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.::Art Contest::.
Hii! So i'll be doing a contest for the cover photo for the community! ;u;
You just have to chose one or two of my main characters!
(Poppy, Skittles, Techno, Star Sapphire, Aya, Skye, pip, Paige, mize and Rammy)
More than one entry is allowed!
The rules are down below!

No Tracing art.
No hateful or comments towards anyone
Have fun
Prizes: First place: Gets to be the cover of the community, one full body sketch, 3 costumes from @TomatoTon and I(She's helping with the contest )and a shout out!
Second place: headshot sketch and a shout out! 
Please reshare
I'll be deleting the comments that aren't related cause I don't want the comments to get cluttered
Say legs su fabulous if you read this all

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This was supposed to be for your contest but I couldn't finish in time ;-;
But I hope you still like it <3
+Rammy ôヮô
+Rammy ôヮô 's OC!! Poppy was super fun to draw! I normally draw really cute characters so this was a nice change <3
I tried to go for creepy but I think I failed XD

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Can people please join my new community I made

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The winners of the contest are
First place: +Kawaii Gabby Chan вяσтαтσ
Second place: +Sweet Delita Neko
Sorry forgot to say who the winners are

COULDN'T GET +Sweet Delita Neko​ 's pictures cause it wouldn't let me save it

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Comment on original please

I bored
Rp anyone?
(Gravity falls)

Ocs are allowed but I'd like some information on them and a picture of them
Nothing inappropriate

Some information of poppy
Full name: poppy Kuznetsov

Gender: female

Pronouns: her/her's/she/herself

age: ???

Blood Type: A+

Birthday: January 10th

Height: 4'8-4'9

Weight: 105-110

Relationship Status: single

other names: lil lady (bill) , poppers (kage) ,
Smol child (soos)

Likes: tea, doctor who, anime, art, flowers,
winter, autumn, steam punk , crystals, her hair in a bun, sweets (food) , sweaters, hamsters, coffee, books, milk
Scary movies, music, stuffed animals, pajamas, fire, scythes, baseball bats

Dislikes: keighan (tomato tons oc) , hates wearing glasses (she wears glasses) , loud noises (even though she yells a lot), sea food, dubstep, being tickled, summer

weapon(s): scythe, baseball bat, hammer bow & Arrow, and a sword

instrument(s): violin, harp, and cello

accessories: toy bunny(stuffed animal) , tardis toy, parasol, pencils, glasses, smol blue fluffy monster bag

hobbies: drawing, writing and cooking

Extra info: bad eye sight, tired all the time,


Stanley: open

Stanford: open

Dipper: open

Mabel: +Sapphire

Wendy: open

Soos: open

Bill cipher open:

And only a few ocs

Don't really know how to start it so someone else can
Kinda first time roleplaying)

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Just in case I won't finish! The sketch for Rammy's contest <3
+Rammy ôヮô

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Im sorry i did it really fast but here is my entry!

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Changed her outfit again
Changed poppy's outfit again
does this one look better?

base was used
credit in the picture
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