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Have you ever tried to stream? If so you probably know that the number of viewers on your stream is crucial - if you just started and dont have a base to support you streaming - it is probably 1-5 online viewers that you can get. The idea behind this community - is to help others stream by viewing their streams! 

In 30 minutes i Will do a live stream of Omega Quintet On PS4 via Twitch my twitch channel is 

I am now doing a live stream of Diablo III for PlayStation 4 on Twitch

Hi everyone im now doing a live stream of dead or alive 5 last round on PlayStation 4 via twitch ^^ my channel of twitch is 

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Hey, I have been trying to put my streaming experience to good use, so I wrote a guide for beginners of stuff that they can do to improve their stream, the quality of their channel and how to ethically (aka no view botting lol) get followers.
I was wondering if you would read it, and if you like it: share it? <3 Thanks a bunch <3

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Dota 1 Stream MWIC (noicenofrog) start at 20-30 CET 
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