from which the gods themselves emerged.

I submit that this might well be how ancients would describe the ultimate, the xm reality.

Further, the 13 figures in a circle could easily be a depiction of a MAGNUS nest. But there is more: the motif is that of Dionysus and Hercules triumphant. There is a little known myth with multiple attestations, that Dionysus and Hercules conquered India many, many years before Alexander the Great. Indeed, some ancient writers wrote of Alexander following the path of Dionysus.

Dionysus, remember, is the thrice born God of resurrection, identified by the Greeks and Egyptians with Osiris.

This could be the mythic retelling of an ancient war for xm artifacts. Does anyone else see what I see?

I include supporting evidence and links for context.


Pliny the Elder, Natural History 4. 39 (trans. Rackham) (Roman encyclopedia C1st A.D.) :
"[Alexander the Great] even roamed in the tracks of Father Liber [Dionysos] and of Hercules and conquered India."
Pliny the Elder, Natural History 6. 59 :
"From the time of Father Liber's [Dionysos] to Alexandrus the Great's [conquest of India] 153 kings of India are counted in a period of 6451 years and three months."

Euripides, Bacchae 14 ff (trans. Buckley) (Greek tragedy C5th B.C.) :
"I [Dionysos] have left the wealthy lands of the Lydians and Phrygians, the sun-parched plains of the Persians, and the Bactrian walls, and have passed over the wintry land of the Medes, and blessed Arabia, and all of Asia [Anatolia] which lies along the coast of the salt sea with its beautifully-towered cities full of Hellenes and barbarians mingled together; and I have come to this Hellene city [Thebes] first, having already set those other lands [of the East] to dance and established my mysteries (telete) there, so that I might be a deity manifest among men."

Cicero, De Natura Deorum 3. 21-23 (trans. Rackham) (Roman rhetorician C1st B.C.) :
"The father of the third [god identified by the Greeks with Dionysos, the Phrygian Sabazios] is Cabirus; it is stated that he was king over Asia, and the Sabazia were instituted in his honour."

Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheca 2. 29 (trans. Aldrich) (Greek mythographer C2nd A.D.) :
"[Dionysos] traversed Thrake and the whole of India and set up pillars there."

Pausanias, Description of Greece 10. 29. 4 (trans. Jones) (Greek travelogue C2nd A.D.) :
"Dionysos was, in my opinion . . . the first to invade India, and the first to bridge the river Euphrates. Zeugma (Bridge ) was the name given to that part of the country where the Euphrates was bridged, and at the present day the cable is still preserved with which he spanned the river; it is plaited with branches of the vine and ivy. Both the Greeks and the Egyptians have many legends about Dionysos."
Philostratus, Life of Apollonius of Tyana 2. 33 (trans. Conybeare) (Greek biography C1st to 2nd A.D.) :
"It is related, anyhow, that Herakles of Egypt and Dionysos after they had overrun the Indian people with their arms, constructed engines of war, and tried to take the place by assault; but the sages [Brahmans], instead of taking the field against them, lay quiet and passive, as it seemed to the enemy; but as soon as the latter approached they were driven off by rockets of fire and thunderbolts which were hurled obliquely from above and fell upon their armour."


The Gods

On Prometheus

On Titanomachy

Interpretatio Romana

I look forward to hearing the thoughts of the investigative community.

+Edgar Allan Wright+flint dille+John Hanke+Hank Johnson+H. Richard Loeb+Niantic Project+Project Isthmus+Operation Essex+Yik Sheng Lee

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Joe S
Theres some kinky stuff going on in Magnus nests #orgygress
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Frans van hoesel

Backstory Research  - 
+Susanna Moyer I would call that a perfect fit...  (using a different picture from the web for bear, stuart's collection)

So you'd better be there Susanna at the indicated time May. 7 2016 8:30pm (UTC). I won't, I'm in the Netherlands (Groningen), but I would have loved to meet you.

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Steven Wilson

Backstory Research  - 

The latest Intel saw media recovered from a statue of Prometheus. Prometheus is defined by his gift of fire to mankind, a gift which he stole from the gods. His defiance caused him to be condemned to the eternal torment of beif chained to a mountain and having his immortal liver eaten daily by an eagle. The mythology surrounding Prometheus still resonates strongly today. I believe that there are hidden truths in this story that reveal something about the nature of xm and our relationship to the Shapers/N'Zeer.

