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Я играю в шарарам,но только иногда. И сюда захожу иногда)

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Конечно же все выберут рудского
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Я обожаю Марьяну,кстати она сделала мне сигну)))))

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Мне нравятся все фотки.

Hi,i'm here for the frist time,and i am a Russion woman.
I really like the Gumball. And l'd like to know who watched
Russion cartoon Gumbol?

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Они беседуют про покемон гоу
Привет вообше вы кто такие а?

you guy do yo play video games? just asking.

did you see todays vids

did you remember in amazing world of gumball that gumball had to wear his moms wedding dress and Darwn loved gumball but he thought gumball was a girl so everyone treated gumball as a girl and at the end darwn was crying because he fell in love with a water thingy. "the dress
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