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Hi all!

Please read this before you dive in ;-)

This is the #Nextcloud  community. Nextcloud is the next generation open source, self-hosted file sync & communication app platform. Access & sync your files, contacts, calendars and communicate & collaborate across your devices. You decide what happens with your data, where it is and who can access it!

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Everybody is invited to join and discuss #Nextcloud  news. Be nice, that makes every community more fun. We have a code of conduct we'd appreciate if you followed:

Now discuss whatever you want - ask questions, share ideas and so on. Note that we also have forums on and IRC channels on #nextcloud  on Freenode.


Does anyone here have any experience with Nextcloud 13? I know it's in beta 4, however I can't take the risk of trying it BUT I have a question:

My Nextcloud 12 does not have server-side encryption enabled. I don't like that in this hacker-mad world, but I don;t want to enable it and find I can't upgrade to Nextcloud 13. Does anyone know if this is an issue for the upgrade?

Good Day

I need help integrating Google Drive with my Nextcloud application.

I have setup the google drive api but when i try to grant access on the Nextcloud it tells me that :

Error: invalid_request

device_id and device_name are required for private IP: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Please help, i have been trying to figure this out....

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So, if anyone has suffered from the following error message:

Info cli Memcache \OC\Memcache\APCu not available for distributed cache
Info cli Memcache \OC\Memcache\APCu not available for local cache

AND you have googled this to death with no satisfaction, here's the BEST LINK for solving this problem:

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Are there any nextcloud owners that run an email server on the SAME hardware? If so, what's your set-up please?

Mail-in-a-box and iRedMail suggest they have to be exclusively installed on a server, which seems a pity to me.

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I am a non-expert at Linux and Nextcloud. Having spent probably way too many hours on this, I finally have a working nextcloud SO FAR. Personally, i found this tutorial to be the best of its kind, for those looking for something that might just work!

Having spent lots of time on this, I am gong nuts and need some help.

I have installed nextcloud following the instructions from linuxbabe here:

I have installed nextcloud on a LAN server that I access via SSH from another PC in my home on my LAN. I have no trouble accessing the PC, and I have got Apache to work. When I access my LAN server: (or via an external DDNS link) - up comes the standard apache web site. Cool. BUT I cannot access the nextcloud app at all. I have tried and a thousand permutations thereof all I get is error 404. What am I doing wrong, please?

I am using nextcloud snap on ubuntu server. It looks like snap is using old release of openssl and our routine security scan is complaining about the vulnerabilities. Any idea when there will be fix for openssl in snap? And any idea when will 12.x snap be released?

I have changed the values but it still shows up? Any clues?

The PHP OPcache is not properly configured. For better performance we recommend to use following settings in the php.ini:


Ohhh i forgot i am asking for help to a abandoned channel.
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