Fire is highly metaphorical. It is impossible to conceive of civilisation without it. Fire is the ultimate source of all mankind's creative, and destructive abilities. Prior to our ability to create and control fire for our own purposes, we would only have encountered fire as a destructive and terrifying force of nature, sparked from the vengeful bolts of Zeus.

In giving humans fire, Prometheus gave us the creative and destructive power of the gods, for us to chain to our hearths and furnaces. Humans are masters of fire, bending it to our will. From its use springs metallurgy, technology, civilisation and all the arts. Thus fire is both literally the source of civilisation but can also be seen metaphorically as the divine spark of creativity.

Now, what if we substitute exotic matter (xm) for the word fire.....What role would Prometheus be fulfilling in that instance? I would argue, the ability to wield xm without relying on the gods (Shapers/N'Zeer).

From an Enlightened perspective: Could Prometheus be the hero of the Enlightenment? He gifted mankind with the creative fire of exotic matter, making civilisation, art and science possible.

From a certain Resistance perspective: Perhaps, as a Titan, he is actually representative of the N'Zeer bringing the tools that enable the creation of technology and science. Zeus and the Olympian gods (Shapers) want to keep humanity primitive and reliant on them. Thus they chain Prometheus, symbolic of the banishment of the N'Zeer.

I will let agents draw their own conclusions. However you interpret the myth, I don't believe it can be ignored.

For additional context see my previous post on Titanomachy and the Shapers:

These ideas were refined by conversations in the +Project Isthmus​ hangout. Thank you all for your insights and for being a sounding board.

I leave you with the words of Lord Byron:

TITAN! to whose immortal eyes
The sufferings of mortality,
Seen in their sad reality,
Were not as things that gods despise;
What was thy pity's recompense?
A silent suffering, and intense;
The rock, the vulture, and the chain,
All that the proud can feel of pain,
The agony they do not show,
The suffocating sense of woe,
Which speaks but in its loneliness,
And then is jealous lest the sky
Should have a listener, nor will sigh
Until its voice is echoless.

Titan! to thee the strife was given
Between the suffering and the will,
Which torture where they cannot kill;
And the inexorable Heaven,
And the deaf tyranny of Fate,
The ruling principle of Hate,
Which for its pleasure doth create
The things it may annihilate,
Refus'd thee even the boon to die:
The wretched gift Eternity
Was thine--and thou hast borne it well.
All that the Thunderer wrung from thee
Was but the menace which flung back
On him the torments of thy rack;
The fate thou didst so well foresee,
But would not to appease him tell;
And in thy Silence was his Sentence,
And in his Soul a vain repentance,
And evil dread so ill dissembled,
That in his hand the lightnings trembled.

Thy Godlike crime was to be kind,
To render with thy precepts less
The sum of human wretchedness,
And strengthen Man with his own mind;
But baffled as thou wert from high,
Still in thy patient energy,
In the endurance, and repulse
Of thine impenetrable Spirit,
Which Earth and Heaven could not convulse,
A mighty lesson we inherit:
Thou art a symbol and a sign
To Mortals of their fate and force;
Like thee, Man is in part divine,
A troubled stream from a pure source;
And Man in portions can foresee
His own funereal destiny;
His wretchedness, and his resistance,
And his sad unallied existence:
To which his Spirit may oppose
Itself--and equal to all woes,
And a firm will, and a deep sense,
Which even in torture can descry
Its own concenter'd recompense,
Triumphant where it dares defy,
And making Death a Victory.

Lord Byron (1788-1824)

+Edgar Allan Wright+Operation Essex+flint dille+John Hanke+H. Richard Loeb​
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R.A. Aldridge (Om3gaMinus)

Backstory Research  - 
So... upcoming anomalies... any news which ones will be shard events? Because there's no way I'm traveling to any event to play another stupid shard game.

Please, let us have clusters and volatile portals again!
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as Robin said, there are many rules, no need to avoid anomalies coz 1 anomaly type and your rule there wasnt good for you.
but if you dont have to time to travel then nobody can argue with that.
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Krishean Draconis

Backstory Research  - 
I find it mildly amusing that they use the glyph for change, either intentionally or unintentionally, to mark roadwork in my area.
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I also notice the "truth" glyph quite a bit in roadwork areas.
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All the #SaveKlue glyphs standing at once!

Let's try save +Klue S.​ !!!
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This isn't right

This isn't good enough! This isn't right what is happening to +Klue S.​​​​​​​​​​​!

