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So in my former cell, the one where I began playing Ingress and made so many friends, a very disheartening trend has started. Players sending letters to other players' employers or spouses. This has happened three different times, the most recent two times within months of each other.

Each incident was classic "concern trolling" - concern about wasting company time, playing on the job, liability, safety, even in one case whether the target was abusing his wife. The letters all try to use #outgress data to add legitimacy to claims of when or where the victim is playing (which is laughable in its own right, outgress is neither authoritative nor a complete database).

So far, the culprits are all ENL players - although my reason for posting this is not faction-related. This behavior is akin to SWATting. It's bully behavior, perpetrated by those who feel the need to "win" at all costs - even if that cost is potentially someone's livelihood, their family, or both. It's completely and totally beyond every boundary, and absolutely unacceptable.

Of course, for reasons that are entirely +NIA Ops​ these players who have resorted to complaining to employers and spouses are not banned, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence and confessions of having done it. Yet, even if no real world consequences result, the damage is still done - to the player communities, to trust that Niantic has its players' best interest at heart, to wondering if the risk of the same thing happening is worth playing a stupid GPS game. And, of course, the perpetrator continues on playing.

So if Niantic won't or can't take any action, it's up to the player communities to censure players who cross the line between real life and the game, right? Not likely. While I'm sure some communities are very good about this, I'm guessing most try but aren't perfect. Others seem like they don't care, or we q1qencourage these actions. One of the letter writers continued on a +Ingress Mission Day​ planning committee even after the POCs were informed of what he'd done. Beyond a self-imposed one month play ban, which has been compared to letting a five year old pick their own punishment, there's no indication that their local community took any action at all.

So if the player communities can't effectively do anything what's left? Let's face it, nothing niantic or anybody else does - even the right thing - can actually prevent these situations from happening anyway.

The answer is calling them out and being as loud about it as possible. Forget being discrete, protecting their reputation, whether or not otherwise they're a "good player" or somehow prominent in their player communities. They aren't, they proved it by taking such a despicable action. Staying silent about bullying or harassment just invites it to keep happening. And this is what it is - bullying. These actions are intended make the target afraid to play the game, the same way a schoolyard bully makes their victim afraid to go onto the playground. It's an intimidation tactic, and shouldn't be tolerated anywhere. It's worse for the game than spoofing, scraping, or multi accounting.

Simply put, the world needs to see what kind of dbags there are playing this game, and how apathetic Ingress communities are in stopping them.

So, keep these names in mind:

* +BBQ Oracle
* Gkhiker
* darthv8der

If you know them, but didn't know about any of this, rest assured that these aren't baseless accusations. If you think somehow there's any justification for anyone to communicate with someone's work, family, or friends about Ingress who does not fall into the category of work, family, or friends - you need to evaluate your priorities. There's no defense, and no justification. All three of these players saw fit to cross the line. All of them will claim some kind of moral or ethical reason for trying to get someone fired or worse over an elf game. Most or all of them have done, if not the exact same things, at least equivalent to what they have accused others of and are hypocrites.

If you have any decency, shun these players. Don't trust them, because they've proven incapable of siloing real life and game play. They are representative of what is toxic within Ingress communities and may even be the most damning evidence for how ill-prepared our society is for ARGs like Ingress.

Finally remember if something like this happens to you, Niantic can and will do nothing. Your only realistic defense, other than not playing at all, is to guard all of your personally identifying information. Don't assume that because you have nothing to worry about, that someone who is willing to write a letter to your boss won't lie or exaggerate. Don't delude yourself for one minute that the player will get banned, or there will be any kind of consequence beyond whatever measures you take. Know that there may be no legal recourse, or if there is it might be expensive and time consuming.

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Today I recommend some technical literature. This book is written in a very concise style and uniquely comprehensive in its details. A standard for every student of the discipline. Everybody should have this on their desk as a reference.

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#wheredidingresstakeyoutoday Green River Wyoming.. exploring a town I might never have explored except for +Ingress​ Did you know - since 1994 this has been America's first intergalactic spaceport? That would explain the strange lights in the sky last night ;-)

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Dear Ingress agents,

last call! Grab your chance for some free swag. 9 hours and the countdown is running!

Show that you got the Third Eye and predict the outcome of the nine anomalies on Sept. 23rd! Enter your G+- or agent name and your predictions into the following survey:

Each correct prediction earns you one point. Winner is the agent with the most points. In case of a tie, Lady Luck will determine the winner. If you want to change your submissions, just re-submit. But only the last submission of an agent counts towards the result. The deadline for your predictions is Sept 22nd, 23:59 CEST. And last but
not least:


Last time, 140 agents from all over the world participated in this event. Let's see if we can top that. Agents of the world, start predicting now!

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Instead of just today, how about the summer? This summer I have 85 miles hiked, 50 lbs lost, and too many miles driven to count. I've seen incredible sunsets, clear as could be lakes, and able to take in nature with no one else around. I'm looking forward to where this winter will take me as well.

+Ingress+Niantic Project+Andrew Krug+Ethan Lepouttre
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On our way to Stockholm

#13MAGNUSReawakens #Ingress

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Here's a review of great book I can wholeheartedly recommend. It is sort of an Ingress crime novel. A must read and a warning for any Ingress player who has ever contemplated to spoof another agents' guardian candidates.

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We’re excited to announce 60,000 Google-funded Challenge Scholarships for residents of Europe, Egypt, Israel, Russia and Turkey! Beginners and programmers with 1-3 years of experience will receive access to Udacity Android or Web Development courses with mentorship support. Plus, the top 6,000 Challenge Scholarship students will earn a full scholarship to one of four Nanodegree programs.

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