Can i get some help with graphics please. i need a project logo doing, and i also need stock graphics for the system, stuff like user profile picture for users with out a picture, stock images for the gallerly and for the main page when the user, goes on the client program like firestorm, and so forth, if someone or some people will be able to help with this it would be greate

I use jOpensim on my site, and some stuff I have modded myself, a couple of the things missing from most of the publicly available GUIs are,

1.) Oar Backups/loads of regions
2.) Iar backup/restore for users
3.) Being able to upload terrain files to a region wold be nice.
4.) Region ban/access lists would be awesome.
5.) Integrated visitor tracker would also be nice.

These are just he things I came up with off of the top of my head.

Hello All, I am reviving the project again, I know it has been quite some time since I worked on this project and it has been dead for quite some time, but this project will be started up again very soon. I will be setting up a new GitHub for this, and I will also be creating a website for the system.
I will also be looking for people to help with the project, you can help in many ways with it, you can help with developing the GUI, help with testing it, you can even help by providing testing servers for the GUI (TESTING SERVERS WILL NEED TO BE NON-PRODUCTION SERVERS) and also help with testing and making sure the GUI works and runs smoothly, then there is the last way to help (which I am not expecting help in this way) is to help with donations. yes, I will be starting this project up again and yes I will be starting this again in the next few weeks (most likely in the next few days). can i please get a bit of information from people on how they will be able to help with the project.
Thank you all
Alan Johnston

What do you guys want in the system? what do you want this system to be able to do? what features would you like?

Hello All, I am back again here, I'm creating the repository now, and also a few bits, but i have one question, with the project being a Open Source one, which license should it come under. Also would i be able to get help from coders in here to help with the project

Hi! The last post on this was in October of last year. Is there anything going on with this anymore? It seems a lot of stuff gets started in this area and then just dies along the way. Is this just impossible to do with current tech?

+Alan Johnston Any updates on how the project is going?

Keep Up the good work Alan !!!!   Your doing a great thing for the community!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i am comming so close to having the main site done but unfortuantley at the moment there will be no maps and im working on the login now as i speak (but will have a break for my fav soaps lol) and will be creating the admin section soon, the first release will be a beta release so there will not be an installer but when i get more done there will be a installer and also an updater, i will hopefully be getting a domain name soon and also a hosting provider that will allow me to have this on a site and also will be creating a update checker and also a updater script so it can update it easier, 

Come one people give us your feature requests and suggestions
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