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Had an awesome day of ingress. Got an awesome hack and the hardest badge (IMO) GOLD!! And Jazzy also loves her car seat!
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congrats my fellow ENLIGHTENED agent 😆
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Larry Hall

Resistance  - 
This is what I do..The enlightened moves up the East coast ..I Drop it out and blocking it HARD..
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This is the crap and drama i deal with..with the resistance.. i have no clue what i even did to this person and they wont even talk to me.i tried reaching out to them.. and they blew me off. Ingress is a game . My go fund my page is real life... love getting stabbed in the back and dealing with cold heartless people.i dont need this extra drama . So low 
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It's drama because you keep posting about it! Everywhere!! Look, people are real tired of the eternal victim act. What are you doing to resolve this besides talking about it all the time? You say you're getting a restraining order but is that actually happening? It's hard to believe anything anymore. I mean if it's this pervasive of an issue, it may be in your best interest to discontinue playing Ingress.
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Spam came early this morning. 

As part of the "Ingress for Sale" project, on any day we see spam from an Ingress bot, we post it to the Ingress community. It helps us track where the bots are, how often they post, and the extent of the problem. So far, the results are not encouraging. 

If you want to help, you can just use the hash tag. 

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+Rob Powpowgnargnar​ let's see the pics
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The game has you knew it is now over. New way of playing is live. Third faction is live. Join us.
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join the RED faction mkay 😆
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for the always friendly smurfs around me, who think I never build stuff...
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Awesome! Keep up the good work..
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R.A. Aldridge (Om3gaMinus)

Backstory Research  - 
So... upcoming anomalies... any news which ones will be shard events? Because there's no way I'm traveling to any event to play another stupid shard game.

Please, let us have clusters and volatile portals again!
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I like the shards as the servers work and I can actually use gear. Was terrible not being able to fire, or deploy because of server lag. I would come home having used almost no gear. :-( after Seattle anomaly i was down to 500 items, not the lowest after an anomaly, but good. of course we fracked at the after after party do I was back up to 1700 by the time I left. 
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Where is Tinkerthecat?! I need a word with that one...
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I'm in old south wales. I'm sure I can't help 😂
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Let me start a short story...

January 2013 i got my ingress invite. After 4 months I reached lvl 8 and took part of Cassandra Duesseldorf an Cologne.
In 2014 i was last time field Agent at Recursion Berlin. After that i started to operate every anomaly series.
Last year (March) I got softbanned cause I started playing again on field and gut unbanned after three weeks and i started to be inactive again.
This moth I started to play again as an active Agent, leveled up to Lvl 12. Yestaerday i had to change my device cause my maindevice is under repair...
At the night my ltp was attacked and couldn't recharge. After that I treied to hack a portal (nothing happens) and my< chat disappeared....

Thanks for the second softban. I can't attend Ageais Nova Rotterdam (everything is booked) if I'm banned...

You should ban spoofers instead of real Agents

+Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller +NIA Ops

#ingress #Enlightened
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COMM  - 
This is what +NIA Ops does when you report, they have it set on auto to mark things solved apparently.
+NIA Ops this is a new low for you. We submit a trespassing report and in a few seconds you have already investigated it and solved. Man you guys are quick. 

When are you guys going to actually care about the game not just the items sold in the store?

+John Hanke +Andrew Krug 
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Sorry had to block him as I don't want to argue with someone who is not trying to offer solutions and is just here to stir the pot.
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Ceres Dawn

Enlightened  - 
#Ingress Field Operation Situation Report

OP : #GreenEarthDay2016 

Mission : To welcome and then say goodbye to Earth Day 2016 by fielding from Lake Ontario at Rouge National Urban Park to the top of Lake Simcoe in Orillia, across to beautiful Burleigh Falls in the Kawartha Lakes Region and down to Lake Ontario in Cobourg.
#KeepOurPlanetGreen #Enlightened #EarthDay #ENL #Ingress

Agent @CeresDawn Reports:


On the evenings of April 21st and 22nd, teams in four cells gathered at their appointed coordinates to welcome the arrival of Earth Day 2016 with a large multi-field operation. This operation was truly green in all aspects! Practicing the 3 R’s - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Teams fielded, ADA’d, fielded again, ADA’d again an hour later and re-fielded on each night.

Operation Green Earth Day 2016 successfully captured over 8 million (8,000,000) MU over two nights.

As “Earth Day is Everyday” and a green earth is all our responsibility,agents car-pooled to meetings and to key farm, picked up litter at portal locations as they went and even fished in between cool downs at a few portals. We know that we left our portals a bit greener both physically and virtually after the operation!

The Operation

Agents from multiple cells in Ontario were hosted by the Barrie Lunatics ENL team in late March. There the seed was sown and keys were exchanged. ENL Agents in Durham Region had just successfully covered Durham Region in deep green for St. Patrick’s Day and we had a bad case of the fielding bug to which there is only one cure - more fields!

