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Telcos ripping of Aussie customers. Nothing new there!
"The telecommunications industry needs to be held accountable for their exploitation of Australians through global roaming charges. Research by KPM analysing the Australian mobile roaming margins confirmed that the charges were significantly above the cost of providing the service. The industry has no reason to change their practises until a regulatory body makes them, and the ACMA is the body to do this."

What I did last time I was o/s was turn on to flight mode before I took off and not turn it off till I got back home. Then I accessed hotspots and assorted free wifi and was able to use iPhone messaging or FB to text family and friends. (For some weird reason my family and friends aren't on G+) Skype would have been possible if we'd been in the same time zones. It's a good feeling to be able to thumb your nose at the rip off scumbags.
Of course this isn't so good if you need to receive regular phone calls, but then are you really going to let everyone know if you've got an o/s sim?
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Hello. Australia is haviung a Federal election before December 2013.
Do we want to be sheep and vote for either of the two Coalitions - ALP/The GreensParty  or  Lib/Nats. The treatment of Parliament is appalling. Comedy AND tragedy. Craig Thomson is the equivalent of Silvio Berlusconi. He is STILL in Parliament - thanks to the spineless treasonous Coalitions.

i advocate this: VOTE 4 NOBODY

What do people think?

Alright, you lovely super-freaks of progress, does anyone know how to penetrate 'the Google' to talk, or email, some person in Oz?

I get dead emails addresses and pre-recorded voice on all channels, so far. 

Quite a few countries are signed up for this pro-democracy initiative, but not Australia.
Must be time to ask Google why not.
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