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Welcome everybody!
Today I want to present to you my new app: GravityGestures

GravityGestures is a revolutionary application that helps you save a lot of time.
It brings the functions of Moto Actions and a lot more to any Android device.

The four gestures you can make are: rotation X, rotation Y, rotation Z and shake.
You can link different actions to these gestures: open an app, toggle settings (like wifi and Bluetooth), make a call, etc.

The interface is easy, friendly and follows the material design specification. You can add as many gesture as you want and delete them anytime with just a swipe.

The app automatically starts when you turn on your device, you don't need to open it every time. You can even use your gestures, when the screen is off.

GravityGestures is completely free, with no ads.

You can watch the video to know more about the app. It's still in beta testing, so we would love to hear your feedback.

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Ciao! È possibile bypassare la lockscreen? Ho il sensore di impronte che rende inutili le gesture a schermo spento...

Hi, the flashlight on my galaxy s5 doesnt work how come ?

Thanks for your app !

Ap is noto found in the playstore link test

With the newest beta, turning on the flashlight is very inconsistent and sometimes launches the camera(my other gesture). When it does work, it takes longer than the last version of the app.

Still, thanks for doing this!

Excellent work on the LG G4 Android 6.0
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