Agent @JimboBalls(night 1 & 2) and @SeaFoamSoul(night 2) provided exceptional operational and intel support to the field agents.@SeaFoamSoul’s voice being voted #1 most calming voice for any operation on the planet by all participating agents.

Night 1:

On Night 1, April 21st, 2016,  the local Resistance tried to live up to their name by presenting the team with a few extra blocking links that delayed first deployment by approx. 20 minutes.@MsJiff with GPS as her guide set out to remove blockers faster than they could be deployed. Block clearing reinforcements in the form of @BaronVonNemesis, @alysseneve and @frakalnoize joined to assist. Meanwhile, Agent @CeresDawn drove within the legal speed limit thru rain, heavy fog and actual frogs on the road to flip the all-too-well-known-and-reviled Ethel Curry Art Gallery portal in Haliburton (a 1.5 hour drive in excellent weather from Burleigh Falls). Needless to say - the Resistance was futile. #YesIWentThere

With blockers down, Operator @JimboBalls gave the all clear for agents to deploy links. The first set of fields were erected on the western side immediately liberating human minds from destructive, negative and rebellious influences. In quick succession teams in Rouge Park, Orillia, Burleigh Falls and Cobourg deployed their links and created a massive green welcome to Earth Day 2016.

However, our team was not done - it was time to Reduce and Reuse and to share the MU!

ADAs were used on the two Rouge Park anchor portals as well as the Orillia and Burleigh Falls anchors.

Agents then recaptured the portals and began again to link and field under the operational guidance of @JimboBalls. Fields were quickly back up to welcome Earth Day 2016.

While Agents waited for the next instructions and ADA cool down, park land at the portals was cleared of litter - greening our planet under multiple green control fields.

An hour after the ADA’s had been deployed (Reduce, Reuse) - Agents were given the all clear by @JimboBalls to start the last links of the night (Recycle). ADAs were deployed on the two Rouge Portals and the Burleigh Falls portal, then the portals were again recaptured and @JimboBalls gave the OK to begin linking and fielding.

Other than the first blocking link efforts at the beginning of the operation, the Resistance across 4 cells offered no resistance and all three deployments went without a hitch.

Special mention to @Hagar45 who went from no badge to gold Illuminator on night 1 and to the creepy bridge at Rouge Park for providing agents @justabitcrazee, @zeromartin and @hagar45 with shelter from the raging storm. A shout-out goes out as well as to the solitary Resistant Agent who went out on his own to Rouge Park to take down the two anchors - it saved us a couple of ADAs and the one hour wait time on Night 2!

Night 2:

To tip our hat to Earth Day 2016 as it departed, a second and larger operation was carried out on Night 2, April 22nd, 2016. Teams gathered again at their designated locations that evening to carpool and to take out blockers in their path as they traveled to anchor locations.

The Resistance, having assumed incorrectly (silly Smurfs) that we were done for Earth Day had provided us with very few blocking links to be cleared. This was both amusing and a bit disappointing as we had even more agents on standby to clear blockers throughout the four cells.

Operator @JimboBalls handed the operator “reins” over to Operator @SeaFoamSoul as he headed to the tiny village of Harwood on the shores of beautiful Rice Lake to remove our last eastern blocker.

With “go bigger or go home” in mind: 2 additional anchors were added to the western side of the operation to add 2 more layers. The Rouge Park team was split into 3 teams to ensure quick deployment and to share the MU amoungst agents.

Due to the lack of Resistance, teams were in place and ready to go ahead of schedule. In rapid succession,@SeaFoamSoul led the teams to link and field. As on the previous night - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle was enacted. As soon as the fields were up the first time, anchors at Rouge Park, Orillia and Burleigh Falls were ADA’d, re-captured and we began to link and field again (Reduce, Reuse).

We salute the valiant but futile efforts of the Northumberland Resistance agent who attempted to take down the key Cobourg anchor portal. With well over 20 agents in possession of keys and recharging that portal - the attempt was beyond futile. Graciously saving us from using another ADA, the Resistance agent gave up attacking and ADA’d the portal making it easy for local Enlightened agents to recapture the portal and then re-link and re-field prior to checkpoint. The poor smurf left with his smurfy tail between his legs. (I googled it, they have tails) We salute you Resistance Agent. #BetterLuckNextTime

We also give a 21 Burster Salute to the ENL Barrie Lunatics who created a great deal of distraction in the Lake Simcoe region with their own Resistance Distraction “Wing” Operation. It was a huge success and kept the Barrie Area Resistance Agents scrambling. Well done Lunatics!

Less than an hour later it was time again to Recycle: ADA’ing again and re-linking and fielding.