Why can't we help her?

Hank Johnson, can't. Richard H. Loeb can't. ADA can't.

They all want to.
The Enlightened want to.
The Resistance want to.
We all want to.

All tagged here want to?
+Julio Ramirez Godinez​​​​​​​​​​​,+H. Richard Loeb​​​​​​​​​​​, +Hank Johnson​​​​​​​​​​​, +Mustafa Said​​​​​​​​​​​, +Operation Essex​​​​​​​​​​​, +TrIsten Bordagaray​​​​​​​​​, +The Oracle​​​​​​​​, +José Antonio Rey​​​​​​​, +Jim Lai​​​​​​​, +Juan José Mongelós​​​​​​, +Yik Sheng Lee​​​​​, +A Detection Algorithm​, +Kosh TheRipper​​​​​​, +thedeacon 1972​​​​​, +Sarah Rosen​​​​ +Martin Zehetmayer​​​, +Melissa​​

This portion of the anomaly is over. It was decided. We can't refight it. But surely we can help her?

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Based on +Edgar Allan Wright​'s comments here:, I propose we take a gamble.

Let's use the Glyph Sequence we've created at +November Lima​. Maybe someone-or multiple Agents who would be willing to do so-take the sequence and hold it up at NL-1331. Similar to the Portal Survey of +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe​. 
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I've begun following the Niantic backstory from the beginning with the website, but it stops after October 2013. Where can I get document leaks that appears from this period onward, except for the Ingress Report?
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The reference volumes are an aid, if you read all the other sources the you are covered and can do without them.
The comic is superseded by a newer comic not on the store. The story books aren't referenced a lot but they do add some narrative.
If you are watching the money and are prepared to buy some but not all I'd suggest the story books first (I prefer the story to the research though).

Glad it helps :)
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Kevin Liu

Backstory Research  - 
Which side are you on?
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most stupid poll ever
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Kevin Liu

Backstory Research  - 
How do i level up?
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I'm really hoping that it's some washed out attempt at trolling
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Erik bij de Vaate

Backstory Research  - 
dear N'Zeer, can you fix what is broken?
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Spoofer vote
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Don't blink.
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Backstory Research  - 
codes as followed:
with 105 numbers. a wild guess, it should be binary ( with a useless "2" on the beginning as a hint). thus it's a 104 or 102 digit sequence.

If it's a 104 digit sequence, 104 is divisible by 8. So let me try a sequence of 8 digit binary code or a sequence of 6 digit binary code ( if I discard the first two 00) .

In that way I get a sequence of number less than 256 as followed:
49 52 54 50 54 53 51 48 48 48 48
In ascii table, the sequence fall into the area of "number from 0 to 9" , and if use the 6 digit solution it goes to nothing making sense, so lets move on with the number sequence listed above and transform them into numbers from 0 to 9.

Here we go: 1462653000000

A 13 digit number sequence may refer to many things such as telephone numbers in some country, coordinates, post code in some country or, let me jump to conclusion: a 13 digit time stamp.

A 13 digit time stamp refers to a exact millisecond counting from Jan. 1 1970. the reason I make the conclusion mainly base on:
1, the number begins with "146" mostly fall on calendar on recent dates.
2, the number ends with multiple zero suggest it is at least a integer second ( as in 13 digit time stamp the last 3 digit refers to millisec.
3, the number is divisible by 36 ( 60 multiple 60) , so in that way it must be a certain hour or so.

So follow the lead, I transform the 13 digit number as a 13 digit time stamp into a certain time as: May. 7 2016 8:30pm

What and where happening on that exact time, still remain in mist.
Someone just sent this my way... don't have any further information.

Can any of you help me figure out what it means?
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+Frans van hoesel​ Yeah, i saw that just after i made my comment. Great minds...
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One thing that stood out to me about the selection of the cities for Aegis Nova was that they all have what could be considered famous bridges. 

Does this mean that Aegis Nova is going to be a bridge to something big  that will happen? 

+Niantic +Ingress +H. Richard Loeb +JoJo Stratton +Yik Sheng Lee 
+Hank Johnson 
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+Bryant Durrell Probably right, but it was one of those random thoughts in insomnia.
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David Cox

Backstory Research  - 
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+Chas M love him long time. 💚
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Jose Gabriel Canche May

Backstory Research  - 
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What's a portal survey?
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