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chirp, chirp :)

Anyone on TFUG playing Ingress (

For some reason I was knocked off the listserve a couple of years ago.  I tried a couple of new e-mail addresses to no avail.  I've given up on posting although I still get the posts.

For Sale:

(1) MSI K9N Diamond  nForce 590 SLIMobo w/ 4 gigs of PC2 6400 and unknown AMD CPU and CPU fan. Original box manuals, USB, Fireware and an unused IDE cable
(1) BFG Tech GeForce GTX 260 MaxCore 55 Video card
(1) Lite-on DVD R/RW IDE drive

All of it has been sitting in a box when I upgraded the PC about 3 years ago.

Pictures upon request.

Let's say $20 and it's all yours.

I'm glad some of you already found the TFUG Community. Welcome! I'm unsure how many people would be interested in posting here instead of the mailing list but it's worth a go. I'll post something to the TFUG list if it hasn't already been done by someone.
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