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I still think this is one of the best games ever! 

Two soldiers sit in their bunks after a mission. They were kilo and Jamie. Kilo was fast asleep, but Jamie lie awake thinking ((Open))

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arm is shot off
GAAHHHH IM HIT IM HIT! radios all soldiers THIS IS UNIT 15 SOLDIER 9 SPEAKING HERE SEND ALL SOLDIERS TO THIS POSITION sends you the co-ordinates while the guy next to me is shooting
((Open RP))

((Open to everyone, no need to ask)) Kilo pilots the raven into an imulsion pumping ground and shuts it off
Okay, move out! And watch out for glowies!

I have some questions before I make my profile(s)
1. Can you make two profiles in one?
2.Is there a cure to make Lambet normal?
3.Has anyone made a Presscot profile?
4.Has anyone made a Myrahh profile?

((Open RP)) As Kilo lands the our King Raven on the roof of Griffin's tower our squad jumps off and waits for whoever has our mission to talk to us I hope there isn't to much Imulsion....we saw what it did to those humans...turned them into glowies...

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I feel stupid....I forgot to add the pictures to my profile....the first one is Kilo, the second is Jamie
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(I hope this is everything, the (2)s are for Kilo, if I'm missing anything, please tell me before I make myself feel stupid)
Name: Jamie Carmine 
Name(2): Kilo Dawn
Age: 23
Age(2): 25
Gender: Male
Affection: COG
Weapons: Lancer, Longshot, Boltak Pistol
Weapons(2): Hammerburst, Gnasher, Snub Pistol
Armor/Appearance: In pictures
Likes: Killing Grubs and Glowies, Saving the day, Helping Stranded
Dislikes: Grubs and Glowies. Stranded dieing
Bio: Back. Off.
Bio(2): Get away from me. Can't you see I'm working on a Raven?

grabs out hammer of dawn and walks near where anthony died So this is where he died?
((Open RP))
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