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This is what me and my fellow agents in ENL Stockholm does.
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Whitney Aewynia

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OMG this dress. Must get. O.O
Hey, everyone! I'm moving to another coast (but my stock of swag isn't), so the Happy Nerdcore store ( will be closing on Thursday, July 21, 2016. If you are thinking about getting something, please order it soon because I'm in the process of packing up everything for storage.

<3 Winnie
Happy Nerdcore is a designer of whimsical geeky accessories and apparel. Each Happy Nerdcore product is handmade to order using materials from ethical suppliers. Our packaging is 100% recyclable.
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I'm also a little worried a small might be too large. Could get it hemmed maybe? Not sure if you can with that materiel.
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Am I the only one having trouble logging into the app? I can't get past the loading screen

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Yes, ever since last update
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Enough AP to retire ?
Punktladung ! Schöne Grüße an alle Wahnsinnigen und Verrückten.
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Auf jeden Fall 
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各位蓝军大家好,我是即将成为蓝军的人,坐标beijing,China. 我想问一件事情,就是我的Intel,好几天了,都是直连,和之前在非大陆地区一样。你们呢?这样的话,我change faction应该是北京第一个?而且重新升级的时候,ap就很容易了。不过,当我的ap为零,一定要好好自恋一段时间,再开始。我个人,当不受到过度的羁绊的时候,有两个擅长,擅长预测和擅长吵架。但我个性平和,很多事情不容易在乎,直到身心疲劳,作为凡人的辛苦,用Ingress解决不掉了,通过暴躁一下来解决。但我总会一忍再忍,忍到第十次之后,再冷静相当长时间。又胡扯了几句,反正又不是教程,不必逻辑一二三。有缘者,心有灵犀吧。等以后再组队。一个人走得快,走不远,一群人走得慢,走得远。这就是我最低层次的说教,转发,明白人自然懂得我在含沙射影的是什么。我原创的东西比较难懂,不说,除非见面聊开了。原谅我以前喊您为农民阴谋家,因为我不在乎的事情太多了,以为别人,比如您,也都跟我一样,把郭德纲于谦高峰都当成自己的儿子。
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Masayuki Niwa (niwaang)

Artwork + Memes  - 

▼Society6 / Counterfeiter

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Названы Города участники следующей анамали.
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Agents, as you heard Susanna Moyer announce during our livestream, the next set of Anomaly cities are confirmed. Save the date for the following events:

August 27, 2016
Denver, CO, USA [P]
Portland, ME, USA
San Jose, Costa Rica

Wroclaw, Poland [P]
Birmingham, UK
Turku, Finland

September 24th, 2016
Toronto, Canada [P]
St. Louis, MO, USA
Santiago, Chile

Cologne, Germany [P]
Granada, Spain
Budapest, Hungary

Singapore, Singapore [P]
Mumbai, India
Macau, China
Setouchi, Japan

You can watch Susanna Moyer announce the cities during the San Diego livestream here:
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Hutch Gamez

Artwork + Memes  - 
Found this gem in another community. Sounds about like ingress.
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Field trip?
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I'd like to denounce what I see as an homophobic and sexist attack against some Enlightened agents, myself included.

Yesterday, after @Natus02 earned her black SpecOps medal in Moscow,@sharkitodemar and I (@Serkr) tagged and congratulated her in COMM for earning such medal as shown in the screenshots.

'Agent'@GoliatPitufo, which is one of many mule accounts owned by rogue element within the faction, came in and insulted @sharkitodemar making homophobic comments against him. Not content with this, he also made sexist remarks against both @Natus02 and me, to whom he discharged his homophobic rhetoric. He later used the same foul language against fellow agent @ChuchuGent, also full of the same homophobic remarks he used against @sharkitodemar, and me.

From now on, and for the first time since the last year, we the True Enlightened players in Uruguay, abiding by the game's Terms of Use and the spirit of fair play, and in lieu of recent events, hereby announce that we haven't and we WON'T have any kind of relationship with the rogue group that is the so-called and self-proclaimed ´official Enlightened Uruguay´ community in the foreseeable future, as they can't be reasoned with in a polite way.

Things like claiming ingame territorial ownership, disrupting operations or cross-faction collaboration events, and having backpack/mule accounts used to hoard items and insulting players based on their gender, sexual orientation, physical features, weight, and personal relationships outside the game context, while hiding their true codenames are common practice among them. Same with encouraging new players to join them under "the official Enlightened group" lie, and calling Resistance players "death enemies" while they're just rivals in a mobile phone game.

