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As the only mod left I don't care what is posted if it involves nudety that's fine

I am a master looking for a futanari slave

You were a gamer girl you would spend all the free time you got playing games one day you are sent a link to a game you never heard of before you thought it was and underground game so you had to play it so you downloaded it and you couldn't wait for it to start once you loaded it up a pink swirl came up you couldn't take your eyes off of it then your mind went blank and you waited for your master to give you your orders after all you were happy to do anything for master even your body would do as he wanted with out a thought you had looked at the screen and sent an email to the email on the screen telling your master were to find you (you can pick a place if you want to) you waited for your master to come and tell you what a good slave so you would know it's him then I walked over to you and say what a good slave then you...
(You must be OK with pubic use and if you want to use this story just ask)

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Hello. I am looking for dominant girls who use and humiliate me. I'll do everything you say. Take me to your perverse slaves please. We can write in hangouts or whatsapp. Please contact me.

I am looking for a long term female slave

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Switzerland/ Luzern, Deutsch-Schweiz, Tessin - SKLAVE CARLO
Ich (m/bi) bin mitte 50ig, gross, schlank, humorvoll, nicht scheu, mit einwenig erfahrung, sauber, rasiert!
- ich mag es, mich Dominanten Personen unterordnen zu müssen.
- ich mag es, entblösst und wehrlos Ihnen ausgeliefert zu sein, mich Ihnen nackt
und erregt zeigen zu müssen und Ihre Macht zu spüren.
- ich mag es, kurzfristig überraschende Befehle ausführen zu müssen, an
unbekannte Orte bestellt zu werden, mich ausziehen zu müssen und fremden Personen zu diensten sein zu müssen
sehr gerne REAL-DATE!! pic-tausch (tabulos) und sex-chat
über whatsapp..+41784023038 oder
über KIK: carletto_ch
... und ich komme schnellstmöglich zu Dir/Euch...
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Hi how everyone doing I can rp as well just saying if anyone wants to rp

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