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1. Follow me.
2. Add:
FC: 4871-5943-5549
IGN: Gemstone
3. Comment FC, IgN (even if already friends), and which one you want. ONLY ONE!
4. Reshare post.
5. No spamming.
6. Don't take forever.
7. be patient.
8. Enjoy.

Not online now, can trade in 6 hours.
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Choose a Pokémon and it's yours!
Read rules of entry!

Combined community give away!

The ORAS Community and The Pokémon World Community are working together creating a massive giveaway where everyone is a winner!

Rules of entry

~ Reshare this post to another community. (Don't reshare here or The Pokémon World)

~ Comment the Pokémon you want along with your friend code

We are giving away the following

Shiny Arceus

Be sure to check out The Pokémon World as they are giving away the following:

Shiny Manaphy
Shiny Jirachi

Here is the link to the community -

PLEASE NOTE you have to go to the pokemon world to get your Manaphy Jirachi and Celibi
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I haven't posted anything in a long time.... so I give you... cats.
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Shiny Vivillion Giveaway!!!

That's right! We're giving away all 18 different patterns of Vivillion, all of them are Shiny

here are the rules:

1: You must be a part of this community obviously

2: You must +1 and reshare this post DON'T RESHARE TO THIS COMMUNITY

3: Comment your FC(Friend Code) and IGN(In Game Name), you may only comment once.

The 18 winners will be chosen randomly, the giveaway will end once this post reaches 300 comments.

Good luck everyone!!

(Special thanks to the people I traded with to get those Pokemon and to +Mistress Mudkip for helping me get them)

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plz, i would appreciate if you shared this video. I just started youtube and would also appreciate if you guys also checked out my twitter. 

also subscribe ^-^

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Girl: Am I pretty?
Boy: No.
Girl: Will you be with me forever?
Boy: No.
Girl: And if I walked away, would you cry?
Boy: No.
The girl had heard enough, and she was hurt, tears streaming down her face. Suddenly, the boy grabbed her arm.
Boy: Your not pretty, your beautiful. I won't just be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever. And if you walked away, I wouldn't cry, I'd DIE. 
Boy whispers: Please. Will you be with me?
Girl whispers: Yes.
Tonight at midnight, your true love will suddenly realize they love you. Something good will happen to you around 1-4 AM. If you don't repost this with 4 other communities, you will have relationship problems for 10 years.

I did it. Will you?

Hi. I just joined. I am a shiny hunter/breeder/competitive battler. If you want a shiny pokemon, tell me which one and how many IV's. If you want a battle, we can battle 2.

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This just goes to show how lucky i m
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