And last, but not least important, in case you ask me "why you didn't report/block him in COMM", let me say that blocking him won't make any difference, as everyone else will see his messages, including new players who will feel uncomfortable reading all that garbage, possibly discouraging them from playing Ingress in Uruguay at all. Not to mention blocking him won't stop him from making additional accounts just to insult everyone he wants, as it already happened in the past.

We have more screenshots if further evidence of what I'm talking is needed.

Thank you for taking your time to read and comment.
- F Luis Giordano (@Serkr)
Montevideo, Uruguay


Me gustaría denunciar lo que veo como un ataque homofóbico y sexista contra algunos agentes iluminados, incluído yo mismo.

Ayer, cuando @Natus02 obtuvo en Moscú su medalla SpecOps negra,@sharkitodemar y quien les escribe (@Serkr) la etiquetamos y felicitamos, tal cual se muestra en los screenshots.

El "agente"@GoliatPitufo, que no es más que una de las tantas cuentas mochila propiedad de un elemento rebelde dentro de la facción, se puso a insultar a @sharkitodemar de manera totalmente homófoba. No conforme con esto, siguió con @Natus02 y conmigo, de quienes empleó comentarios sexistas, a los que mas tarde complementó con una retórica homófoba en mi contra. Mas tarde usó la misma retórica que usara contra @sharkitodemar, también contra @ChuchuGent.

Desde ahora, y por primera vez desde el año pasado, nostros los verdaderos jugadores Iluminados, quienes respetamos las Términos de Uso del juego y nos guiamos por el espíritu del juego limpio, y dados los recientes acontecimientos, anunciamos que NO TENEMOS, ni TENDREMOS relación alguna con el grupo rebelde que se hace llamar la "comunidad oficial Enlightened Uruguay" en el futuro próximo, por tratarse de un grupo con el que no se puede razonar de manera educada.

Cosas como tomar propiedad territorial dentro del juego, sabotear operativos o eventos colaborativos entre las dos facciones, y tener cuentas mochila que usan para acumular items e insultar otros jugadores en base a su sexo, orientación sexual, características físicas, peso, y relaciones personales fuera del contexto del juego, mientras esconden sus verdaderos nombres de agente, son cosas comunes de ellos. Lo mismo con incentivar a los nuevos jugadores a unirse a ellos bajo la mentira de que son "el grupo oficial de los Iluminados", y llamar "enemigos a muerte" a los jugadores de la Resistencia, cuando son solamente rivales dentro de un juego de celular.

Y por último, pero no menos importante, si me preguntan "¿por qué no lo reportaste o bloqueaste en el COMM?", déjenme decirles que bloquearlo no hace la diferencia, porque cualquiera puede ver sus mensajes, incluídos los nuevos jugadores que se sentirán incómodos al leer toda esa basura, desincentivándolos de jugar Ingress en Uruguay. Esto, sin mencionar que bloquearlo no lo detiene de seguir creando más cuentas solo para insultar a quien se le antoje, como ya ha pasado antes.

Tenemos mas screenshots si fuera necesaria mas evidencia de lo que digo.

Gracias por tomarse su tiempo para leer y comentar.

- F Luis Giordano (@Serkr)
Montevideo, Uruguay
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Lamentablemente siguen habiendo mecanismos para que esta clase de enfermos puedan descargar su rabia contra otros y permanezcan en el anonimato. Una de las cosas que nunca entendí fue el porque NIA desactivó opciones de seguridad como la de solicitar número de móvil para crear una cuenta, o más aún más fácil, el de simplemente desactivar toda posibilidad de cambiar entre cuentas dentro del juego, por lo menos así se les hacía más difícil permanecer anónimas a esta clase de personas.
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Official Google+ community for Ingress. //COMM: Open discussion for feedback and suggestions. //Artwork + Memes: Share your XM-influenced creativity. //Resistance: Faction-specific public chatter. //Enlightened: Faction-specific public chatter. //Backstory Research: For Truth Seekers and Investigators to discuss the Niantic Project.
The Sitrep-movie for Operation Samara by Enlightened Stockholm is now released!
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Ching Tang

Artwork + Memes  - 

Hello Agents ,

Here are our new sliver accessories
Resistance charm and earing

Enlightened charms and earing

Linkamp charms

Please help us to share it to more agents ,thanks a lot .
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Jeremy Wijaya

Enlightened  - 
Hai, I am new guy, nice to meet you all. 
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Hello, please call maintenance, they will pay you and your car. Tomorrow please
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Antonia Stone

