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[This is kind of based on the scientist x android roleplay I thought of. I hope you enjoy this. For this, I need a strict scientist who creates the android.]

Based on the song: "The Only Thing I Know For Real" from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

RP Title: The Bloody Angel

The year 4900 was a time where anything from science fiction came to life; laser guns, robots, flying vehicles. But the Golden Era didn't last. Many countries in poverty became jealous and even America had split apart due to disagreements and hatred. As war was being prepared, a scientist decided to create an android who will be cruel on the battlefield. But since the android would be like a child, he would have to raise her, but he won't go easy on her due to his cruel personality.

The android, given the name Enyo, woken up Fall 4902. She was a beauty, but would become the deadliest weapon in the world. Despite the innocence she had when she was 'born' that day, the scientist refused to make her soft that easily. He would train her each day, refusing to let her be forgiving and encourage her to shed blood.

During a training day, Enyo could herself breaking down. But, her father might beat her if she didn't obey him. She saw her coming to the room to take those notes. Good morning, Father.
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5:13 AM and I'm flipping through my phone bored AF... Anyone wanna put me outta my misery and RP?
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Can I be somebody's little Rp brother?

((Open rp 2 guards 1prisoner Max , pps are allowed, swearing is allowed, romance is allowed, ask first before joining, 2+ lines and sorry for my bad spelling i have dyslexia))
Late at night

Everyone was quiet, silence filled the hallways, Nataliw was fake sleeping and waits intill the guards are gone, Then she stood up and tries to break her wingscaps on the wall, Natalie starts pushing and hitting her back on the wall


"Arg shit much noice i will try to take out me hand caps" She said it and she did it, then she broke her hand caps 2 guards came in
...uh ow.........
sits down and hides all the mess and predent to be asleep

*Then Y/N and Y/N walked in to the hallway*

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Rp title: The pruge

The pruge had started, All tye woman and childs was paniced and tried to hide a lot of them got killed but some of them went somewhere safe

My twin sister and i were kill a lot of people we were cryminal,Natalie (white haired) Coupd use better weapon and Nicole (Black haired) Bombs

Y/N were walking in to the town alone or with your friends,Suddently you see smock and some guys yelling loud as gun shoots heard, Then some the two sisters came out from the smock and runs,you couldnt see their face but they were lauphing the went passed you (and your friends or nah) then you?
(Male needed, swearing is allowed, romance,2+ lines, Dont be a chicken plz and ENJOY THE RP!!)

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+Pretty Kitty
Wanna be a modorate? That means own this too and invite people here?

(anyone wanna rp? this is a Pokemon Roleplay)
a ship arrive to Alola,you came to alola to explore now its time to start your other adventure

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