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Open RP plz!
You were sad, so u decided to go at the dock. You hear a splash. You got so curious that you went to take a closer look in the water. Then you see a purple tail under th dock you sitting on. You looked under the dock and saw a mermaid!

((For people who roleplay as Star and Tom))
Venus wonders around, looking for Star.

Venus paces back and forth. "Alright Star, when I find you... Hee hee!" She laughs happily and claps her hands. "I can't wait!"

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((This is Venus))

Name: Venus Dragonfly
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Species: Erential
Likes: Fun things, dark things, nice people, black and red together
Dislikes: Boring things, bright colors and places(especially pink), mean people
Description: Venus is the princess of Erentia, her home planet. She moved away because it got way too boring, and she wanted a new place to go. She happened to be on earth, and she loves it because there are so many adventures you can go on. She 2 powers: One of them is that she can summon any weapon she wants(usually a scythe). The second one is that she can control and bend the element of fire. You will see how she looks with a picture I do of her.
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