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Once there was two kingdoms the kings and the queens of those kingdoms were best friends one kingdom was the rose empire and the other was opal kingdom but something change the opal like drak magic had something to do with because they wage war on the rose empire and told them when there princess was old enough that she would have to merry there Prince so the king and queen of the rose empire hid there daughter for her safety but that only got them killed in front of there people then the king and queen of the opal kingdom when missing and a dark king took over both kingdoms and becoming the parent of the Prince in the opal kingdom and he said if the princess was to be found that they would have to be merry the day she was found

Opal kingdom
Prince: +I'm Ironic

Rose empire
Princess: me (summer)

Opal kingdom villagers:

Rose empire villagers:

Caretakers of the rose empire Princess:

Dark king:


1. No sexual stuff

2. Be nice

3. Have fun

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Quotes: "Please don't fight." "I didn't... do anything to deserve this." "Come on pal, please drop your weapon, and I will drop mine." "Wait..... Don't leave me here."
Name: Wren Akasonaixe.
Age: 16.
Species: Wolf, Unicorn, Angel, Human hybrid.
Gender: Female.
Disabilities: Insomnia (A disability of sleep.) Depression, Calinokecay. (Ca-lee-no-key-kay.) (A disability where if dark magic takes you over, it's hard to control.) & Amnesia.

Likes: Wolves, Friendly people with good Auras, The night, & Music.
Dislikes: Demons/Ghosts, Maria, People with bad Auras, & Bullies.

Weapons: Swords, Moon Charm, guns, Bow and arrow, Purple Cresent Keyblade, & Spellbook.
Magic: Moon magic, & Summoning magic.

Good, Bad, Justifiable Or Insane: Good.
Bio: "I um...... Remember being taken away.... being experimented on..... being kicked out... of the place I was taken to...... Ummm... that's all I can remember......."
Dere type: Kuu dere.

Mom: Dead.
Dad: Dead:
Brother: None.
Sister: None.
Pet: A wolf with angel wings.

Theme songs: Good enough by Little Mix,(Wren: It's fine.) Crybaby by Melanie Martinez (Clean version,) (Wren:" It describes my depression.") Stitches by Shawn Mendes (Wren:"It describes my Calinokecay..."), Frisk's Stronger than you,(Anna version.) (Wren:"I did a Genocide In a timeline.") & Bad Apple. (Ib btw.) (Wren:"It describes my Amnesia.")

Quotes: "You can't hide from Me." "I don't understand why you cry over your friends dying especially after What they did, oh I mean what you did." "I won't give you one drop of Mercy." "You might drive me insane."
Name: Maria Deathunadura (Death-un-uh-dur-a means Death Demon.)
Age:18000, in human that's 18 in a half.
Species: Undead Ghost Demon Enchantress.
Gender: Female.
Appearance: either, A white ghost with, a white dress, white hair, black eyes with a gold heart necklace, or a Demon with red eyes, & black hair, a grey t-shirt, black pants, with blood all over.

Likes: Dark Magic, Chaos, Dragons, & Possessing others.
Dislikes: Wolves, Other Demon Perverts, Assassins and all life.

Weapons: A dark keyblade, & a shields, a dark magic spellbook.
Magic: Dark magic.

Good, Bad, Justifiable, or Insane: Bad, & Justifiable.
Bio: "Now, Now, Don't being looking into history that shouldn't be looked in to at all!
Dere type: Yandere.

Mother: "I murdered her. She pushed me around, treated me like a servant!"
Father: "Never had one."
Sister: "Murdered her too. She was a theif, liar, & a heart breaker!"
Brother: "He is missing, don't ask me bout it, you'll make me mad."
Pet: I have one, a fire fox.

Theme songs: God Syndrome by Madame Macbre (Maria: "A very good choice.") Nightmare by Set it Off, deeper voice. (Maria: "A lovely song.") Betty's Scared of Me + Chara's Stronger than you (The one by Emma.) (Maria: "Both are Enjoyable.") And Smoke and Mirrors covered by Lollia (Maria: One of my personal favorites!)
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Name: Melissa Flynn Wilde
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthdate: January 26 1995
Occupation: Assassin
Personality: Quiet, kind, sly, and mysterious.

Weapons:  2 hidden blades

Magic/Special Abilities: Control Metal
Strengths: Seeing others happy

Weaknesses:  Her past.

Backstory: When she was young, an unknown person had set fire to her house, killing both of her parents in the process. Only her and her brother survived. They were found by another Assassin and the Assassin took them under his wing and trained them to fight. The assassin eventually died of old age.
Relationship: Single
Parents: Dead
Siblings: Her brother Jett
Children: None
Partner: None
Friends: Selected few in the village
Pets: One cat named Russell (He's a Maine Coon)

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Hello. I'm new re. Thanks for the invite BTW.

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Name: "Greetings, I am Hunter, the Prince of the Kingdom of Opal."
Age: "I am 'round the age of 19 and counting."
Likes & Dislikes: "I enjoy fencing and practicing the arts. I also usually practice magic under my father's guidance. I also despise my father. It seems counter-intuitive, but he has killed my father and mum. I'm only practicing his magic so I can overrule him one day..."
"It all began in this very kingdom. I was born many years ago to my mum and father. My father was a very strong and resourceful man. And my mother was an elegant woman. She was also resourceful. Under my parents rule the Kingdom prospered until that dreadful Day where my... 'New' father came. I used to fence in my free time and sparred with my father. That is where I gained my combat skills. My magical skills were gained by my new father. My sword Excalibur was enchanted with the dark forces. That is all I can say for now..."
Occupation: Prince of the Opal Kingdom

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Name: summer
Species: cat person
Gender: girl
Age: 15
Birthdate: April 6
Occupation: princess in hiding
Personality: nice kind and helpful

Weapons: none

Magic/Special Abilities: none
Strengths: helping

Weaknesses: being in place all the time

Relationship: single
Parents: dead
Siblings: none
Children: none
Partner: none
Friends: none

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Thanks for inviting me

May I be the opal Prince?
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