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Made fields which seems like a cicada.
18. 9. 17.
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нужно перенести марсияникуса под МД Нико
В день 165-летия со дня рождения инженера и архитектора Владимира Шухова, который первым в мире создал гиперболоидные конструкции, стоит вспомнить его николаевский проект — водонапорную башню, известную в городе как Шуховская.

Шуховская водонапорная башня, построенная в Николаеве в 1907 году для городского водоснабжения, была первой «башней-тяжеловесом»: если другие конструкции удерживали на сетчатой основе резервуары с объемом до 100 тыс. л воды, то николаевская водонапорка была рассчитана на 650. Башня стала образцовым объектом изготовившего ее московского завода им. В Бари: ее печатали на почтовых карточках и рекламных плакатах.

Проекты Шухова на основе гиперболоидных конструкций вдохновили писателя А. Толстого на создание фантастического романа «Гиперболоид инженера Гарина». И хотя Шухов создал сотни таких объектов, немногие из них дошли до нашего времени.

Несмотря на то, что николаевская башня Шухова давно не используется по назначению и требует ремонта, она сохранилась практически в первозданном виде. Сегодня это одна из визитных карточек города и символ коммунального предприятия «Николаевводоканал».
автор фото — Дмитро Удовицький

#Mykolaiv #MyMD #MyMissionDay #MykolaivMissionDay #MissionDay #Ingress #ВодонапорнаяБашня #ШуховскаяБашня #БашняШухова #Николаев
@ м. Миколаїв
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for all the Ingress and kitty lovers out there! Check this out
It's been awhile since we've done a coin and well, here's one you'll hopefully enjoy.

Presenting the NYA kitty Coin & Pin for pre-order now. Pre-order will end at the end of Sept 22nd to allow us a change to maybe have some of these on site at the October anomaly site we'll be attending.

Order your Nya Kitty coin & Nya kitty Pin
as soon as possible.

Shipping Internationally roughly 4-6 weeks after the pre-order closes. Stay tuned for updates on this page.

Follow our Telegram channel for more updates and info as well.

#MandoMerch #Nya #nia #Kitty #Coin #pin #IngressSwag #Swag
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Once the #GlyphChallenge for September was announced (fig 2) our intrepid xfaction team began planning their submission.

Agent MXXW and PsiCoTix from the Enlightened submitting a few draw suggestions using ancient enlightened planning techniques (fig 3, fig 4). These where promptly set aside as we had yet to establish if the moons of Jupiter would align appropriately to allow the team to convene.

While examining the star chart, MXXW was struck by a wave of creativity; Agents close to the operation report that MXXW may or may not have cap sized. The Agent MXXW will only confirm that some socks may have experienced a sudden increase in moisture. Allowing herself to be taken by the wave she produced multiple representations of Creativity (fig 5, fig 6, 6.2, fig 7, 7.1, 7.2)

As is this case with a majority of XM related projects; some mind shaping may have occurred as Agent Czarl and Agent CtrlAltFck of the Resistance felt the pull to create their own representation of Creativity. (fig 8)

Even thou a proper meeting of the factions could not occur with this op Czarl channeling a bit of Jarvis had included the opportunity for a bit of Green to be added to his draw. MXXW, obviously still under the effects of wave from earlier ran out to add what she could to the draw. (Fig 1)

Our embedded Agents requested if the Team had any further statements on this month's submission for the #GlyphChallenge

To which MXXW replied:

We made a glyph of blue
We made a glyph of green
As handsome and fine a glyph
As you've ever seen

But maybe we needed more
To showcase creativity?
So we made another Glyph
Out of wood and sand and sea

And then head back to ingress
To create the final scene
An x-fac Glyph was needed
With shades of blue and green.

The Agents from Victoria BC wish everyone the best and hope you enjoy our submission

#Ingress #MoreThanAGame +Ingress +Niantic +Andrew Krug +Vancouver Island Ingress Players Association
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Just in time for election season

"Feel The Burn"
Mission Series in Burlington Vermont

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二時四十分,Pika 寶鄉Hack緊Key。
二時四十四分,alluvium 九龍塘上火車,Sammi喺大埔墟月台等埋一齊去。
二時四十九分,Molly廣福落車,Peter食完野online intel,lalalum考慮緊行唔行紅隧。
二時五十六分,poha said “I’m in the McDonald’s”,Leathyl都到m記,alluvium 到大學站。
四時零三分,artfield 完成,所有人開心食撻。

@lalalum ?



#Ingress #FieldArt #GlyphChallenge #September #Creativity
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#glyphchallenge #september
Medellín - Colombia

The RESMED is the resistance agents group of Medellín city. We have decided to participate in the September #glyphchallenge with the creativity glyph.

After evaluating some options we choose the proposal of the agent @dgaleano.

The operation was planned and coordinated by agents @wild320 and @iluvatar6 to run on the night of September 7 in an area of ​​the city currently dominated by the resistance, which forced the use of jarvis viruses for cleaning.

The rain was strong but it did not stop us from doing our job. The agents @davinsony and @edilay run early cleaning and the agents @iluvatar6, @wild320, @GIRLPOWERZMB and @NORWARR , mobilizing in two vehicles, managed in two hours to reach their goal and this is the result.

#glyphchallenge #resistance #resmed #ingress #creativity #fieldart
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#Ingress September #GlyphChallenge
Title: A study of how creativity moves
Combined my son’s love of Ingress and fidget spinners 😀
Materials: index cards, tape, sharpie, crayons, fidget spinners
By: The Xmen; mama and lil’ Xman
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