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Hi, this is a video we made to get some of our peers on board to attend a PD we were running to get some of our colleagues along. We're running an action research project and kind of got sick of being the lone weird Flipped Classroom Dudes. Anyone out there, find a buddy to work with (and complain to). Too many nay sayers looking for something to pick apart at times.
We've been chugging along for three years now and if we can help anyone in anyway at all let us know.

I LOVE the lesson on your website about modality in persuasive writing- any chance you're willing to share it- please? :)

I'd love to know what stages you are using a flipped classroom for? I'm a primary school teacher - casual at the moment. But I do love this idea. I can see it being useful for upper primary. But I'd love to know what stages people have had success with. 

Please share your journey into Flipped Learning with us here. Feel free to share your lessons as well; this way we can start to develop a bank of resources that we can all use in our classrooms. :) 
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