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look at that face in car, REALLY scare me............【Northeast China and Russia border】

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I was trying out the GeoGuessr Beta. 
It is harder to get a perfect location but not impossible.
See the pics. 

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This post is a list of helpfully hints on figuring out where you are in GeoGuessr.
I play GeoGuessr as the world's largest puzzle.
I have no qualms using google maps and views to find my location.
The hardest part is placing the guess, puzzle piece, in the correct location.
Below is the list I use.  The link has more details.
1. Figuring out where not to guess.
2. What side of the road am I on?
3. What climate zone am I in?
4. What letters are unique to a language?
5. What are the road name and/or city?
6.What is the compass direction of the start location?
7. The locations are not random.

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This just popped up..?!

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GeoGuessr Lowest Score:
It is simple.
Find your exact location.
Now guess the exact opposite location on the Earth.
I posted the antipodes map to help.
Good luck

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Where is Walgle?
You all know "Where is Waldo?"
If you happen across a pic of the Google car or bicycle or trekker, post it here.

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Here's another challenge! My score was 32393 points. 

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Another fun round - 32,373, my highest score to date.  Round 3 took me forever to find something to identify itself. Take the challenge!
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