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Nixtorm (Japanese: フブキの国 Fubuki Nation) is a kingdom located in northern Ransei.
It represents the Ice type.
Its adjacent kingdoms are Spectra, Valora, and Dragnor. "Whenever I go to Nixtorm, I always feel like I am not ready for the temperature there... It is way too cold for me!" -766, Kazuto

The frozen battlefield of Nixtorm features ice tiles, Drifting Ice, and Thin Ice. Ice-type Pokémon can move regularly on ice tiles, while other Pokémon will slide. Blocks of Drifting Ice provide transportation. Thin Ice are tiles that will break when stood on for two turns.
Battles fought on Nixtorm's battlefield are set to a maximum of 25 turns, and victory is seized by defeating all enemies. If both armies are still standing when all 25 turns have passed, the army defending Nixtorm wins the battle.
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