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Name: Purgatory

Age: --

Species: Kodak

Abilities: Magic

Weakness: None

Weapons: The Eye Of The Dead & Hands Of The Purple Light

Bio: Purgatory die when he was walking across the street and was strucked by a car, nobody came to his funeral except his close friends Blue and Candy.
Purgatory was granted a second chance to live again if he were to get rid of demons, he accepted, and granted the eye of the dead, where can locate and see demons.

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name: misty moon
Age: unknown (( -AKA idk i cant think of anything need help))
Personality: quiet, shy, protective
Abilities: (need help DX))
Weapons: scythe and gun
Likes: weapons, wolfs, dark things, blood
Dislikes: cats, annoying people
Bio: (she dosnt have a bio yet this is still a new oc)
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Ellirand stumbled down a alleyway drunk as a skunk and falls over. Well crap i think i had one to many roles over and is then helped up by a young lady

+misty moon 

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Just some rough drawing, but I don't know about the legs, should I add shorts on them or no shorts I know she doesn't have a shirt on but I sketched a base so thats why it looks like that
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Whith Shorts
Without Shorts

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+Paulo Bezerra

Marian's father had hired you to guard her. Demons had started targeting her for God knows what reasons. She barely knew how to use a sword, so she couldn't protect herself

(This isn't my best starter)
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(Profile remake)
Name: Drago
Age: unknown
Species: Born of both Wolf and Dragon decent
Abilities: Virtually limitless strength, Regeneration, flight, movement speed, Unparalleled Kombatent, requip
Weaknesses: Weapons of light and Females (He refuses to harm them)
Weapons: Mainly uses a massive sword called The Buster Blade but also uses multiple other weapons
Bio: rejected by his clan, he searches for a worthy opponent to engage in eternal kombat with
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Name: Marian
Age: 23
Species: human
Abilities: swordplay (just barely)
Weaknesses: she is nobility, causing her to be a target for assassins and bandits
Weapons: none
Bio: Marian had a normal noble life. She is the daughter of a retired general and visits the Royal castle once in a while.
Personality: outspoken, stubborn, loyal
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spirit guardian

I am 956 years old but luckily i stopped ageing after 22 thanks to the spirit of the forest when he made me a guardian of nature

|| Personality||
i joke a lot and am a hopeless romantic, but mess with my kids or socks and i will destroy you.


i can communicate with nature and make a kick ass pie

I hate fire with a passion that drives my soul

i hold a staff made of the oldest tree in existence, i call it bob.

when i turned 22 i saved a stag from a forest fire, but when it was all said and done the stag turned out to be the guardian of that forest. for saving his life he talked to mother nature herself and she decided to make me a guardian of nature, since then i have traveled the world saving forests and oceans and anything naturey.

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Name: Enric Godwin
Gender: male
Weapons: he carries 12 katanas, each enchanted to deal deterrent types of damage
Kingdom: born in Camelot but has hence denounced all kingdoms
Ability: he is able to duel wield his katanas, but he also has the ability to shadow step(teleport through shadows)
Bio:Raised in Camelot by his father, a knight of the realm. but on his 16th birthday his family was killed by a savage demon who possessed his father to slaughter everyone in sight. sense that day he has traveled the world learning all he can about demons and how to kill them. he has now returned to Camelot to hunt the demon who slayed his family.
Personality: serious about the hunt but takes everything else as a joke.

anyone up for some rp?
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