Special mention goes to @SeaFoamSoul for her calming voice and clear instructions and to @JimboBalls who learned the hard way to also have a Home “Portal” Key. #HeKnowsWhatIMean

In total over 2 nights - Enlightened Agents in 4 different cells created a series of layered fields that captured over 8 million MU. One agent received an Onyx Illuminator badge, seven agents received their Platinum Illuminator, two agents received their Gold Illuminator and one agent leveled up to level 12!

Thanks to the efforts of these fine agents, well over 2 million Ontario residents slept under deep green fields!!

Operators:@JimboBalls @SeaFoamSoul

Rouge Teams
@alysseneve, @baronvonnemesis, @echoe8, @grabs1323
@hagar45, @justabitcrazee, @melindhra, @msjiff, @zeromartin

Burleigh Team
@ceresdawn, @echoe8, @grabs1323, @hagar45

Orillia Team
@agentvixxen, @drisla, @hexamon, @mrworthington3

Cobourg Team
@24111, @jimboballs, @zydecoborg

Barrie Lunatics Distraction Wing
Team Caribbean Jerk:@Drisla and @Talmorus
Team Gar Par:@ArnaSkynight, @Deleniel, and @Nebulaali
Team Spicy Cajun:@AgentVixxen, @MrWorthington3 and @Hexamon

Link Clearing, Key Farming, Gear Sharing:
@agentvixxen, @alysseneve, @ArnaSkyknight, @aumnik,
@baronvonnemesis, @beadchick, @bralock, @ceresdawn, @Deleniel,
@fraktalnoize, @Gseqwhiterook,@hexamon, @jacobey,
@jimboballs, @lunaticop,@lunatigirl, @mrworthington3, @msjiff,
@shaperbeast, @sinqbus, @va3gjg, @zeromartin

And I can’t forget the Canada Goose that the Resistance must have hired to guard the Newcastle Lighthouse - thanks for all the hisses.

Plus a big thanks to everyone who let links and fields die and didn't put up any blocking links or fields, those whose portal(s) we ADA’d to clear a blocker, those that cheered us on and a very special thanks to the Resistance for putting up little to none #VivaLaFutile.

There were so many involved and I may have missed some names - know that you were appreciated and we look forward to working with you all again on the next operation. #BAFAnonForever
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Larry Hall

Resistance  - 
If I could Spoof ,I would go to the best places..
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It's cold where Santa lives
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This is why im changing factions. I have a go fund me page because of my situation which is beyond my control. When things went sour with resistance someone stalking and harassing me nothing was done. I was shut out and kicked out of ucr... then i get this message. I tried to talk to this person and they blew me off..amazing how far people will stoop
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If you ever come to australia come say hi- its the enlightened who are psychos here 
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With the end of the #Obsidian anomaly and the beginning of #AegisNova very soon there are a ton of agents looking to trade that new fresh swag. Join us for freindly swag brag and tradeing worldwide. Open to all #ingress agents #res & #enl alike. We have agents around the world and have private hangouts for swag pickup with verified agents. Come join us for fun and to find that new fresh badge. No rules about who or what you can trade . Come get WHATEVER badge your looking for. ;)

#Niantic #Ingress #heextends #passcodes #Enlightened #swagaddict #resistance #Obsidian #Abaddon #Persepolis #Shonin #Darsana #Helios #Interitus #Initio #Recursion #hashtag 
Ingress Swag Traders
READ RULES PLEASE. Fun swag bragging and no discrimination. Join us for fun and secure trades. Open community for both Enl & Res.
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+Anastasia Stewart​ some people just collect :)
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These spammers should diversify... They're missing a key food delivery market #ingressforsale #wherearemytacos #sanfrancisco
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COMM  - 
#GORUCK training mission 10K complete in Lima - Perú +teobaldo fassioli​
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I'd cargress it for shre
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Kreuvetteuh KungFuu

Artwork + Memes  - 
We love Ingress in Vitry sur Seine with +22roux 
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Joli! Mais c'est tout vert :p :p
Faudrait que je vous croise un de ces 4 dans la ville !
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I want to add one to the original list: thank you to all the agents who keep on fielding day after day after day, even when their fields are spoofed down by the same cheater accounts day, after day, after day.

THAT is how we continue to win cycles, and the cheaters can't even win by cheating. It'd be pathetic if it wasn't so pathetically funny at this point.

Thanks for the crickets and "solved" tickets +NIA Ops​​​
Thank you to all the community leaders, support teams and supportive rogue agents who do all the organizing, form filling, sticker printing, table staffing, recruiting, document writing, newbie meeting, communications wrangling, and especially to all the leaders who act not only for the personal gain but for the glory of their faction --- thank you!!!
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All of your reports are probably solved in seconds by +NIA Ops like mine was today.
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With my freedom officially achieved, #Sojourner comes to a close. Thank goodness! Now I can actually spend a random day here and there completely without pants 😇

+Ryan Ratliff​​ +Duncan Panthera​​ +Oddite DaChao​​
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I think I'd Virus it myself if I had a year and a half guardian. 
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