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Good morning

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My son Austin promoting to Red Belt in April

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Hello, just wanted to introduce myself.  I'm Jesse DBN.  Expecting to promote to JKN in November.  Kuk Sool! :)

Hi everyone! I'm new to this community so I thought I would just post to say hi and introduce myself!
I am JKN Shay, I've been practising under the instruction of SBN Jon Denny and JIKJN Martin Ducker in Lowestoft, UK since the age of 5, in January 2005! I am currently JKN and will promote to KSN in mid-2015! :)

Hey Yall for those of u that go to tournaments do they have no staff demos as one part of the tournament? Just curious that's all. Thanks

So did any of you go to the Texas tournament this past weekend?

So good to be back. After 5 months since abdominal muscle injury during a jumping break-fall. Now it's time to do justice to the blue belt again.

Hello everyone. I just joined this community. Good to see it's here. Anyway I've been training since 2010 and look forward to talking with you all.

Ahn Young!!!,
I was wondering when u pass the black belt 2-day testin do u get that uniform w the yellow fringes on the bottom of the jacket??
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