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Going green should be everybody's concern. Here's how you can play a part in mission "Save Our Planet"...

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Logistics is key with recycling...
Bale Density Matters

When our consultants review existing commercial recycling programs, they regularly encounter light and loosely baled material.  This issue is very commonly the low hanging fruit to successful business recycling. Bale density can play a major factor in the overall profitability of a business recycling program.  

Sometimes light bales can be due to equipment issues but more often it can be largely improved with a few helpful tricks of the trade. Here are some quick tips for making heavy bales;

- If baling cardboard, flatten boxes prior to loading in baler and spread boxes out evenly inside bale chamber.

- When loading initial material for a new bale, do not load to the top.  Partially fill to about only 1/3 of chamber capacity. This will produce a good base and tight compaction for bottom of bale. Repeat for first 2-3 cycles.

- When not loading material, manually stop the platten in its lowest position so it is constantly pressing down material in chamber and keeping tight. Many grades of recyclables will expand back to their original form, so keeping the ram in the down position will keep material compressed.

- When bale is full, make sure platten is depressed all the way down prior to opening door and using wire ties.

- Use baling wire in all available wire slots. Usually at least 5-6 wires per bale. Not using a sufficient amount of baling wire will allow the bale to expand and/or prevent from being a tight rectangular shape.
These are just a few tips assuming your baler is in good condition and does not need service. If these tips do not work, we suggest scheduling a maintenance call to further diagnose.
Logistics has a huge impact on recycling so the heavier the bale, the less impact of freight costs.  Additionally, heavy bales take up less space in a warehouse to store and reduce labor costs with handling. Heavy bales are very important for an effective recycling program. This will lower your costs and increase the value of your material.

Greenpath Recovery provides businesses with corporate sustainability and commercial recycling services nationwide. Additional information can be found at

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Tips for being eco-friendly this autumn.

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Green roofs are receiving praise for not only reclaiming green space in our dense cities but also for their environmental value.

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Are you passionate about sharing knowledge about sustainable living through your blog? I've started a new Facebook group for eco-minded people to network and help each other grow their blogs.

I am looking to connect with environmental bloggers. Does any one blog or know of someone who blogs about environmental issues, sustainable living, recycling, waste reduction, social responsibilities, human rights issues associated with environmental issues? Please leave a comment, if you're interested in working with me to bring awareness to these issues.

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Hello there,
Find out more about our flower and plants of February in Antalya. Come an meet us during the upcoming Expo.
In the meanwhile you can check our phogalleries here on our website

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