Enlightened  - 
Any western kentucky/northern tennesse players here??
Looking to ingress with more/new people!
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And thanks mick. Ill do that
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Cedar Byrum

Resistance  - 
Newbie here, tips for trade? Viva la resistance!
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Go into COMMS, Choose faction & look at slider bar put it on 20k if it's not n say hello agents in your area should reach out to ya & help you.. There are many tutorials for the game & as much information as you want to absorb ... Welcome to the Resistance soon you'll be dreaming blue triangles...
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Всех с победой просвещения на анамали #AegisNova.
По окончанию этапа счёт Enl 17:7 Res.
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#AegisNova Moscow, Dublin and Nice Final Report:

Earlier today, the Enlightened Captured both Kuala Lumpur and Sydney, and the Resistance captured Hyderabad. Going into this set of Anomalies, the Enlightened led the series 11 to 5.

The contest was fierce. The Enlightened dominated Moscow, while the Resistance leveraged the Satellites to their advantage.

With 752 to 308, Dublin was captured by the Resistance.
With 908 to 758, Nice belongs to the Resistance.
And finally, with 2783 to 1125, Moscow was captured by the Enlightened.

The Series score is currently 13 to 7. Much is at stake at the Anomalies in North America.

Find detailed scores at
View detailed Shard Tracking information at:
Be sure to tune in to the Ingress Live Stream from San Diego later today, at

Per-Portal information will be published at a later time.
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Power cube necklace
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I want one. 
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I can never sleep the night before a battle. Apparently, neither can these folks. +GORUCK  #StealthOps   #AegisNova  
29 new photos · Album by Jack Miner (3ch01c)
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I must do this one time ...
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The road that leads to 16: it has been a long one but fun!
Several years ago, my friend and roommate +Ryan Rorie and I had discussed how Augmented Reality would change things from simple tasks to gaming. We didn't know how fast things would progress.

Back three years ago, after knowing about +Ingress through a couple mentions in G+, I decided to take the opportunity to try to be involved in a game that was very different than most standard games. I had more time to try stuff out as I was coming out of a long term situation and deciding what I wanted to do. This was initially a way to help pass the time when I felt conflicted.

Almost immediately after starting to play, I had several people, such as +Jace Vickers, talk to me about community opportunities in the local area. It wasn't long before I got into the 'big leagues' and finally made level 8. This was before badges and all of the newer items. Once you hit 8, it was just blow things away and help leveling players.

I had to take a hiatus due to phone changes and work, but I still kept being involved in the local Enlightened communities and in social events.
Once I got back into the game, things were a bit different but made things fresh. We also had several changes happen with agents leaving and coming back, but that happens in games and real life.

Anomalies became more prevalent and I wanted to be part of these unique events. After my first attempt to failed due to work, and having to go trough other personal issues (physically and relationship), I finally managed to attend my first XM anomaly #Shōnin in Austin in early 2015. Boy, that was so much crazy and fun mixed in! But working with people from all over the region was pretty cool! And with people like +Charles Hueter and +Nicole Perdue it was very easy to enjoy the event!

First Saturday and other social events were pretty cool, enjoying time spent with fellow ENL agents and friends like +Muddaship, +Shawn Wright +Collin Douglas +Chris Lockaby +Erin Stelter +Robert Bittick and having interesting banter with Resistance agents such as with +john stanley +Steve Callahan and +Mayumi Windler. We always had interesting encounters in game and in real life. LOL

Wanting to go and do stuff outside of my 'normal' area was pretty key to my travel changes. Doing various OPs outside OKC was cool! I ended up carpooling to Phoenix for #Persepolis with several others (and bear with the crazy heat, but seeing cosplay all over!), to Fort Worth for #Abaddon (which lead in an #ingresscation of Chicago and finally taking in its awesome #ingressmission that consisted of a donut tour!), San Antonio for #IngressObsidian and finally my #ingresscation of firsts to #aegisnova San Diego! I would never chose to go on vacation this often if I wasn't playing... it was a great value-added benefit!

Overall, I have really enjoyed the last few years being in this massive "lifestyle" known as #Ingress. Most of all, if this games ends tomorrow, I will still see people that I have come across and say hi or wonder how they are. Both Enlightened and Resistance agents, different careers and locations, and all it took was one game to put us together.

So, to those who I have ever competed with or against: Thank you for making Ingress more than just a game, and here's to more to come! #16isnttheend #itstimetomove
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