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Hello World, my name is ArwenStarsong. Around the 31st of April this year, I released Estranged Wonderland's Demo Album. I plan to remaster the vocals again when I have the time and re-release it and my other album, Dark Cloud. But I wanted to take this moment to explain what Estranged Wonderland is all about. I wanted to give any who choose to listen insight as to what goes on behind the music. there are many artists like me out there and most of the time while people focus on performance, I focus on writing. and this video explains what every song in the album is about. I hope you guys feel inspired to listen to it after this! Feel free to check me out on Youtube and on Bandcamp. I am ArwenStarsong on both sites! #bandcamp #youtube #unsigned #singer #music #originalmusic #album #behindthemusic #musictalk #vlog #arwenstarsong #upandcoming #indie #fantasymetal #symphonicmetal
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